Friday, July 18, 2014

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is NOW Open for 2014!!

Here we go, people!!!!  Are you ready!?!?!?!  Today the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for Fall 2014 officially launches!!  I'd love to help you shop since I've been doing active investigations since the pre-sale.  Be sure to read my MUST HAVE ITEMS post where I've got pictures of my very top few favorite finds.  But don't stop there, let me show you mooooooooooorrrrrrrre!!

Philosophy, Clinique, bath

We know Nordstrom carries all the best skincare brands, right?  They even sell Algenist now!!  Unfortunately, it's not in my local store but, no matter, it's easily accessible online.  I wasn't looking for skincare products when I went to the exclusive pre-sale event for cardholders, but one set really jumped out at me.

 My TOP SKINCARE BUY from the 2014 Anniversary sale is THIS set by Dr. Dennis Gross. Your skin can be refreshed and renewed up the wazoo with all the peel and all the retinol!!!  This is a fantastic value at $107 for the five products, (which would normally cost  $178).  If you only get one item from the sale, do your face a favor and purchase the set of Dr Dennis Gross' Anti-aging bestsellers.

skincare, facial peel, retinol, eye serum, beauty

While you're on the first floor, check out some of the beautiful makeup palettes that are being offered this year.  In my previous post about the sale, I showed you the LORAC Skinny Eyeshadow Palettes., which are my MUST HAVE top makeup values from the sale.  Nude Skinny is on backorder online, but it's possible some stores may still have a few and have your favorite salesperson do a merchandise search for it, if you really want it.  (And hello, $15 for a great nude shadow palette?!?!?!  Who wouldn't want it???!!!?)

In general, all the eyeshadow palettes and face sets that I saw this year were beautiful and I could imagine the ease of use of each and every one.  The colors this year go together well within each palette and many come with other items, such as gloss, mascara, eye pencil or shadow brush.  It's well worth checking out each offering.

The Mac Anniversary theme is called Look In A Box.  There are two large palettes and three smaller set.  The large palettes are pictured below and come in All About Beige, (top picture), and All About Plum, (bottom).  They retail for $49 each, (retail value $101),  and include 2 blushes, six shadows, 2 lipsticks in the pan and an eyeshadow brush in each of the sets.  Notice the attention to detail of a plastic covering for the lip items.  YES!!!  Thank you, Mac!!

Nordstrom Anniversary 2014 Beauty Sale, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush

I really want the Laura Mercier Flawless Expressions set.  The face palette from the kit is pictured below in the top photo.  Isn't it great??  It's $85 and includes a shadow stick, mascara and lipgloss as part of the deal.  This is a retail value of $130.  I really want this.....what to do, what to do.....
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty 2014
In the bottom portion of the above photo is a blurry picture of the Bobbi Brown Nude On Nude eyeshadow palette.  It comes in a set with a mascara a gel eyeliner pen in black.  Wait!!!!  Bobbi makes a gel liner PEN???  Sign me up!!  I love the palettes she comes out with for Anniversary and Holiday.  They're always so wonderful.  The colors work well with each other and provide 100 different looks.  This set is just $85 for a $208 value.

I realize that I have far too much to say to make it in just two posts.  There's still shoes, more makeup, accessories, handbags and more and more let's do this....

I'll be showing you more real life pictures and swatches of the makeup soon and especially talking about the item so many people have asked about...the Nordstrom Exclusive Chanel Dentelle Precieuse Illuminating .Face Powder.  I know you want to see swatches before you plunk down $80 on a powder, but YES, this is different than previous powders, and yes, if you adore a sophisticated glow, you WILL want this.  Ooooh, and the new Chanel Quads too!!  And the new Armani shadows!!!!

I'll be showing you the Nars sets, the Mac trio sets with the eyeshadow, lipglass and lipstick, Deborah Lippmann Ready for Love nail polish set, pictures of the other polish offerings, lipsticks, shadows, brushes and more.

In the area of clothing, there's some things you HAVE to know about before I leave for tonight.  The lace bottomed tank tops in THIS POST are available in six colors.  I don't see why you shouldn't have them all.  I'll show you real life pictures of the tank colors and the accompanying sweaters that are mentioned and shown in my previous post.

I want you to consider these Halogen sweaters, ($49).  I think they run about a size smaller than the usual Halogen sweaters, just fyi.  But aren't the zippered pockets just totes adorbs?  Umm, yes they are!!

We'll talk about the Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings.  Only the best looking and most comfortable leggings ever.  I JUST WISH they came in more than 3 colors!!!  They're very flattering and hide bumps and bulges.  And don't forget, this is the one time of year they and Hanky Panky are on sale.

More clothes, jewelry, shoes and handbags.  The only things I haven't looked yet is the men's portion of the sale.  With my failing knees and having a jammed toe on each foot, by the time I've fooled around in my areas, I don't have the foot power to go to men's.  Oh I'm probably just making excuses, cuz I'm too busy looking at girly things to go to guy's!!

One quick thing before I go, the first day of the preview for the sale, I braved temperatures that were almost up to 55 with pouring, pouring, pouring rain.  I dressed in my Alaskan Chic.  Jeans, sneakers that I don't care if they got yucky, and an appropriate hoody.  I spied the Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-zip Crossbody bags.  It comes in lots of colors and is on sale for $129.90.  I love all the zippers.  It's big enough maybe for my wallet an cell phone and a lip gloss.  Small.  But I still loved it.  IF ONLY it had come in the hot pink of the Minkoff bag that I'm wearing in the picture, I would have snapped it right up....because, hello??  It matches my chic Alaskan outfit!!!

Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purses

The pink is still a cool bag.  Probably should have gotten it.  So let's have some fun.  What are your must have items from the sale and what are you dying to see real life pictures of?

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Makeup Train Case From The Salon Outlet Pictures and Review

You have to see my new train case from The Salon Outlet!!  I'm so impressed....I mean I can't believe this is only $49.99!!!  I've bought virtually the same case from a well known makeup line that cost $250 over 15 years ago.  Wow!!  I didn't know there were affodable salon products out in the cybersphere with quality manufactoring.

salon supplies, train case, makeup case, Mac train case

I chose the train case  in black to evaluate the quality of the products sold at The Salon Outlet dot com.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  This is a top of the line train case with a drawer beneath.  I think it's important to understand that this is the standard size train case, being 14 1/2 inches in length by 7 1/4 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches in height.

The case comes with keys to the locks on the top as well as the lock on the bottom drawer.

train case, salon equipment

The lighting on half my pictures was kind of funky....I color corrected as well as I could, but if you go to the webpage for the train case, it shows the deep rich black like you see in some of my pictures.  I adore the richness of the black.  Ok, let's look at the back's very sleek

salon equipment, mac case,

With the top of the case opened, I found that there were four drawers, two on each side, which folded on top of each other when closed with a larger compartment underneath.  Open the case fully and it doesn't fit within my photography tent.

salon equipment

folding train case, salon equipment,

There are SO MANY products that can be held inside!!!  The bottom drawer is 2 inches high and will hold even a large handcream, which I've shown below so that you can get an idea of how really deep this drawer is.  The depth of the drawer doesn't take away from the space inside, either, which is a great feature.

makeup cases,salon equipment, drawers

 I thought, for my every day life, this would be a nice place for brushes.  I have most of my every day brushes in here.  We've been busy trying to get our home ready for sale, so I haven't been able to completely fill the train case the way I have imagined it.  Every time I go to organize and play with it, my husband has another chore.  No lie.  No wonder they say moving is one of the most stressful things ever...grrrr....anyway, I'm pretty happy with my set-up.  My easy everyday stuff is quickly accessible on my dresser this way.

salon equipment, makeup artist case

I'll show you what I've accomplished so far.  I have my basic essentials in the top drawers.  If I'm going bare bones as simple as possible to the store or the doctor or whatever, all I have to do is flip open the top and get my basics.  I LOVE THIS!!!!!  All my facial basics and must-have brushes easily within reach.

Nars, Too Faced, brows, LA Girl Cosmetics, concealer, foundation, lipgloss, bronzer, blush

How simple is that?  LOVE IT!  Flip the top, open the bottom drawer and I can paint and draw the basics really quickly.  As a beauty blogger and makeup addict, I have so many products that at this point, I kept having to rearrange my basics and dig around for them.  This is so much simpler.

Before you go:   I opened the package for this box and rubbed it like Aladdin's lamp, imagining all the wonderful things I'd do with it, my makeup and skin care.  I never even got far enough to "think outside of the box".  (Punny, huh?)

My 19 year old son came into my room and saw my new train case proudly displayed as I was starting to fill the bottom center with lip products and he said "Mom!!!  Can I get one of these?  This would be GREAT for my guitar stuff and taking back and forth to practice, rehearsals and performances."  GOSH!!!  I never thought of that!!!!  Can you imagine???

What a wonderful jewelry case this would be and you could lock it so the kids and handymen couldn't get into it.  It would also hold video games, again with the locking capability.  As I begin to think about moving and showing our home, I am realizing how handy this case will come in as I can lock my jewelry and other valuables in it while strangers are looking through our home.

I am really impressed with this box.  There are so many more things I'd like from The Salon Outlet, and I know there's some you'd like as well!

Do me a favor and visit the site and tell me which is the item you'd most like to see.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A First Look At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014

It's very late right now and I have to be up early, but I wanted to be sure to tell you that if you are a Nordstrom card holder, you qualify to gain EARLY ACCESS to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and it started on the 10th.  This is a quick post to tell you my top picks that you don't want to miss!!  And you'll have to hurry because if my friends and I are any indication, I think these items may sell out before the sale actually starts on July 17th.

nsale, Pre-sale, exclusive

First let me tell you that you definitely need a few things to take with you; first and foremost, your Nordstrom card.  This gives you the early access to preview the sale that you definitely want to have.  Next, a bottle of water. I find that a bottle of water is nessesary as I get so thirsty during the time I browse, and because I can put the lid on it tightly, it will fit under my arm if I need some hands-free shopping, or will sit safely in my  shopping bag without ruining anything. Bring any medicine that you might need so that you don't have to leave early. For instance, don't forget your asthma inhaler....just sayin'. Bring parking money if you have to park at a meter or in a garage. And, this is really important, bring a camera or a smart phone so that you can take pictures of items to think about later or to see how clothing looks on you in an accurate way.

Wear easy on/off comfortable footwear; you'll be on your feet for quite awhile.  Dress the same.  Don't dress to impress at this sale, dress for comfort and ease of trying on.  However, do your hair better than I did, cuz it's just whack.  We've been working in the house a lot and my hair took a beating so please do me a favor and ignore it.  Wear natural makeup and either naked or neutral nails so that you can try on any colors you might want to.

Ok, ready?  Set?  SHOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!

FIRST MUST HAVE ITEM:  Chloe K Lace Trim Tunic Tank, sale price:  $21.90
Trust me and get one in every color.  You'll find this item in the Brass Plum but don't worry if you don't think you can fit junior's sizes.  This tank is very generously sized.  I busted out full on grins when I tried them on.  Being 5'8", it's hard to find tunics that actually are tunics on me.  My friend Tracy is all of 5'2", I think, and she's getting the tanks in every color also.  We're both over the moon because we've been looking for something like this.  Now we have 5 or 6 somethings like this, lol.

Check out the edge of lace on the bottom.  Pretty cool.  This tank comes in six colors and you need every one of them!!

Nordstrom Anniversary sale, 2014,  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Also, there are two coordinating sweaters.   Below you'll see the Frenchi Lace Pattern Long Cardigan, which comes as shown and additionally in a black with natural taupe peeking through.  This is the softest sweater I think I've ever been in.  The sale price is just $35.90.  It runs true to the usual junior sizing.  Gosh both colors just go with all the tanks.  It's a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Miracle!!!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Chloe K Lace Trim Tunic

THE MUST HAVE MAKEUP ITEM:  The Lorac Nude Skinny and Navy Skinny Eyeshadow Palettes.   Just $15 each!!!!

The first one I'm showing is the Navy Skinny Eyeshadow Palette.  The palette is shown in the top picture under indoor lighting at home.

Nordstrom Anniversary sale, without flash

And with a flash in the store lighting.,,

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I happened to swatch this palette while in the store and took pictures both without flash and with flash.  These eyeshadows are so buttery soft...they are like cream.  And bear in mind, these were just super quick fingertip swatches.  The pigmentation is better than my silly fingers would have you believe.  Just velvety soft!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Below are the swatches with flash.  Above them are the lip colors from the two Nars trio sets, Schiap and Dolce Vita.

Nars Schiap, Nars Dolce Vita swatches, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I haven't swatched the Nude Skinny eyeshadow palette yet, just because I haven't had the time to sit and breathe, but you can bet I will.  I also want to compare it to some of Lorac's more recent eyeshadow palettes.  The first picture is without flash in my home.  The second photo is with flash under the store lighting.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So these are my immediate MUST HAVES before they sell out.  Which are your picks of the sale?

I want to thank Jessica who works Chanel in the Anchorage Nordstrom store for her help in the mad frenzy that is the Cosmetics Department.  She is so sweet and kind and chipper....just a joy to work with.   Hi Jessica!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Enter To Win A Year's Supply Of Butter London Nail Lacquer

nail lacquer

Do you like the pretty picture?  I know I do!!!!  But guess what?  Butter London has a Year Of Lacquer giveaway that has just started.  Wouldn't you love to win?  ME TOO!!!!  The giveaway goes until the end of July and you can win a full year's supply of nail polish, a $775 value!!!  Holy whopping lacquer, Butter London!!!!!

What are you waiting for?  Go now and ENTER!  But first.....tell me your favorite Butter London polish color.

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