Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Makeup Bullet - An Innovative Makeup Sponge For Quick Precision

Who would you trust to create a makeup sponge worthy of adding to your tool arsenal?   Would you look to an Emmy award winning celebrity makeup artist like Eva Jane?  She has created The Makeup Bullet, a uniquely shaped fingertip makeup applicator with a patented design.  It is sure to speed and improve your makeup application.  And, good news, it is now sold at Ulta Beauty.  

Eva Jane, makeup sponge

The sponge fits easily on the top half of the finger and smoothly navigates the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with an even makeup application.  The tip is the perfect shape for the inner eye and lids while the longer base is adept at foundation.  I find this gives a much smoother application to the inner eye while using far less product.  You can use this dry or with a spritz of water or fixing spray.

Eva Jane, makeup sponge

The Makeup Bullet is sold as a single, ($14.99), as you saw above, or in a three piece set, ($24.99).  (At the time of this writing, there is a sweet BOGO 1/2 on Ulta's website.)

Eva Jane, makeup sponge

I will link my youtube video with examples of application here when it's live.  You can quickly canvas the whole face in no time.  I wish I'd had these when I did makeup for local runway shows.  I would have put one on each hand and smacked out that foundation in no time at all!!  I like this for myself and I think it's genius for a makeup artist.  They do say that necessity is responsible for invention, right?

The sponges are hypo-allergenic, latex-free, washable and manufactored in the USA.   You can learn more about the company and purchase The Makeup Bullet on their website or online at Ulta Beauty.  Follow the company on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and watch Eva Jane Beauty on Youtube.

When I first saw this sponge, I just imagined it pouncing and gliding as I did my makeup.  How about you?  Can you just see this on your fingertip?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New! Wet N Wild Beauty Midnight Mermaid Collection

Dude!!  Walking through Walgreens, not really minding my own business, taking a quick route through the makeup aisle to the refrigerators on the other side of the store, I spied the new Wet N Wild Collection.  I was like whoa, and dude, and whoa!  I hadn't seen any reviews yet, so how could I decide which to get?  The result of anguishing over my decision is that I have swatches and a mini-review for you here today to assist you in your shopping choices.  I just bought it today so I've only had a chance to wear the highlighter and hope to have a full review in the future.

The collection contains: 
3 metallic liquid eye liners, $3.99 ea
4 Catsuit metalllic liquid lipsticks, $4.99 ea
4 Color Icon metallic liquid eyeshadows, $4.99 ea 
1 spectacular mermaid tail imprinted Mermaid highlighting bar in Mermaid Moon, $6.99
The whole collection at Walgreens costs $56.88 before tax.  There is a bit of a savings if you buy the full box for $35.99 on Wet N Wild Beauty.  I chose to purchase it on site in Walgreens where I receive points that accrue to cash back and not have to pay shipping.  That being said, with the cash back that I made from my points, it was virtually the same as ordering the box online from Wnw dot com.

Onto the swatch show:

The liquid liners come in a Trident's Shimmer, steely metallic grey...Sea Dreams, metallic navy and Sea Symmetry, metallic royal green.

The metallic liquid eyeshadows are kind of fascinating.  Lara's Necklace is a metallic green  color with a black base.  Aquatic Prism is a shimmering blue with a black base.  These two have metallic micro-glitter particles.   Looking at the colors, I anticipate that they will need to be eased onto the eye over the top of a shadow just like the Stila glitters.

The third color looks nearly olive in the tube but it is a shimmering grey with silver micro glitters and a black base.  It's name is Mysterious Nights.  The fourth color is Moonlight Majesty, a shimmering plum with a black base.

I swatched them as such:  top to bottom, Mysterious Nights, Moonlight Majesty, Aquatic Prism and Lara's Necklace.  The shadows have a nice duochrome look to them with the metallic on top of the black base.   As the light changes with the curvature of the lid, it lends to a natural halo type of effect.  In other words, you probably won't have to add a darker shade at the outer V because the formulation of this product will do the work for you.

The four Catsuit metallic liquid lipsticks are:  Siren's Jewel, metallic royal green, Sea Seduction metallic navy.  Harbor A Crush is a metallic plum and Coral Crown is a metallic burnished bronze.

When I swatched these, the green and the blue applied with perfection.  In order to get the same vibrant color, I had to double swatch the plum and the bronze, but again, I haven't worn them yet and if I know Liquid Catsuits, it won't be any problem whatsoever.

Here are the corresponding colors in the tube, just for curiousity's sake.

The comparison of the blues is very interesting.  The navy lip makes the blue eye look green in the tube in a picture.  To the naked eye, the blue shadow looks more aqua with a purpley duochrome especially next to the navy lip.

Onto the star of the show, the  Midnight Moon Mermaid Highlighting Bar.  I do believe this could be the stunning finish to any mermaid out there!

This is a fascinating highlighter!!!  I wasn't sure what to think when I opened it and looked at it.  It has a beautifully sculpted mermaid fin, that I was sure of.  But the color was so different.  In swatching this, I found it is definitely different than anything else I own.  It is a gold color with a faint hint of green undertone and some imperceptable pink micro-sparkles.  It melds together to give a beautiful glow that just pops on the cheekbones.   This is really a spectacular multi-dimensional highlighter that has to be worn to be believed.  It is not the typical warm orangey or peachy gold that is so prevalent on the market right now.

Let me know whatever questions you might have and I'll answer them in the future as I wear the products to see how they wear.  I like color so I can envision wearing a lot of these....but not at the same time!!  You can purchase Wet N Wild Beauty in most drugstores and on their website.  Follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Refresh, Recharge, Renew With The PopSugar #MustHaveBox 5 Year Birthday Edition

August marks the fifth anniversary of the PopSugar Must Have Box, a monthly subscription box carrying a variety of items in a curated selection by Lisa Sugar and her editors.   The category of the items range from fashion to to lifestyle, home, beauty and anything in between.  It's such a fun box and while this month is their special birthday collection, every box feels like a present to me.  I'm always excited to see the thoughtful items that are included.  The subscription is $39.95 per month and if you subscribe thru 8/31, use the code PARTY to save $10 off your first box!  Each box always contains well over $100 worth of products.  I've unboxed so many beautiful Must Have Boxes both here and on my youtube channel and now I want to tell you all about the August box valued at over $154.

This month's 5th year anniversary box inspires me to take moments to refresh, renew and recharge in this hectic digital age.  Let me explain why.  The first item I pulled out of the box is a beautiful rose gold Fringe Studio journal with gilded rose gold edged pages inside, ($16).   It is sponsored by Jeep and comes with a card that has information about a Jeep Compass giveaway and some suggestions on renewing your day.

Jotting notes or thoughts in a journal is an excellent way to learn about yourself and your world.  You can help refresh your mind by dropping your to-do list in it, or anything that is busying up your thoughts.  Freeing your mind of those things you're trying desperately to remember all day is a way to renew your outlook on the day with less stress.  The world has gotten so busy in the 24/7/365 digital age that taking moments to sit and relax and express ourselves is often overlooked.  Spending a few minutes to do so can be freeing mentally and a lot of fun when you re-read it years later.  Sometimes those things we wrote put our perspective into focus; such as reading that our past worries weren't really as big as they felt at the time.  And sometimes they make us laugh remembering a long forgotten event.    You know how you smile when Facebook pops up your written memory from years ago?  You can find the same enjoyment in items you have scripted in a journal.

And while you make notes in your journal, you can relax and refresh with the First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Bounce Mask, ($38).  Masks are a special treat to ourselves while we pamper and renew our skin.

If you're at all like me, sometimes it's a moment with a friend that brings the much needed emotional and mental recharge.  Why not invite your friend or neighbor over and serve up some sweet tea with the enclosed Pastel Cheers Laquered Tray, ($28)?  Enjoy the Goodie Girl Cookies, ($2.95), together.  If I had small children around, I'd invite them to my lemonade party and we'd use our cheery tray to serve it.  Wouldn't it be fun to renew a relationship with a child by making them feel like your special guest?

You can share the Dogeared Friendship Bracelet with your guest, if you wanted to give it to a special friend.   Also included in the August box is a Shoptiques gift card for $25.  With it, you can shop a resource of boutiques from across the globe.  Spend a few relaxing moments shopping with it or refresh a friendship by gifting it to someone.

You could invite the person who recharges your heart to write their name and a special memory in your journal.  That would be so cool to look at later and have for years to come!!!

The last item in this month's PopSugar box is a set of white candles with gold glitter that can make any event a celebration.  They are from Meri Meri, ($7.50), and I'm always so excited to see an item from Meri Meri in my box because they make excellent photo props!  I still use the stars that were in the November box in photography.  I love the tall skinny shape of these candles.

Do you see why I feel such inspiration to refresh, recharge and renew inside this celebratory box?  A good way to renew is by entering a contest, am I right??  PopSugar wants to celebrate this anniversary with you!!!   They are offering $10 off the first month's subscription with the code PARTY.  In addition, they are offering all subscribers of the Must Have Box, (subscribed by 8/31/17), an opportunity to win the following:

Week 1:  A limited number of subscribers will win something from Pehr Designs.
Week 2:  Limited number of subscribers will win something from First Aid Beauty
Week 3:  Limited number of subscribers win something from Kendra Scott
Week 4:   Limited number of subscribers win something from Tarte Cosmetics
Week 5 (8/31): 5 Grand Prize! Limited number of subscribers something from Cambridge Satchel Co + 1 year Must Have Box!

Be sure to subscribe HERE by 8/31/17 to be eligible to win.  And don't forget to use the code PARTY for $10 off the first month.  You can follow PopSugar on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I've been so inspired by this box...what about you?  Do you see an item that really speaks to you in this month's celebratory box?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Impressions - Sephora Collection Pro Editorial Eyeshadow Palette

My curiosity was peaked when I saw the three new Sephora Collection Pro eyeshadow palettes on their website, (28 shades/$68).  There are Cool, Warm and Editorial editions.  I had no preconceived ideas about any of them but seeing them in person, I found myself captivated and curious about the Editorial palette.  It thrilled me the same way looking at a fresh box of Crayons did when I was a kid.  I decided to pick it up and want to tell you my first impressions.  A full and complete evaluation of all the colors will take some time.

Pro, eyeshadow

I love color and have been a little bored lately with all the warm brown and orange palettes that have been coming out.  And yet, when I use them, I love the look on the eyes.  However, I just found myself wanting some change and desiring a little bit of color.  The palette kind of reminds me of old school Mac from the mid 2000's when we used to wear a lot of color on the eyes to exercise creativity.

Anyway, the first row has a matte for a base color or matte highlight, several iridescent wash type of colors and two glittery silvers, one leaning more white while the other leans more grey.

eyeshadow, pro

The second row has me completely captivated.  I love every color in it.  It's sunset eyes in all of it's glory.  The matte shades kick up quite a bit of powder, more than I expected at first.  However, I'm seeing this as the new fall trend in mattes and it's easily enough to deal with.  I just love every one of these colors!

eyeshadow, pro

The third row has varying tones from chartreuse to shimmering grass green to matte teal to blue.  My very favorite color in this row is the matte teal leaning green.  It's fantastic!!  The pigmentation is excellent.  It is just an incredible color.  The chartreuse is a very clean color and I find these all apply to true the color in the pan.  The shimmers are excellent as well.

eyeshadow, pro

I haven't figured out the last row yet.  It has shimmers and a duochrome that swatch heavier than they apply to the eye, for the most part.   On the left are two colors that are fairly sheer shimmers.  The third color from the left is a very faint brown with a green duochrome and it is also fairly sheer.  The cranberry is pretty and the rust is a gorgeous fully shimmered shadow.  The black is intense in pigmentation and a great addition to any shadows you might wear.

eyeshadow, pro

On my Instagram, I have a palette picture, swatches and videos of the duochromes as they move in the light.  It gives a better idea, I think, of the shades and their depth of value.

I can't say yet how much I'll wear these shades and the various textures, but I can tell you that this is a high quality set of shadows.  I didn't expect it to be as rich as it is and that makes me quite happy with my purchase.  I've always liked Sephora Collection products but this palette is like a step up in quality.  It can hold it's own against the quality of any other shadows on the market.  At a little over $2 per shade, These palettes are definitely worth a look.

Follow Sephora Collection on Instagram, and Sephora across all social media channels.

Have you looked at the Pro palettes?  What did you think?  What were you drawn to?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kneipp Body Wash Trio - Scents That I'm Loving!!

Kneipp is a natural holistic brand that I'd heard of but hadn't actually experienced until now.  The products are all dermatologist tested, primarily vegan, not tested on animals and made of the finest natural blends.  Everything is free of preservatives, silicons, paraffins and mineral oil.  I'd actually wanted to try some of this brand for a long time so it was fun for me to receive the body wash trio of scents released for summer along with a hand cream.

The body washes, (6.76 fl oz/$14), are soap free, made with essential oils and are hydrating as they cleanse.  They are a treat for the senses!!  I really enjoy using the invigorating scents.  I assumed the Tropical Dream, a mouthwatering blend of mango and starfruit, would be my favorite.  I LOVE all things tropically scented.   And I do love this scent.  It is at the ready in my shower, where I dispense a small amount of the gel type cleanser and enjoy the scent.

As funny as life can be, my actual favorite is the Summer Mood, a juicy blend of watermelon and mint.  I, personally, don't like watermelon, watermelon flavor or watermelon scents.  But this blend is the fruitiest juiciest piece of summer goodness that you can imagine.  It has a predominant place at the bathtub and is going fast, being my son's favorite, too.

The third scent introduced this summer is called Endless Summer, an infusion of mint and lime.  Lime is one of my favorite scents.  I love citrus and tropical scents the most, in general.  This combination is a different kind of scent for me and is waiting it's turn to be used in one of the two places when the others are done.

I love how the body washes are cleansing and also hydrating.  They feel clean, fresh and are even viable for sensitive skin.  There is no soapy film of any kind left behind.  I'm really enjoying these.

The fourth product I received is Spring Awakening hand cream, (2.53 fl oz/$10).  This smells clean to me, somewhat remniscent of clean laundry with a touch of magnolia and citrus.  It also contains almond oil, something to note if you're allergic to nuts.  I enjoy it very much for it's light fragrance.  Sometimes hand creams can be so fragrant that my husband hates if I open them in the car.  Not so with this one...the scent is very light and fresh.

These new scents were put out for summer but can be enjoyed anytime of year.  I sure plan to.  You can purchase Kneipp products in their stores or on their website.   Peruse the webby and learn more about this wonderful brand.  Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You've seen what's in my shower...what scents are in yours?

Monday, August 7, 2017

One Little Parrot Natural Organic Hair Care And So Much More

One of the brightest moments of Cosmoprof North America for me in 2017 was meeting One Little Parrot brand owner and founder DeQunda Smith at an on-site event.  She has created a natural organic line of hair care products that help support the mental health community.  I was impressed by her passion and her story and went back to her booth the next day to talk a little more.  Ms. Smith also gifted me with two products to try and we're going to talk about those as well.

The hair care line One Little Parrot was born from a desire to help those afflicted by mental health issues.  Ms. Smith is a nurse and has seen and helped people in the most dire crises.  She told me that sometimes all it takes is to be kind to someone to change the course of their lives.  Mental illness is not necessarily visually identifiable and One Little Parrot believes that a non-judgemental kind action can change a decision that one might make toward suicide or other life threatening moments.

One Little Parrot began with Ms. Smith creating hair care products and soaps and distributing them to the indigent in her area.  You can imagine how that kind of personal care can make someone feel.  Her coworkers also used her products and encouraged her to start the business.  This is a business that gives back thru One Little Parrot's mental health initiative "Healthy Hair For Healthy Minds" which is funded by sales.

I find Ms. Smith's work and drive just amazing and inspiring.  And the products are really good.  Today I have the Plumeria & Yucca Leave-In Conditioner and the Rosehip & Ginger Tresses Reconstructor to share with you.

conditioner, hair mask

One Little Parrot's tresses leave in conditioner with plumeria and yucca, ($15), is a lightweight spray that conditions and helps to reduce damage from breakage.   I spray this in my hair after shampooing, before combing and it smells terrific.  It has made the combing out of my mangy mane easier to handle and with less breakage.  I've been really impressed with it.  I'm amazed by the detangling properties.

The spray nozzle has a locking device which I really appreciate.  I don't know if you've had accidents with spray nozzles that didn't lock, but I have.  I really appreciate the attention to the packaging details.

hair, hair products

The ingredients: Deionized Water + Cetearyl Alcohol + Behentrimonium Chloride + Borage Seed Oil + Organic Coconut Oil + Flax Seed Oil + Evening Primrose Oil + Organic Olive Oil + Avocado Oil + Sesame Seed Oil + Organic Jojoba Oil + Vitamin B5 + Silk Protein Amino Acid blend of Sodium Pca + Sodium Lactate + Arginine + Aspartic Acid + Citric Acid + Organic Aloe leaf juice + Organic Gotu Kola + Colloidal Oatmeal + Horsetail Extract + Wild Geranium Extract + Organic Dandelion Extract + Coco-Caprylate/Caprate + Polysorbate 60 + Sodium Benzoate + Amodimethicone +Gluconolactone + Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride + phthalate-free fragrance.

The  Rosehip & Ginger Tresses Reconstructor, $18, also smells amazing.  This is a mask that helps moisturize and strengthen hair.  Completely cover dry hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes and wash.  My naturally coarse hair feels so much silkier with this product!  I was really surprised and I love both of these.  I've found them very helpful to me in smoothing my hair and helping to prevent breakage when I comb it.

hair care, hair mask

The ingredients:  Organic Herbal Infusion + Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf + Cetearyl Alcohol + Algae Extract + Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract + Pro-Vitamin B5 + Behentrimonium Chloride + Organic Argan Oil + Coconut Oil + Organic Cilantro Extract + Wild Geranium Extract + Horsetail Extract + Shatavari Extract + Organic Ginger Extract + Organic Jojoba Seed Oil + Organic Sesame Seed Oil + Avocado Oil + Organic Olive Fruit Oil + Organic Evening Primrose Oil + Organic Linseed Seed Oil+ Organic Shea Butter + Organic Starflower Seed Oil + Polysorbate-60 (Plant Derived) + Capryl Hydroxamic Acid (Naturally Derived Preservative) + Amodimethicone + Caprylyl Glycol (Naturally Derived Preservative) + Kosher Vegetable Glycerin + Coco-Caprylate/Caprate + Palm Oil + Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride + Sodium Benzoate (Plant Derived Preservative) + Potassium Sorbate (Plant Derived Preservative) + Colloidal Oatmeal + Silk Protein Amino Acid Blend + Citric Acid +phthalate-free fragrance

I think both of these products are really nice from this new brand.  The mission is excellent and Ms. Smith is passionate about making good effective products.  The brand name comes from a bible verse. Matt. 6:25-27.  Again, the sales of these products fund Healthy Hair For Healthy Minds, a mental health initiative.

You can learn more about the products and Ms. Smith's vision, as well as purchase on the website.   The care taken in this product topped by the evidence that they work really sold me.  Look around the website and let me know what you think.