Thursday, November 20, 2014

Each Week Is A New Beginning..and Some Pretty Pictures

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As I write this short blurb, I'm recovering from a little belly malfunction.  Never fun but it seems to happen a lot, whatever.

Anyway, my life has been very intensely crazy this year and I'm hoping it all calms down to where I can write more often, like I usually have.  Last month marked my four year blogoversary and I've got a few things up my sleeve for us to mark that event pretty soon in the midst of my reorganization and the holidays. 

Many pretty pictures of things that I've received have been put on my Instagram which is full of teasers.  At any rate, there are so many events that I missed getting to tell you about due to broken bones and torn muscles since July.  I couldn't paint my nails, much less type on a computer.  I'd say I've had more than my fair share of medical drama this year, and I sure hope that 2015 brings a more manageable year, physically.

I'd love to get back to my blogging lifestyle and I hope you're all out there still.  In the meantime, this is the beautiful Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder put out by Chanel which I purchased from Nordstrom.

white gold, beauty, makeup, limited edition

Ooooh!  I like pretty pictures!!!!   Here are a few more teasers of things I want to tell you about.  Keep in mind, these are cell phone pictures and haven't been edited, except with the occasional Polarbelle font. 

Maybelline has released a new eye palette called The Smokes as the darker sister to their The Nudes palette.  I found this at Walgreens. 

smoky eye, smokey, Walgreens, drugstore makeup

You've probably heard about the four palettes that Stila released in the early fall.  Below are swatches from the Soul palette.  Beautiful eyeshadows!!!  I was able to purchase this during the Sephora Friends and Family Sale.  Discount, oh ya!

makeup, Sephora, beauty

For fall, Converse released a pair of low-top chucks in a gorgeous oxblood color that I found at Journey's.  I think it's safe to say this is my favorite pair of Chucks.  I'm hoping Nordstrom will get these in so that everyone can experience the utter joy of a pair of oxblood Converse!

comfort shoes, tennis shoes

Why stop now?   So many beautiful products are on my camera roll in my phone.    Lookie lookie at this mini lipgloss set from Ulta.  $16 for 30 glosses!!!    What a very cool deal!  You'd better have a big stocking to hold this one!!!

I was excited to find this great Baublebar cushion cut bracelet while checking out the Nordstrom Rack.  I'll wear it with my Steve Madden spiked trio that I ordered from the Rack early this fall.  (It's back on the Rack online and only $10!!)

Nordstrom Rack, jewelry

Also on my current list of things to do is jumping in head first to this gorgeous Bobbi Brown Pink Glow Highlighter Powder.   It's stunning.  

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about my favorite socks!!   Arthur George by Rob Kardashian, (that name sounds reaaaally familiar...), are the cushiest socks I've ever worn.  Speaking as a person who is finicky about what goes on their feet, I can assure you that these socks feel like walking on clouds.  They're very comfortable, soft and they don't migrate!!

Nordstrom, beauty, comfort

It's really late this evening, or early this morning, and I need to sign off so I'll leave you a pretty sunset picture from my phone.  Isn't it beautiful?  There is beauty among us everywhere.

And I wanted to ask your opinion....I received a Nordstrom note today in the should I spend it???

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