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Monday, July 16, 2018

Hair Stays Heat And UV Safe With White Sands Infinity Hair Spray

A hair spray that is also a heat protectant?  Yes, you read that correctly.  White Sands Infinity Hair Spray, ($22 / 10 oz.), protects hair from UV rays and heat tools, all while holding your hair in your selected style.  Infinity is a heat activated hair spray with thermal guards that ensure your hair won't be damaged while styling.  Infinity is an intellegent hair spray and is the spray of choice on many major television shows.


Infinity has the ability to increase the amount of shine when heat is added to the hair due to the special copolymers it contains.

“When you put a flat iron or curling iron on the hair, these particular polymers lay the cuticle layers down,” explains Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands. “Hair now shows the melanin off better, which is the color found in the center of the hair. The cortex fractures light if the hair is damaged and cannot be brushed out easily. Many hairsprays use copolymers that are not combable which means you are right back to the problem of the hair being fractured again every time you comb. This will make the hair dull. The copolymers in the formula, once combined, make the hair incredibly glossy and bring the highest amount of shine.”

"When you put heat on the hair with Infinity, it super boosts these copolymers and increases the way it makes the hair glow even more.  Hair will not stick to the iron and never flakes with tresses taking on a weightless, nude-like feel once styled. These particular copolymers have a smoothing ability that is also anti-frizz and humidity resistant."

Other ingredients like Silk Amino Acids, the shiniest protein available, Vitamin B5 and Trimethicone give the hair a boost in extra shine so that when you comb the hair, it doesn’t pull up the scales of the strand. Silk Amino Acid provides resilience so you are not harming the hair as the heat is applied.

“When you normally put an iron on something, it almost cooks or makes the hair hard,” explains Salas. “Infinity does not do that. Again, it all goes back to having a spray that makes the hair combable. Hairstyles that can be brushed equal shine.”

I've used White Sands Infinity Hair Spray as hairspray to set my style, and also as a heat protectant before flat ironing or curling.  It does, indeed, increase shine when heat is applied and I absolutely love that.  My hair is rather coarse by nature and if I don't infuse it with shine, it just looks really dull.   Walking around in these Phoenix summers, I can use all the UV protection I can get and I really appreciate that about this hairspray.  It's a really large can, which will last well, like practically forever!

You can learn more about the White Sands brand on their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Are you using White Sands?  What are your favorite heat protectant and UV products for hair?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I've posted my second video detailing events and hauling from The Makeup Show NYC.  It was such an exciting event!!!  If you haven't heard my bathroom story with Bobbi Brown, you'll find it in this video.  I've broken my hauls into several videos to keep them shorter for you.  I have a couple of giveaways running, with more to come, so be sure to search for those as well.

I chose the thumbnail with Jordan Liberty, who I stalked thru Press Night.  Notice I hadn't finished my makeup because I had misplaced my blush and spent a lot of time searching for it.  Oh well, it was fun anyway!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2018


I am really excited to bring you today's post.  I've talked about the Pixi Beauty Glowy Gossamer Duos and the Liquid Fairy Lights in a youtube video this spring, where I hauled them for you.  Pixi recently sent a box with the full line of these so I have extras that I want to give to YOU as part of my birthday month giveaways.

The Glowy Gossamer Duo that I originally purchased for myself is in Delicate Dew, a deliciously soft silky feeling gelee' formula highlighter duo.  One side is a light champagne and the other is the faintest hint of pink.  This is a brilliant formula.  I explain more in the video.

The Liquid Fairy Lights are a topcoat that can be worn on the eyes alone or over shadow.  If the Stila Glisten and Glows are too glittery and chunky for you, this will be more your style.  The shimmer is more sophisticated in their glowy goodness.

Check out the video to hear more and see what I'm giving away today.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018


I had just a tiny bit of drama with my Boxycharm subscription this month.  Check out my video if you're interested.  I'll let you know next month how it all turns out.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Reads

Are you into essential oils? Pammy Blogs Beauty sure is! Find out what she thinks of the C.O. Bigelow Aromatherapy oils and Apothecary style skincare.

When the Makeup Wars Team selected their favorite night creams, Lola's Secret Beauty Blog immediately knew that there was only one cream to feature, and unsurprisingly it is the utterly sublime and ultra-luxe
African Botanics Fleurs d’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream. It really doesn’t get any better than this! #AfricanBotanics

Now that summer is officially here, Prime Beauty has the low down on the newest innovations from the sunscreen experts, Supergoop!

Remember Mr. Bubble bubble bath? Never Say Die Beauty has been relaxing in the tub with a slew of delectable, hydrating bath additives from Luxe by Mr. Bubble, the new line for grownups!

What's your feeling about travel size products? Do you love them for taking with you? Do you like them to test out products? Or could you do without. See Beauty Info Zone's collection of ones from IT Cosmetics and maybe even win some.

Ten years ago, China Glaze released the OMG! Collection featuring a groundbreaking new holographic finish. Fans have been eagerly waiting for their return, and this summer China Glaze will be re-launching six of them! Jen of Laugh, Love, Contour got ahold of this 10th anniversary collection early and has swatched them on her blog to help you decide which ones you need this season.

There have been a lot of requests for Polarbelle's hauls from The Makeup Show NYC. This week, Pat McGrath Labs, Stilazzi and Smith Cosmetics hauls are up for your viewing pleasure.

Does it intimidate you to buy a drugstore foundation since there are no testers? Shipra of Taneja's Bride took the plunge with Cover Girl True Blend Matte. See what her final thoughts are of this new foundation.

Now that you've seen the foundation what about other Cover Girl products from Beauty Judy. You might be surprised at what you see.

Are you ready to take your skin care routine more seriously? 15 Minute Beauty is sharing her favorite anti-aging night creams, have you tried any of them?

Some beauty subscription boxes are good, while others are not. Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom says she found a winner this month from BeautyFIX.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Makeup Show NYC Haul, Part 1: Pat McGrath Labs, Stilazzi, Smith Cosmetics

My coverage for The Makeup Show NYC continues with the first part of my haulage. I hope you'll enjoy. Be sure to let me know what you want to see next and if you have any questions about what I did or didn't pick up.

Coming up next for The Makeup Show: 
ORLANDO, Sept 15-16, 2018


A Makeup Education Series
Featuring Danessa Myricks, James Vincent, and special guests.

 July 21-22, 2018

August 5, 2018

August 18-19, 2018

February 2-3, 2019

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Reads

Do you have a shiny t-zone in the summer? 15 Minute Beauty hates mid-day shine on her nose and has tried just about every product out there to keep her skin looking matte. Here are her favorite products to mattify her skin.

Laugh, Love, Contour takes us on a trip to California this summer with the new KBShimmer Wanderlust Collection. The 8 piece collection will transport your nails to the lush West coast shore, even if the rest of you is stuck a little closer to home!

Are your feet ready for sandals weather? Never Say Die Beauty has fallen for Farmhouse Fresh Instant Pedicure Sampler for soft, smooth feet in minutes!

Beauty Info Zone loves meeting new brands and loves to host giveaways. Put those together and you'll be able to learn and hopefully win a Body Be Silk Lip Fix Kit. It's scrumptious and efficient. Read and enter.

If you have a penchant for luxury face oils, then Lola's Secret Beauty Blog highly recommends Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil and Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil. The former is a delectable youth preserving oil for normal skin, while the latter is an ultra-luxe regenerating oil for mature and sensitive skins. Both are absolutely amazing! #Herbivore

Prime Beauty loves the new OleHenriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask even if it makes her look like a Smurfette!

Shipra from Taneja's Bride just isn't a rule follower. She has exquisite taste and no one is going to tell her the rules. That's why you need to read her Kris Eyeshadow Palette x Kylie Cosmetics review with your wallet nearby.

There are many ways to save money on your beauty products these days. Head over to Makeup Obsessed Mom to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Thinking of booting your Vitamin-C game? Pammy Blogs Beauty tries out JASON's Antioxidant skincare. Find out what she thinks!

Have you heard Covergirl released the Peach Punch Collection? Polarbelle has it as well as comparisons to the TooFaced Sweet Peach palette for your consideration.

How much do you rely on concealer? If you are Justina from Justina's Gems then it's a lot. See the comparison she did on two favorites from Tarte to see if one of them will become your favorite too.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Birthday Month Urban Decay Giveaway!!! #neonsummer

Hey everyone, in the video below, I am introducing my Neon Summer.  Find out my motivation and what's going on.  Enter to win after the video.  The video contains the answer to the Secret Question entry so be sure to watch.  Good Luck and have fun!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Few Minutes With The Makeup Show's Shelly Taggar

The Makeup Show, (affectionately called TMS), is an multi-site event held throughout the year that I talk about frequently on Polarbelle, my youtube channel and my Instagram account.    I like to include behind the scenes coverage, notable moments and vendors, and all the news about this unique show.  The Makeup Show is a pro-only venue held in five cities throughout the year.  Here you will find top artists and pro-driven brands presenting new products, seminars, forums and some hands on workshops.

The most recently concluded edition was The Makeup Show NYC, held in May, 2018.  It was an impressive show with vast amounts of teaching and learning opportunities, seminars, workshops and of course, shopping.   TMS is continuously evolving and bringing new forums, new brands and new experiences to the artist community.  The professionalism and excitement in the building is absolutely contagious.  I found myself wanting to know more and when the opportunity arose to interview The Makeup Show owner, Shelly Taggar, I jumped for it.

(Our conversation will be paraphrased as I took notes the old fashioned way; pen and paper.)

I learned Ms. Taggar has a background in photography and started producing events 18 years ago.   She started The Makeup Show 14 years ago, grew it slowly and it became a solo venture.  "This event is not just a trade show, but an experience to make people feel a part of the full community."  There were no makeup events when TMS started; just hair shows and Ms. Taggar wondered why there was nothing for the makeup side of beauty.  TMS became a big thing in NYC and continued nationwide from there.

It was fulfilling to me to hear the passion Ms. Taggar has for this show and I asked her how The Makeup Show differs from other cosmetic events.  She told me this is a pro-only show, no matter what.  Other shows are fan based or influencer driven, and most are consumer shows.  IMATS is a mix of the two being pro and consumer brands with pro and consumer attendees.   Many of the brands attending TMS don't do the other shows but are centered on reaching the pro artist community.

I told her how impressed I am with the amount of artist created brands at the show and asked if that was by design or a happy accident.  She told me the show is an edited event with careful choosing of brands that are displayed.  The goal is an even distribution of categories at price points that work for every level of artist; from the lower cost, mid-level, higher end and on to agency repped.   There will always be, for instance, 5 brush companies catering to the different cost levels and the same range exists in the other categories as well.  There is a long waiting list of brands that would like to be a part of TMS.

While in NYC, I was really impressed with how generous the artists in the seminars were and in sharing their time and talents.   We've all seen people who are talented in their profession who guard their knowledge like a state secret.  Not so with the artisan teachers at TMS.  I asked Ms. Taggar if it was difficult to get world reknown top talented makeup artists involved.  She told me that James Vincent was brought on from day one as Director of Artistry.  Mr. Vincent writes the education schedule for each show and consults with the brands and artists.  Sometimes there are scheduling conflicts that prohibit an artist from taking part.  The artists who are involved are usually ok with being on stage and they are people who want to give back to the industry that fulfills them.  The goal of the presentation line-up is to include business, celebrity and fashion artists as well as people who are transforming the industry like Bobbi Brown and Miss Fame.

The Makeup Show

I asked about the new I, Artist forum that was held in San Francisco this past March.  Three days of workshops and teaching!!!  I would have given up a leg to be there.  Ms. Taggar told me, "It was inspiring to be in a forum with such dedication to the artistry, from the featured artists to the every day artist attendees.  Love for artistry was everywhere.  I think everyone was excited and pumped by the energy."   Oh man, what it must have been like to be there!!

I asked about the new Momentum series of artist trainings, which sound like I, Artist on a smaller level, to me.  The idea is moving pieces of I, Artist into the market.  Some of the main sponsors of TMS will bring Danessa Myricks and James Vincent to Dallas, Vancouver and NYC for 2-3 days of intensive education.  I seriously think these people are amazing creative artists and if you haven't seen their work, please check them out on Instagram.  You'll get an idea of the quality of workshops they will present.

One of the last things I asked about is the long term vision for The Makeup Show.  I've seen so many exiciting things happen in the time that I've watched and read about it and in particular I, Artist and the new Momentum series, so I was curious.  Ms. Taggar told me the industry has changed so much in the last 5 years and TMS is trying to change and adapt and while doing so, would like to return to it's international roots, bringing this show to the global community.  The plans for TMS include remaining true to the integrity of the show while continuing to help raise the industry every day.

Can you see why I just get so excited to be in this environment?  Teaching, artistry,'s all very exciting.   My thanks to Shelly Taggar for her time!

You can learn more about The Makeup Show on their site and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.   You can also subscribe on youtube.

Upcoming events:


DALLAS  July 21-22, 2018

ATLANTA – August 5, 2018

NYC – August 18-19, 2018

VANCOUVER – February 2-3, 2019

NYC - Sept 8, 2018


SEPTEMBER 15 – 16, 2018

October 13 – 14, 2018

NOVEMBER 10 – 11, 2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Covergirl Peach Punch Collection VS Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Plus Buxom Sexy Smoky Liner

There is a new video on my youtube channel today.  It features items from the Covergirl Peach Punch Collection that I picked up at Walmart, as well as comparisons to the TooFaced Sweet Peach palette, a cult classic.  I have also tried the new Buxom Cosmetics SexySmoky kajal liners for the very first time and I can say, with authority, that everyone will love this liner!!  One doesn't need to be a liner expert to work a nice fuller lash line with this one.  Even if a liquid liner is your jam, I think you'll appreciate the finesse of this kajal liner.

Take a peek if you'd like to check these items out.

Have you seen the collection in Walmart yet?  How cute are the puffy smelly things on display??

Monday, June 11, 2018

Battle Of The Body Glows - Round 2 - Sol De Janiero Ipanema Sunset VS Copacabana Bronze Body Glow Oils

Today's contenders in the Battle Of The Body Glow series are both from the brand Sol de Janiero.  The contestants are Ipanema Sunset and Copacabana Bronze Glow Oils, (2.5 oz/ $35).  They both have the same wonderful scent that you've come to know and love from the cult classic Bum Bum Cream.  While the scent is the same, I somehow prefer it in the oil.  The oils both have tiny mico-sparkles, however, when compared to a previous contender, Fenty Beauty Body Lava, the particles are not near as many or as big. 

I also really enjoy using them mixed into foundation and they give an incredibly beautiful natural glow.  I'll be showing that on youtube in the future during a Get Ready With Me.  I think you'll really like these.   Sol de Janiero can be found at Sephora.

What do you think about these two new oils facing off as Glow contenders?  

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly

In anticipation of summer, Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is sharing the best and most covet-worthy sunscreens for the face from TATCHA, Kerstin Florian, Goldfaden MD, KORRES and MyChelle.

Have you ever heard of a Game of Thrones Facial? Remember Shirleen and greyscale? Yeah, it's kinda like that. Prime Beauty takes you through her experience step-by-step. You've GOT to see the pictures and the afterglow!

Wedding season is in full swing, and there are so many final details to get sorted out! Jen from The Jedi Wife has your manicure covered with her look into the Zoya Nail Polish Bridal Bliss Collection. Colour comparisons and notes on formula will help you choose your perfect shade to accompany your sparkling new ring!

Why did Marcia from Beauty Info Zone have to call the Facial Mask Hotline? We'll give you a hint that it's about a FarmHouse Fresh Mask that you'll really love.

If natural cruelty beauty products are your preference then you'll want to see what Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom has been using from Good Earth Beauty.

If you're serious about anti-aging skincare you're likely using a retinoid, but not all retinols are created equal, and they are not one size fits all. 15 Minute Beauty talked to a dermatologist and a celeb esthetician and they're spilling the beans on over the counter retinoids and when they're the best choice for you.

Polarbelle is honored to be featured on Voyage Phoenix Magazine as an Influencer to know. Learn a little more about your girl here.

Looking for a new skincare line to suit your skin type? Never Say Die Beauty has been using a set of products from cruelty-free skincare expert, Zenmed, with great results. Enter to win a set of skincare products customized for you!

The new MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Liners can be used on eyes, lips, and brows! Check out Christa from Realizing Beauty's review and swatches of all 39 matte and blendable shades.

Beauty Judy bas the KBShimmer Wanderlust Collection searched and reviewed on her blog this week!

Justina's Gems has some skincare secrets for glowy, dewy skin this summer. Check out her six tips and share yours with her too!

Ready to reveal some Summer sexy skin? Pammy Blogs Beauty gets her skin in shape for Summer with Sol de Janeiro's NEW Brazilian Bod Buff.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Deck Of Scarlet Roxette Arisa & Kim Thai Collabs Plus Giveaway

Hey guys!!   Today's video is centered on a review of the Deck of Scarlet palettes #7 and #8, also known as collaborations with  youTubers Roxette Arisa and Kim Thai, ($29.95 ea with subscription).'s my birthday month so I thought I'd do some giveaways to celebrate my Summer Of Fun with you.  You can find the entry widget below.

Have you heard of Deck of Scarlet?   It is a subscription of curated palettes by different beauty influencers that arrives bi-monthly.  Each palette includes three eye shades, two cheek colors, two pallet-ed lip colors, and 1-2 separate items.  For instance, with Roxette's palette, (#7), there was a lip pencil and eye pencil.  Kim's palette arrives with a lip gloss.  Emails go out prior to shipping so that if you want to skip a shipment, you can with no problem!

Because the collections are collabs with youTubers, you will always be able to find instructional how-to videos.  Each mailing contains all new products.  It's a fun way to keep up with the folks that you watch!!  Deck of Scarlet products are paraben free, cruelty free, and the subscriptions ship for free in the US.

How would you like to see the palettes?

So what do you think?  Does this look like a fun subscription to you?  I really love the items I was sent to check out.  Really.  Totally.  Completely.  I'm impressed with the quality and the wear.  I think they're fun and would be awesome for travel and for keeping in the desk at work.  Check out some of the other color varieties here.  Boxes released earlier can be purchased at a one time rate of $44.95.  Each will have a value of at least $124 USD.

And let's kick off birthday month with a giveaway!!!   It's explained in the video, so you might want to check that out.  Fill out the widget below and good luck to you all!!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Honored To Be Interviewed and Featured On Voyage Phoenix Magazine!!!

High Quay

If you googled this image of me, you might find it as the lead-in to a feature about me from Voyage Phoenix Magazine where I am honored to be featured.  I would love for you to check it out and see if you learned anything about me, or if it gave you more questions.  I'd be thankful if you left a message here or there and sent it out over social media.   This is one of the coolest things to happen in my blogging career and my new home and I'm super excited about it!!!

Scroll to the end where there are pictures of my work and even a peek behind the scenes that I think you'll find funny.   If you are a brand, you might see your products in the pictures, so be sure to scroll down.

This is really fun for me.  Thank you for allowing me to share it in "our" space.   Ya'll have a great day and live your most colorful life!

Smashbox Primer

Monday, June 4, 2018


Sponsored through MavenX network.  All opinions expressed and my experience are my own honest evaluation.

It was just six weeks ago that I brought you an introductory post regarding the Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD, an LED light that made BIG claims.   "RejuvaliteMD utilizes groundbreaking LED technology to safely and effectively stimulate skin healing and collagen production-reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots while improving radiance, elasticity, and firmness. Safe visible and infrared light wavelengths penetrate the skin, stimulating the production of natural enzymes that increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone and texture.How? "Unlike some devices that use only red light, RejuvaliteMD utilizes four UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared light to effectively treat multiple signs of aging."  You might remember that I had a pretty decent code for you to treat yourself or someone else to this light or a microdermabrasion kit, saving 15% off with the code POLARBELLE, (thru 6/30/18).   I also promised to come back in two months with my results....remember this device is guaranteed to bring change within two months or your money back.  So, did it?


The light comes to you in a nice box, with eye goggles, and is easily assembled by twisting together.  It makes it perfect to travel with, too, being lightweight, easy to store and also to put together.  The RejuvaliteMD is easy to use and painless.   It only takes 5 minutes per body part that you wish to treat.  It can be used as often as twice a day or as little as three times per week.  I used it just about every day, except days of extreme laziness or excessive early sleepiness.  I'd say my usage was over 85% of the two months that I've had it.

I chose to treat three areas; chest, neck and face.  I find it delightfully relaxing to go to my bedroom, prop myself up all comfy like, turn on a youtube video to listen to, and treat myself to sitting still for 15 minutes.  It's such a treat to take that time to relax and rejuvinate without all the hectic mom/wife stuff that needs to be done.   The time can be used for relaxation and breathing techniques...things that we never seem to get enough time to do.  Life is BUSY!  Take a few minutes to renew and why not treat your skin at the same time, right?  In the picture below, I am treating my chest, snacking and listening to Friends on tv.


Let's talk about my results.  Is this anti-aging tool worth it?

Area 1:  The Face.  What I've seen is increased structure and definition that looks less droopy.  That is everything!!!!  I also see a reduction in the number of wrinkles on my hooded eyelids.  One eye had three wrinkles and the other had two.  Each has reduced by one.   I didn't feel it quite right to bring you before and after pictures because I've had Botox along the way, which might cause you to doubt what you see.  In full disclosure, my Botox treats an errant nerve pattern in my head caused by neck trauma and isn't the usual pattern that people receive Botox for wrinkles.  However, just mentioning it would cast doubt on my pictures validity with some readers.  Additionally, I had a gluten contamination that caused awful facial sores around the time I was taking before pictures and I elected to keep my face out of the photos for posting purposes.  Nobody wants to see that with no concealer!!

Area 2:  The Neck.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I have had significant neck trauma, including two major surgeries.  Summed up, it's a mess.  It looks much older than I am physically.  Here is my before picture:


Something that I noted in my neck "before" picture was that my thyroid was swollen.  I'm so thankful to have done these pictures so that I could follow up with my physician.  I found out I'd been under medicated and am in the process of adjusting my dosage.

Here is my neck picture after two months of use.


The results of my neck that are most obvious are twofold.  (My thyroid is still a little puffy but it's coming along.)  First of all, in the area between the tendons right above my scar, it is tightened and more defined.   The major mid-neck wrinkle isn't as deep!  I have better definition of the jawline which helps to define the neck structure.  Some of that sag is coming back up!!!  Gravity, be damned, because I have RejuvaliteMD!!

Area 3:  The chest.  This is the area that I'm most excited to share with you.  I had been bemoaning my poor decision as a 19 year old to stand in the Carribean ocean for a couple hours because I was hot and didn't know about sunscreen.  I blistered badly on my chest.  It's left scars and discoloration.  It's true when they tell you that one bad sunburn can ruin your skin.  But there is now hope!!

I had deep grooves and a bumpy skin texture akin to an orange.  My skin folded badly at the base of my neck when I put on a bra or put my arms together across my breasts.  It was like you could float a kayak in those grooves!!


Two months later, my skin is baby smooth!!  The uneven color is greatly improved!  Keep in mind, too, that it's uber sunny in Phoenix at this time of year.  I do use sunscreen but because I'm outside at least a couple of hours a day for exercise, I still pick up some color.  Especially when I catch up with chat time with my friend as we float around and solve each other's problems, lol.


The skin on my chest is SO smooth now.  The bumpiness was pretty embarassing to me before I started using RejuvaliteMD.  The deeply etched crinkles when I moved my arms together went from my neck all the way down my chest.   I still have crinkles but I definitely have fewer and they're not as deep.  These results have increased my self confidence in walking around town like you just wouldn't believe!!  I'm excited and happy!  I also have a more even tone.  I can barely see that butterfly shaped dark spot showing up on film anymore.

I think you just can't lose when you pamper yourself by using this light.  It's guaranteed to improve your skin in two months or your money back.  I saw results beginning by two weeks!  My skin in all three areas is tighter, smoother, wrinkles aren't as deep, and the coloring is more even.  Will I continue to use this?  Heck yeah!  I'd be stupid not to!!

Don't you think you'd love to take a few minutes a day for pampering that turns back the hands of time?   Do you know a harried mom or dad who could use a few minutes of quiet pampering time?  It would make an excellent gift.  If you order a Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD or microdermabrasion tool, use the code POLARBELLE and save 15% off your order.  Free shipping in the U.S.  60 Day Guarantee on all items purchased on

This light absolutely has worked for me in all areas I've used it and I'll continue to do so as part of my anti-aging regimen.   I'm thinking about testing it on my hands to see what that would do.   My veins have been really sticking out lately but being super hot in Phoenix, that's to be expected.  While I don't have any dark spots yet, I think I might be able to do some good preventive work with this light.  Could you see yourself relaxing behind this light in your future?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly

Prime Beauty says Winky Lux has fabulous formulas, affordable prices and fantastic packaging, what more could a beauty junkie want? Check out their darling lipstick kits!

In anticipation of summer, Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is sharing the covet-worthy Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers & Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Blush Glow. One look at the swatches, and you will see why we're obsessed with these gems! #HourglassCosmetics #CharlotteTilbury

A lip facial? Pammy Blogs Beauty discovers Sara Happ lip products and transforms her lips!

Never Say Die Beauty reveals what she got in her April and May Sephora Play bags, and how she feels about the $10 monthly subscription!

If you agree that wetness belongs in the pool, not under the arms, you should see what Polarbelle's hubby has to say about It.

Are you a believer that makeup should be fun? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone shares the newest fun items from NUEST with you that will create a fun look and attitude.

Have you ever considered the Temptu Airbrush System? Do you think it would make your skin look as beautiful as it can? 15 Minute Beauty was intimidated by it at first but has she changed her mind?

If you prefer natural skincare then you'll want to see the products that Makeup Obsessed Mom is using to treat acne, wrinkles and more.

Monday, May 28, 2018


Sometimes a product rolls across the desk at Polarbelle Headquarters and my Associate Product Tester and Business Analyst will get grabby hands to test it.  Such was the case when Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant, (3.5 oz / $4.29),  arrived.

Just when you think your guy can't possibly surprise you, he does.  He has used Old Spice stick deodorant for decades.  But being the good sport I am, I tossed it to him with a wink and a nod and told him "go for it, kid".

Ban has the roller ball delivery that you'd expect from the name and to my surprise, my husband said he prefers this application.  I just thought of us as stick people so his reaction really surprised me!!  It turns out, after all these years, my hubs is a roll-on man!!! And Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant is his product of choice.

 He loves the roller ball for many reasons; the first is the ease of application.  He said the ball rolls easily and smoothly unlike his stick, which tended to have a bit of drag.   The application goes on wet, (which you'd expect from a fluid), and he loves that because you can easily tell if you've covered the armpit.  With a stick, sometimes coverage wasn't complete which would come with a sad realization later in the day.

The deodorant dries quickly, which he's also a big fan of.  He enjoys the nice mild pleasant fragrance and remarked that even with as light as it is, it dissipates quickly so as not to be bothersome.  Best of all, one application of the deodorant lasts all day.  A quick wiff of a manly armpit reveals a light pleasant scent and confirms his testimony.

Has he made me a believer?  Yes, he sure has!!   He's quite enthusiastic about this antiperspirant/deodorant!!

The ingredients:

You can find Ban Roll-On at any drugstore or mass merchant as well as on Amazon.   Learn more on the Ban website.  Am I going to try it based on his review?  You bet I am.   Have you tried Ban Roll-On?  What was your experience?

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Hello friends!!   I recently returned from a whirlwind trip to New York to attend The Makeup Show.  There were three days worth of activities, shopping, teaching and meetings, and every moment was just spectacular.  It was incredible to me to be surrounded by artists all weekend and people who understand the love and passion I have for color and makeup.  I spoke to seasoned famous artists as well as to beginners.  Each were absolutely excited to be there and experience all the show had to offer.  It was just everything to me to be in such an artistically supportive all-encompassing environment.  I'll be floating on my artist's high for quite awhile.

When I returned home, I had pressing contracts and events I had to attend to before I could sit down and tell you all about the show.  I'll be covering everything here and on youtube as well in an ongoing fashion.  To open, I'd like to share the official press release from The Makeup Show, NYC as well as some pictures I took throughout the weekend.


Community, networking, education, and inspiration remain the best four words to describe the largest pro makeup event in the United States. 

NEW YORK, NY (MAY 2018) – The Makeup Show NYC, took place on MAY 6 th and 7 th at Metropolitan Pavilion. This year, the show brought a great platform for attendees to network, learn, get inspired, receive amazing deals on some of the top brands in the world, and so much more!

Shelly Taggar, Owner of The Makeup Show states, “The Makeup Show is so much more than just a trade show. It is a place for artists to network, shop, take classes, set new beauty trends in the industry, and for top brands to launch new products to the pro community. With our increase in education this year there was an even stronger sense of community and inspiration for artists. Our goal for the show is to continuously change people’s lives by creating new opportunities and inspiring artists to advance in their careers. I’m very proud of what this show has become and look forward to continuing to achieve these goal in Orlando, Chicago, and Los Angeles.”

 Below you will find a snapshot of what the weekend offered.

The Makeup Show NYC Highlights 

The Makeup Show NYC kicked off on Saturday, May 5th with The Beauty Brunch and Marc Jacobs “Meet the Artist” pre-event. These exclusive events gave attendees the opportunity to meet and network with artists, industry insiders, and top brands, in a more intimate setting. Not only did guests get to socialize and enjoy a cocktail with their idols, they received a gift bag filled with the pro community’s favorite products. The events were well attended by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Sarah Tanno, Kristofer Buckle, Hung Vanngo, Charlotte Willer, Kabuki, Miss Fame, Jordan Liberty, Roshar, and so many more.

(Here I am creeping on Jordan Liberty after the Marc Jacobs Event)

(Jordan was very kind to let me disrupt his lunch to fawn all over him. :)

This year the show featured more than 90 top beauty brands including: Diamond Sponsor MAKE UP FOR EVER, Platinum Sponsors Crown Brush, Silver Sponsors, Frends Beauty, KISS, and TEMPTU, Supporting Sponsors, Smashbox, MustaeV, GLAMCOR, INGLOT, and Alcone Company and Contributing Sponsors NYX Professional Makeup and Pinnacle Cosmetics. Brands from Danessa Myricks Beauty, Breakups to Makeup, Rebels and Outlaws, and black|Up all used the show as a platform to launch and showcase new products to the pro community.

(The new incredibly creamy long wearing artist's pencils from Make Up Forever)
(Inglot was MOBBED due to the new JLo Collaboration)
(Veil Cosmetics released their new primer at TMS NYC)

The Makeup Show continues to set trends in the beauty industry! This years show was no exception with rose gold product launches, new brand collaborations, and glitter everywhere !

The legendary Pat McGrath hosted a Casting Call for new talent exclusively at The Makeup Show NYC! Artists lined up with portfolios in hand for a chance to be considered and to have the opportunity to interview with the Mother herself!

“Shades of Beauty” Art Gallery made its debut at The Makeup Show NYC! This gallery featured Danessa Myricks and Moshoodat Sanni, two individuals who have inspired us to embrace the artistry of makeup. With their insight of the elements of makeup and fine art, each of these women gave inspiration with every color chosen, every line drawn, every shape and texture.

(Shades of Beauty was the most incredible display of makeup art that I've seen.  I could have spent hours studying the techniques, colors and textures.  This collection proves that "skin is IN".  Sadly, pictures just couldn't capture what I saw with the naked eye but the pics will just give you a little idea of what was there.  The spotlight made for visual perfection in person but rough for photo capture.  You can see more images on my Instagram.)

Shades Of Beauty
(Art by Danessa Myricks.  Look closely at the use of violet on the shoulders and neck.  Stunning use of tone and highlights.)

Shades Of Beauty
(Queen by Danessa Myricks)

Shades Of Beauty
(Artwork by Moshoodat Sanni.  Stunning!!)

Shades Of Beauty

Shades of Beauty
("Bare Your Soul 2" by Moshoodat Sanni)

The Makeup Show NYC also featured a stellar lineup of today’s greatest celebrity artists in a series of keynotes, workshops, and seminars. A few in attendance included Bobbi Brown (bonus: she signed copies of her book to a long line of attendees!), Miss Fame, Elizabeth Scherle, Kevin James Bennett, Jordan Liberty, and more. These speakers shared their secrets to success, techniques, tips and more.

(Bobbi Brown inscribing a book to li'l ol ME!)

The Makeup Show’s Director of Education & Artist Relations, James Vincent took attendees on a beauty tour to some of his favorite makeup destinations. They grabbed a glass of bubbly and hopped on the bus through a ride around Manhattan, making stops along the way at all of James’ favorite makeup haunts.

Metropolitan Pavillion

About The Makeup Show NYC

The Makeup Show is owned and produced by Metropolitan Event & Production and travels from LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, and Orlando. Bringing each destination over 60 beauty brands, and unique convergence of artists and community, where beauty professionals are sure to find an artistic energy that will inspire any beauty buff, from the passionate beginner to the seasoned professional. Each show offers an unparalleled lineup of education and appearances from top beauty professionals and focuses on career building and networking within the makeup community. The show provides a unique experience for the makeup professional to network directly from the best in the business. You can also stay up to date on the hottest show news on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

To stay update to date on The Makeup Show news, participating brands, educational speakers, schedule of events and prices, please visit

I hope you'll come back to read my continuing serious on The Makeup Show NYC. I'll send my youtube vidoes here as well so that you don't miss out on one spectacular moment I experienced during the show. My thanks to Shelly Tagger and Melody Joy PR for this incredible show and opportunity. I have SO much more to come. What are you most excited to hear about from my time in New York?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


New Summer Series!!  Battle of the Body Glows.  Round 1 is Fenty Body Lava in Who Needs Clothes vs. Smashbox X VladaMUA Petal Metal spray.  See which might be right for you thru this video demonstration.

What's your favorite body glow for summer time?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Reads For Mother's Day

Shu Uemura Art of Hair makes incredibly luxe and effective products that are a joy to use! Here are a few of Lola's Secret Beauty Blog's current favorite cleansing, treatment and styling products from them that you will want to know about!

Did you know that May is Melanoma Awareness Month? Cindy from Prime Beauty helps you get your tan on yet keeps it safe with Bondi Sands Self Tanners.

Never Say Die Beauty is a real fan of the unique texture and pigmentation of Butter LONDON's Glazen line. Check out the swatches from the Majestic Metals Glazen Eye Gloss set and the Glazen Blush Gelée.

Did you ever find something that you are just crazy about? That's how Marcia of feels about her RescueHer Essential Kit. You'll want one too once you see it.

Find out how Pammy Blogs Beauty layers her SPF products for Summer!

The new Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter is not only versatile it's absolutely flipping GORGEOUS! Find out why Christa from Realizing Beauty can't get enough of it.

Justina's Gems has tried both the matte and the hydrating versions of Tarte's Shape Tape foundation. See which one is her favorite!

15 Minute Beauty has noticed that her skin has gotten drier over the years. She's just tried the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and she's amazed at what a difference it has made in her makeup!

Polarbelle has began a new series leading into summer entitled Battle Of The Body Glows. The first edition is a Glow Off between Fenty Beauty Body Lava Who Needs Clothes and Smashbox X VladaMua Petal Metal spray luminizer. See which you prefer for glowing summer skin.

Beauty Judy took the new Urban Decay Beached Collection for a test drive. Check out her looks and thoughts on the palette and lipsticks!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Review - End of April '18

Are puffy eyes a problem for you? Beauty Info Zone may just have found the answer to that problems with John Masters Organics Firming Eye Gel. See for yourself if this meets your eye's needs.

Just in time for the spring and summer no-makeup makeup looks, Too Faced It Just Comes Naturally Collection. See which pieces are worth your hard earned cash from Prime Beauty!

The longest lasting manicure ever. Head over to see how she got a 2 week manicure!

Have a love of all things sweet? Why limit it to just your tastebuds? Jen from The Jedi Wife loves the Milk+Sass Macaron for Hair as a means of smoothing hair and ease of portability. The cuteness factor certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Pammy Blogs Beauty explores Pevonia Skincare. She loves this luxury skincare and body care and has even found a new favorite tinted SPF cream!

We see tools and devices throughout the beauty realm but have you seen on guaranteed to work or your money back? Polarbelle is just two weeks into a trial period with the Trophy Skin RevuvaliteMD and she's already seeing results!

Shipra of Taneja's Bride shares how to enter La La Land with Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Dream St Collection.

Did you know that May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness month? See what Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom is doing to help find a cure.

Lacquered shine, a long wearing stain, and plumping hydration all in one lip product? That is exactly what Dior is offering with their new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump. Christa from Realizing Beauty shares her review and swatches of the innovative new lip product.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Sponsored through MavenX network.  All opinions expressed and my experience are my own honest evaluation.

Scientific advances in all areas of life move at an ever increasing speed to bring us better, faster and more efficient methods of living.  The same is true in regard to advances in skincare and anti-aging treatments.  Creams, serums and devices are better than ever before and many actually work to bring us younger looking skin.  Today I want to introduce you to an innovative anti-aging LED light by Trophy Skin called RejuvaliteMD.   I'm two weeks into my use and already have some opinions and I'm pretty hopeful for what I'll see in the next month, which I will blog at that time.   If you have been looking to purchase this light or a microdermabrasion kit for yourself or someone special for Mother's Day, you can save 15% with the code POLARBELLE.  US addresses also receive free shipping and the code is good thru June 30, 2018.


It wasn't very long ago that the only way to turn back the hands of time  was a surgical cut and paste.  I love the new easy technologies that provide a less invasive way to have younger, better looking skin.  The claims of the light are substantial.  "RejuvaliteMD utilizes groundbreaking LED technology to safely and effectively stimulate skin healing and collagen production-reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots while improving radiance, elasticity, and firmness. Safe visible and infrared light wavelengths penetrate the skin, stimulating the production of natural enzymes that increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone and texture." How? "Unlike some devices that use only red light, RejuvaliteMD utilizes four UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared light to effectively treat multiple signs of aging."

Some pretty big claims, aren't they?  It claims to be able to help sun damage, wrinkles, lines,  hyperpigmentation and to do so painlessly!  I can tell you it is completely painless to use this light and it only takes 5 minutes per body part that you wish to treat.


The light comes to you well packaged for safety.  You connect the neck to the base, plug in the included adapter and you're ready to go. The small copper button on the base turns the light on and off.  There is a pair of eye safety goggles that need to be worn while the light is on.  The neck is flexible so that you can move the light to any angle that you need it to be.


For this testing period, I chose to test the light on my face for obvious reasons.  I chose my neck, which is aging much more quickly than I am due to two extensive neck surgeries.  After my second neck surgery five years ago, I spent a year in a neck brace.  I was horrified by the atrophy of the neck after that year which also caused wrinkles and scar tissue buildup.  I felt it put 10-15 years on me and I'd like to tighten that up, if I can.   My third area of testing is my chest which I'm estimating to be about 25 years older than I am thanks to a severe 3rd degree Mexican sunburn.  I have scars, discoloration and wrinkling on it.  PEOPLE!!!   Wear sunscreen!!!  Don't be dumb like a young 20 year old in a time where sunscreen wasn't the every day item it is now.  If you never had sunscreen in your youth and you can literally point out those areas, this light just might be for you.

You can use the light twice a day if you like.  I've only been able to get in one session per day due to a crazy schedule lately.  I want to make time for the morning session too, but let's face it, if you see my posting times, you'll know morning isn't my favorite thing.  You can use your session for complete relaxation as you close your eyes behind the goggles, or you can use it to listen to a book, a youtube video, or make that shopping list for the umpteenth time.

I use the light relaxing on my bed.  I prop my head up, grab the light and rest it on my stomach.  I bend the light to whichever part I'm treating and go for it.  Keep the light 4" from your skin as you do so.  I don't know if you can tell in the picture but I'm totally eating cookies as I use my light while working on my decollete!  (Wearing a tank top, btw)


Here I am treating my face.  haha!  You can't see me!!


There is a 60 day guarantee to work or your money back!!  What?!  No really, this product is guaranteed to work so your purchase is risk free!!  It's recommended to use it for about 2 months to see results.

You may wonder if it's possible to see any change in my first two weeks of trial.  My answer is yes.  I've seen a difference in all three areas.  I am saving most of my before and after pictures for the end of my first 2 months where I think you'll see the most change.  But here is what I've seen.   I've noticed a tightened look in my neck already.  It's small, but I notice it.

My chest is where I've noticed the most change and thank God for that!!!  My skin is smoother and more uniform in color.  I have white scarring all over it from that burn, deep vertical lines from...well, other things on my chest, lol, and a butterfly looking dark patch that is evident on HD film.  I can't see it with just my eyes yet but it is where the awful blisters were from that horrible burn.


After just two weeks, what I notice is, in particular, a smoother texture.  My skin feels completely smooth.  It had felt like it had some terrain before.  It's hard to describe as it wasn't bumps but it wasn't smooth, either.  The color is more even and the crevasses aren't as deep.  I'm really encouraged.


These pictures were taken in the same room under the same lighting so I'm not sure why the skin color has come out so differently.  I don't really know if you can tell a difference but in real life, I sure can.  It's a beginning and I'll take it!!

Check back in with me in another month to see where I am then.  In the meantime, you can order any device from Trophy Skin and save 15% using the code POLARBELLE, (good thru 6/30/18).    Here's to hoping I can turn my chest into baby's bottom softness!!

What areas of your body would you like to see younger, more improved skin?  Do you have special things you will be gifting for Mother's Day or any special beauty items on your Mother's Day wishlist?