Friday, September 26, 2014

We Can Be Royals With The Lorac Cosmetics Royal Collection For Holiday 2014

The Lorac Cosmetics Royal Collection packs quite a punch for Holiday 2014. 

I'm just starting this post on my phone and I'll be back within the hour with more information and pictures via my computer!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Did Someone Say Nordstrom Triple Points?

Oh yes, you heard it right.  This week, September 17, 2014 thru September 21st is one of the best times of the year.  Behold....Nordstrom TRIPLE points for all card holders.  And, guess what?  You will receive triple points on your Nordstrom cards instore, online...and...and....and....wait for Nordstrom rack and and and and and and .....  no lie.....I'm so excited ..... and on also!!!!!

Is EVERYONE as excited as I am?!?!?!?!?!?!  It's going to be hard to wait till Wednesday, but what a great week we have ahead!!!!!!

NORDSTROM - Choose from 75+ Gifts with Beauty Purchase.

Check back on Wednesday when the following little black box will be filled with all kinds of grandeur.  You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!

Are you getting your shopping list ready?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yes Virginia, I Still Am A Blogger....

Well, regular readers will notice that I've been away from the keyboard for almost two months.  UGH!  I hate knowing I've let down people who were depending on me for reviews and companies who have trusted me to give them honest and timely feedback.  You know, sometimes stuff happens.  But I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.....yet....although you could say I've tried.

I have made my goofy little comments and posted some product pictures via Instagram from my phone, tho.  You should follow me there, on Twitter, (holy moley, I haven't seen how scary big Twitter is on my phone, wow), and on my Facebook Fan Page for Polarbelle.  I can do mini updates from my phone, but the Blogger App is just about...well...not easy to blog with.

A brief summary....and I'll go into this more later, but this is to be a short post...I ripped up the knee I had surgery on in April, tore the calf muscle.  I kept thinking I was doing good by exercising and trying to heal the "cramp", until six weeks later, I found out it was a tear and I'd been injuring it further with all my good physical deeds.  That whole thing is still ongoing and it's rough.

In the meantime, I fell out of bed because I can't roll over due to the knee and calf injury and broke some ribs.  This all made it difficult to walk, sit, stand, breathe, but mostly, I just couldn't sit in any kind of position to use the computer.  I couldn't use my camera to take pictures or anything.

So I was due to go visit my friend Sue for her birthday and an Eagles concert, (hi Mark and Sue!!!), and my ribs finally didn't hurt anymore after a few days...and then I fell in a store.

I was injured in a car accident as a teen and now, due to MRI pics and such, I know how bad it was.  I've had different procedures to fix my neck and part of my back injuries, only to reinjure myself and have more surgeries.  This latest fall has pretty well completed the damage to my lumbar spine....

Anyway, don't ever get hit by a drunk driver, and if you do, don't fall over 35 years later.

I'll be back to regular programming hopefully any day.  I'm in physical therapy again and they're trying to just give me a heart attack or rip other muscles while I'm there, but I'll forgive them because in the end, it will hopefully bring me back to my keyboard on a regular basis.

I've missed you.  Let's play on Instagram while I try to get some posts ready!  Tell me what you've done this summer!!!

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