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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comparing Chanel Malice Blush To Nars Liberte' Blush

Two popular coral blushes have been released for summer 2012, and I think it's time we did a side by side comparison, in case you're on the fence wanting a new coral but not sure which one to get. I've raved about both. I like both. I have no problem owning both. My husband, on the other, whatever. I need both in my life...oh, and my husband too.
But let's take a look at Chanel Malice blush and Nars Liberte' blush.
I have swatches and pictures wearing Chanel Malice in THIS blog post.  You can find swatches of Nars Liberte' HERE.  A photo of me wearing Nars Liberte' exists at THIS location.  I provide these links so you can compare the swatches and in use photos.
Additionally, I think we need to compare them side to side.  Before I did this, I thought they were closer than they actually are.  You can see in the photo that Malice is a more of a pinker coral than Liberte', which leans to the orange side of coral.

And swatched on my arm together, Malice still on the left and Liberte' on the right: 

Now the question would be, do you need both?  Heck, ya!!  Well, ok, that would depend on your needs or on your own particular collection.  For me, both corals are nice and I appreciate the differences and can utilize both colors.

So tell me what you think?  Do you prefer one over the other?  Do both fit in your blush wardrobe?  I'm interested to hear your opinions.  Do you own both or have you already checked both out and decided on one?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chanel Malice Blush Swatches and Review

It's that time of year again...time for new Chanel blushes!! I have purchased one so far, Chanel Malice, and have it for your viewing today. I chose this one, in part, because the display at my store wasn't reachable, so there was no playing with them and swatching at the counter. I felt Malice would be the one that was the most different from my other blushes. I have a bazillion pink blushes....because I love I imagine I'll be back to the counter soon to investigate the others; in the meantime, let's look at Chanel Malice.
Chanel Malice Blush

Malice is a beautiful coral color with golden microshimmer that adds shine, not glitter, to your cheeks. It applies smoothly, as do all Chanel blushes, with virtually no fallout. You can see, swatched on my arm, that the gold doesn't make an obvious statement but provides sheen. I desperately need sheen for my dry skin.
Chase Malice Blush Swatches

This first time I wore this blush, I applied it heavily with the brush it came with, in order for it to show well in pictures. The lighting is a little screwy, but this picture gives you the basic idea. You know in the Wizard of Oz where from behind the curtain, the Wizard says "pay no attention to the man behing the curtain"? Well, use that voice and hear me say "pay no attention to the terrible lack of concealor on the undereye area!"

The next time I wore it, I took some better photos. But I must warn you...I was letting my hair air-dry that day asmy shoulder isn't healed enough from injury and surgery to hold a blow dryer and my husband wasn't home to give me the princess treatment. It's scary hair, which is normally mildly curly and has had a Keratin smoothing treatment. Don't say you haven't been warned!!



In the last two photos, I used my Mac 168 blush brush to apply Malice. A regular blush brush is preferable to me than the one provided by Chanel, but it will do in a pinch. Malice says it's made in France, but it has the pressed US version that is powder free, rather than the powderous European baked versions. I prefer that; it's easier to apply. It will set you back a mere $43 USD and is available at Nordstrom, Chanel online and other major department stores.

(The rest of my face in the second set is Mac Mineralized SPF15 foundation NW20, TIGI Love Affair High Intensity Eyeshadow Quad <3, Dior Cherie Bow Addict Extreme Lipstick with a little Dior Glow Addict Ultra-Gloss).
(I have an affiliate relationship with Nordstrom.  Links are provided for your ease.  All items were purchased with my husband's hard earned cash.)
Have you checked out the new Chanel blushes yet?  What is your favorite check combination for this spring?


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