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Monday, May 28, 2018


Sometimes a product rolls across the desk at Polarbelle Headquarters and my Associate Product Tester and Business Analyst will get grabby hands to test it.  Such was the case when Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant, (3.5 oz / $4.29),  arrived.

Just when you think your guy can't possibly surprise you, he does.  He has used Old Spice stick deodorant for decades.  But being the good sport I am, I tossed it to him with a wink and a nod and told him "go for it, kid".

Ban has the roller ball delivery that you'd expect from the name and to my surprise, my husband said he prefers this application.  I just thought of us as stick people so his reaction really surprised me!!  It turns out, after all these years, my hubs is a roll-on man!!! And Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant is his product of choice.

 He loves the roller ball for many reasons; the first is the ease of application.  He said the ball rolls easily and smoothly unlike his stick, which tended to have a bit of drag.   The application goes on wet, (which you'd expect from a fluid), and he loves that because you can easily tell if you've covered the armpit.  With a stick, sometimes coverage wasn't complete which would come with a sad realization later in the day.

The deodorant dries quickly, which he's also a big fan of.  He enjoys the nice mild pleasant fragrance and remarked that even with as light as it is, it dissipates quickly so as not to be bothersome.  Best of all, one application of the deodorant lasts all day.  A quick wiff of a manly armpit reveals a light pleasant scent and confirms his testimony.

Has he made me a believer?  Yes, he sure has!!   He's quite enthusiastic about this antiperspirant/deodorant!!

The ingredients:

You can find Ban Roll-On at any drugstore or mass merchant as well as on Amazon.   Learn more on the Ban website.  Am I going to try it based on his review?  You bet I am.   Have you tried Ban Roll-On?  What was your experience?

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