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Saturday, May 6, 2017

GRWM With Artis, Royal Langnickel Moda Prismatic, Dupes & My Opinion

I'd like to invite you to watch my first Get Ready With Me video on youtube.  It's a teaching tool to show you the proper use of the new paddle type brushes, Artis and some of the dupes, and how to clean them.  My initial review of my Artis Brushes is at this link.  Pictured in the thumbnail is the Artis Brush Cleaning Pad, (pad and cleaning foam set, $30), an antimicrobial treated microfiber cloth on a padded surface.

The brush pad is easy to use.   When you wish to change colors while using your brush dry, you just rub it across the pad until it's clean and then change colors.  When the brush is dirtier or wet, spray it with the foam or a brush cleaner and brush it across the pad until clean.

This has solved a problem I had with one of my brushes.   I used a liquid brush cleaner on one of my Mac brushes, (designed by Matthew Waittesmith, Artis designer).  I used too much and got it deep into the bristles and it gunked up my brush.  These brushes are designed to be used with maximum surface area so that you don't have to get product down into the bristles.  They work the most efficiently when product remains at the top surface.  When I received the Artis pad, I finally had a way to effectively clean up that brush.  Don't do what I did.  Try the brush pad and foam for a more proper cleansing to your Artis and paddle style brushes.  These are often featured, as are the brushes, on HSN.

I hope you enjoy the video.  I wanted to laugh hysterically when I messed up the bronzer, lol.  These brushes can fix just about any human error, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


If you've read my blog awhile, or viewed my social media channels, you might remember me referring to Artis Brushes.  Artis set the makeup brush industry upside down with the uniquely formed and hand cut makeup brushes, which many other brand tries to copy.  Created by former MAC Cosmetics senior executive Matthew Waitesmith, these patented designer brushes are ergonomic, unique, funtional, performance driven and cruelty free.  People ask me often if other knock off brands are the same.  It's pretty simple...umm, no...not that I've tried every knock off but the ones that I have just haven't measured up to the quality of Artis.

Today, April 6th, on HSN, (Home Shopping Network), and HSN.COM, you will find Artis featured four times throughout the day on tv, (and all day online).  I think you'll enjoy the offerings.  I've got a youtube video that I'm currently working on that will talk a lot more about the performance and maintenance of the Artis and the Brushcraft by Artis products.  Look for that in the next couple of weeks.  Here's something that will be on HSN:

This is the Artis Double Palm brush set, mirrored finish.  Today it's on sale for $90, (reg. $110),  with free shipping.  If I had this brush, I'd use one in one hand bronzing up my bod and the other in the other hand highlighting the angles and curves of same bod.  It's definitely time to add some shimmer, contouring and highlight to arms and legs here in Phoenix.  And I could do it so much quicker with both palms gliding at the same time.  You can also purchase this superb brush as a single, on sale for $50, which is $15 off it's usual price.

There are introductory brush sets, cleaning items and even a spectacular set containing all the Artis line.  Check it out today on HSN, watch the shows and see how to use the brushes while gathering more knowledge about how they're made and what sets them apart.

If you miss the show, check out my previous Artis post or stop by the Artis Brush website to learn more.  They are the most exciting brushes you'll ever own.

What about you?  Have you dipped your palm into the Artis Brush pond yet?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Brush Lover's Investigation of The Artis Elite Smoke Collection Oval 8 and Oval 3 Makeup Brushes

If you've been anywhere on social media channels lately, you may have seen the oval Artis brushes showing up and wondered if the hype was real.  The oval brush heads with these dense fibers may even look quirky to you and as the oddest makeup applicator you've seen yet.  Today I hope to answer some questions you may have and give you my honest opinion, as a brush lover, of the quality and performance of the Artis Oval 8 and Oval 3 brushes.

The brushes are housed in substantial boxes so that they won't get smooshed in shipping.  I really appreciate that.  I'd suggest when you travel, to take your larger Artis brushes in the box.  I recently went on a trip that included 6.5 hours of flight and while I had packed my carryon full of makeup and brushes with exquisite care, they had a new jet where the bags are placed sideways in the overhead.  To say I was flipping out over how my Oval 8 would be since I packed it for horizontal storage, is an understatement.  When I pulled it out of the bag, it was a little wonky on one side, but a quick brush of my hand across it and it was perfect again!  On the back of the boxes, there are suggestions for use.

The boxes are pretty nice, but let's take a look at the brushes in them.  The Artis cosmetic brushes are made with animal-free Cosmefibre technology.  The brushes are uniformly constructed with 3-10 times as many fibers as a conventional animal hair brush.  They are made with a technology that retains it's shape, as I found out during travel.  The brushes are so densly packed with microfibers that they trap less product on the brush which also allow them to move over a face in movements so smooth that creases and lines can't be seen.

Artis brushes have ergonomic handles are are really comfortable to hold and work with.  Due to the density of the hand-formed Cosmefibres, they absorb less products than a traditional brush.  I really really like that.  I'm the worst miser ever when it comes to getting every drop out of a product.  And because they don't retain product, water, alcohol, cream or cleanser, they're easier to clean.

The Oval 8 is a big daddy!!!  It works so well for body cream, body contour and highlight, facial treatments, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlight and powder.  The box tells me it can be used for eyeshadow, and I suppose you could because sometimes I use the very tip of it for things.  For contour and bronzer, I use just one of the length edges.  Here are some pictures to show you the size of this brush relative to other things you might have around.  It's huge!!

I had a little bit of a learning curve using it with foundation.  My usual method was dabbing the foundation around the face and then using brush strokes to blend.  With the Artis Oval 8, it is best to put the foundation on the brush and then smoothly take long stroke across half the face at a time.  There's no need to pounce or make small strokes.  Drawing it smoothly all the way is the best application I've had with it.  And that makes it so fast, too!!  The Oval 8 is the length of my pinky finger.  My hands are just slightly longer than most women because I'm tall.

The Oval 3 is much smaller.  I use it for eye cream, concealer, eyeshadow, and sometimes brows when I'm in a hurry.  My nails are too long for me to safely get eye cream in the inner corner of the eye so the Oval 3 is just perfect for me.  In the next set of pictures, it shows eye primer dotted about the eye in three of them as I smooth it and the last lower right corner shows me applying shadow in my crease.  It's a perfect fit.  I can reach absolutely every angle of my eye.

Here is the relative size of the Oval 3.

 Both together:

If this is your first look at Artis Brushes, but they look vaguely familiar, you might be aware that Mac Cosmetics had put out three look-a-like oval brush sizes in 6, 3 and 1.   Artis and Mac oval brushes were designed by former Mac Cosmetics Senior Executive Matthew Waitesmith.  I had purchased all three sizes and have been using the 6 as face cream, primer and foundation before I received the Oval 8.

I have some size comparison pictures for you if you've seen or own the Mac and are wondering if you need Artis brushes, (you do, they're fantastic).  Below is Artis Oval 8, Mac Oval 6 and Artis Oval 3.  You can see just how awesome this brush will be for body care.

Mac Oval 6 brush

Here are all the Artis and Mac brushes that I own, the Artis Oval 8, Mac Oval 6, Artis Oval 3, Mac Oval 3 and Mac Oval 1.  The oval 1 is useful for brows, eye and lip liners and cutting the crease.

Mac Oval 3, Oval 6, Oval 1 brush

The Artis Elite Smoke Collection is so similar to the Mac, they are like twins.  Both have a dark smoky purple color and a charcoal grey grip with the brand name.

Overall the feeling, look, performance, grip and function of the Artis and Mac brushes are the same, with the exception being that Artis has varied colors and a vastly larger range of sizes and shapes.  I have more of the Artis brushes on my ever expanding wishlist!!

Oh!!!  I almost forgot, here is a really simple everyday look where I only used the Artis Oval 8 and the Artis Oval 3 brushes, mascara and a little gloss.  It's with no editing.   (It looks like a senior picture to me, only 100 years later, but I'm looking off into my future of makeup brushes, lol)

And then the monkey in me came out to play with my funnest brush.  You can do so many things with these brushes!!!

My bottom line is that the Artis Elite brushes are really fantastic.  I've never experienced anything like the Oval 8.  I mean, the Mac Oval 6 is similar, but people, you just can't imagine how great the Oval 8 feels and how quickly it applies everything!!!  I've always really enjoyed brush stroking foundation so at first, I couldn't decide if the Oval 8 would take over that task or not.  But let me tell you, this brush is SO smooth, the look of primer and foundation just can't be beat and you use less product because the brush doesn't absorb it!!

The Oval 8 is definitely an investment at a price of $65, but the workmanship you get in that brush is worth it.  I believe an artist is only as good as their tools, so I believe in buying good brushes to get the best use out of my makeup.  And if you have really good brushes at a smaller price, that's good, it really is.  I'm just saying this brush is unique, it makes so many things quicker and easier and hold this in your hand and you really feel like you're awesome.  It has that "I've got a great tool" satisfaction feel.  I am a brush fanatic, what can I say?  It's a different experience and it does take using a technique that you probably don't use now but it is quick to master.

I have an Artis Oval 3 in my makeup room and a Mac Oval 3 by my bed.  One for day cream, easy to reach for my night goo.  The Oval 3 is a $40 brush and worth every penny.  There are different size and shape combinations that will save you money if you want more than one brush.  There are also different colors.  If you know anyone who loves makeup or skincare and the art of applying it, you will slay with Artis brushes for gift giving!!

Read about Artis Makeup Brushes and watch some of their videos to learn more.   You can purchase them online on at or check out the list of retailers here for a source close to you.  Follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

What do you think of these funny brushes?  What are some of your most unusual yet cosmetically functional brushes?  Do you have any other questions for me about the Artis Oval 8 and Oval 3 makeup brushes?

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