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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Burberry Smokey Grey Complete Eye Palette Swatches and Review

Burberry Smokey Grey Complete Eye Palette is my favorite of the Burberry quads that I've used so far. I find that it is very easy to use and it can go from the office to an evening out with the ease of a brush. The colors are universal and will work for everyone. The micronized pigments are the smoothest of the quads that I've reviewed to this point. (Dark Spice and Pale Nude have been reviewed so far.)  I believe this one truly is for everyone.

Burberry Smokey Grey, Complete Eyeshadow, Palette, swatches, review


Burberry Smokey Grey Complete Eye Palette swatches, eyeshadow,

The Burberry Smokey Grey Complete Eye Palette contains a cool toned shimmering white, a shimmering gunmetal grey, a matte mid-toned grey, and a soft black with a satin finish.  The shadows are long-wearing and last all day without creasing.  The black shade makes an awesome liner when applied with the accompanying angled brush that comes with each palette. I've stated in my other reviews that this mini angled brush is the best shadow lining brush I've ever used.

Burberry_Complete_Eye_Palette, makeup brushes

The palette and brushes come in a nice velveteen pouch with the traditional Burberry plaid embossed on the outside, which also matches the outside of the metal palette.


The palette is strong and sturdy and feels good to hold in your hand. It has a good weight to it while looking upscale and protecting your precious shadows.


You can literally wear this eye palette with anything. It has warm and cool tones in it which will work with whatever blush and lip scheme you choose for the day or evening. I can't recommend this one enough. When I was debating whether to get this one or the similar Maestro quad by Georgio Armani, I chose this one, even though I was able to swatch the Armani in person. I just felt the colors of this quad were more universal and able to be used in such a variety of ways and depths that this is an excellent value for the money. And, again, I think that the colors in the Smokey Grey Complete Eye Palette will work for every skintone.

You can find this palette, with four shadows, a fully mirrored top and three mini brushes, for $59 wherever Burberry Beauty is sold. I purchased mine at Nordstrom.  I really don't know if any other major department stores sell them.  This one is definitely an eye quad to have!
Have you tried any of the Burberry Complete Eye Palettes?  What do you think?  What's your favorite smokey palette?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Burberry Pale Nude Complete Eye Palette No. 3 Pics, Swatches & Review

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Number 3, Pale Nude, came to my house out of sheer couriousity. I pre-judged it as a palette of four highlighting shades, due to the light tones of which it is composed.


There is a delicious white highlighter shade, (on the lower left). It's the kind of white highlighter that I've been looking for actually for awhile. The yellow is a nice light yellow gold creamy satin color. Next is the nude rose shimmer, and finally a latte tan color. All of the shades have a mild shimmer to them with the most noticeable being the creamy gold.


I had to run an errand and thought I should go against my prejudice and try using this palette for a complete eye look. I was so surprised to find it to be a decent all-around palette for a light classic eye look. This palette easily lends itself to a light classic natural type of eye. The only thing missing is a liner and I'm sure we all have some of those laying around.

This palette was SO easy to do a quick 5 minute eye with. This is a perfect light palette for the office, running errands or picking up the kids from school. It's quick!! It's fool-proof. You just layer and blend until you have the depth and the color that you want. Honestly, it just couldn't be simpler.

I hope to have new photos in the near future but here are a couple from inside the house at nighttime.


Burberry Pale Nude Complete EYe Palette Swatches

The Burberry Complete Eye Palettes come in a sturdy metal palette with a nice magnetic clasp. They each have three brushes, which I've shown and described in my review for the Burberry Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette.  I won't add the additional pictures here but if you'd like to see the presentation of the palettes, it's worthwhile to check out the other pictures.
I thought I wouldn't be impressed by this palette since I tend to wear more color, but I was completely wrong.  If you like classic neutral eye looks, this one is for you.  I purchased mine at Nordstrom where they are $59.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Burberry Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette Swatches, Pics and Review

Always on the quest for eye palettes that travel well, I decided I should try a Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette. Deciding to purchase one was easy; deciding which one was more difficult. I anguished over internet pictures, blog swatches, and department store stock images to determine which quad to try. My local Nordstrom doesn't have a Burberry counter as very few do. It's fortunate that the Nordstrom website has some really great images of these quads making it a little easier to narrow down the choice of my first Burberry palette. I chose Dark Spice for it's color composition in that it was differed more from things I already have than the other choices.

Burberry Beauty, Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette, eyeshadow

Each Burberry Complete Eye Palette has an all-over luminating base color, a liner shade and two coordinating mid-depth shades for mixing and creating structure and contour. The eyeshadows are blended with silicons making this the smoothest eye shadow I have ever used. I found this quad to be silkier in application than regular Burberry eye shadows. The phrase "like buttah" comes to mind.

Each Burberry Complete Eye Palette comes in a velveteen pouch with the trademark Burberry plaid embossed on them. The pouch holds three mini eye brushes.


I did my makeup with these brushes and was quite surprised. I usually toss accompanying mini-sized brushes but I thought I should try them out of sheer curiousity. The angle liner is, hands down, the BEST angle liner I've ever used. I LOVE IT!!! I'm really particular about brushes so trust me and use this brush if you get a palette.


The palette is strong and sturdy and feels good in your hand. I know this won't break or explode when I travel. It also is the perfect size and shape to stack in a makeupaholic's storage drawer. It has the classic Burberry pattern as well.


The shades in this particular palette are smashing!! The creamy gold at the top corner in the first picture glows with golden shine. I thought it might be an odd yellow, but it is really illuminating. After I applied my shadows, I applied a pop of it over my iris to bring light to my eye.

Burberry Beauty, Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette, eyeshadow, swatches, Burberry


The liner is a beautiful rich grey black that is one of the best liners I've ever used. I applied it on the waterline and lash line and it wore like iron. It virtually bonded to my skin and didn't waver throughout the day. It was astounding. All the shades had close to zero fallout.


On of my favorite eye shadows is Burberry's Midnight Brown. I thought it might be close to one of the shades in the Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette. The following picture shows Midnight Brown on the top. You can see that by comparison, Midnight Brown has a silvery taupe shimmer to it. My swatches were done with sponge brushes, which tend to soak up color, so they look a little sparse.


Much like any good addict, I started with one Burberry Complete Eye Palette and when I experienced the superb quality, I acquired more for Christmas. Reviews and pictures to come. In the meantime, you can purchase any of the palettes online at Nordstrom for just $59.  That's less than four Mac eyeshadows PLUS you get the best liner brush known to person kind.


Which Complete Eye Palette would you like to see next?  I don't have them all, but I'm willing to take requests!

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