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I grew up in a land that is often varying shades of grey, brown and white. For a few shorts months, there's a bit of green thrown in. My whole life has been a study of fascinating color; all color in all it's varying art forms. I have sculpted, drawn and painted for the majority of my life, infusing this drab location with the widest variety of hues and texture. I have been known to paint anything that didn't move quick enough: Pets Beware!

Recently relocated to the desert southwest, I am amazed by the brilliance of the sunsets and the vast differences of color throughout the natural habitat. It's a true feast for the eyes!! I am an Alaskan transplant to America. Go me!

This love of color eventually turned to painting faces and nails with the appreciation of color in fashion. At some point,a shy tomboy turned into someone who loves all things girly which is detailed in my blog, my most current expression of the nuances of color.

I thrive in comparing the small differences and similarities in colors and textures of different cosmetic and fashion items. For some reason, my husband and teenage son don't have quite the same passion for color cosmetics and polishes that I have, therefore, I bring my exhuberance to you, the reader. Together we can explore the beauty of color, the similarities and differences in hue and texture, and meet some fun people along the way. Kudos go to my husband, who pushed me for two years to start a beauty blog.

Feel free to contact me at my email address: my04heart at yahoo dot com, spelled out in such a way as to try to avoid having to send anymore money to get those poor folks out of the Nigerian jails. I think it's a scam. :) Did I mention I blog with a sense of humor that is a little...wry? If you have any questions, please contact me.  I'd love to chat.