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Saturday, July 30, 2011

China Glaze Concrete Crackle...Epic Fail or Epic WIN!!

My most recent full manicure was Deborah Lippmann's Between The Sheets.   I did something so dumb on about day five. I opened some boxes to retrieve some treasures from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and in my haste to see the pretties, I used my thumb and forefingers rather than just get a pair of scissors. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That meant it was time to do something...either to change my polish or crackle/shatter it.

So the other day I was in my crackle/shatter drawer and saw the China Glaze Crackles. I've never used them. I've seen many in stores which were seperated and since they're new, that seemed really fast. I kinda figured they probably weren't much good, and forgot I even had them. I threw them on my swatch wheel and was impressed with the colors.

Trying to decide what color to crackle/shatter/blast over my fuchsia Lippmann polish was a quandry, but I just loved how the China Glaze Concrete, (grey), Crackle looked on my nail wheel. So I grabbed it and crackled. Somehow it seems like I always do my nails in the middle of the night because nobody, (*cough*, you know who you are), complains that the house smells like polish. Thus with my little nightlight aglow, I declared it a fail. I didn't even bother with topcoat or cleanup since I figured it wasn't staying but until the next evening.

The next day at lunch, I showed my husband and he declared it an EPIC fail and said I needed to blog it. But he was right. Whether your experiment goes right or wrong, to be true to your blog and your readers, you need to show it. But a funny thing happened on the way to run errands.

I realized my manicure matched my clothes and makeup.

Suddenly, it was growing on me. I put on top coat, did a little cleanup and found myself really liking it. The next day, I was wearing a purple with fuchsia top and while at Nordstrom, I got a lot of compliments on my nails and how they matched what I was wearing yesterday too! One worker said it was the coolest crackle she'd ever seen and wanted to know what it was, (ain't that right, Tracy?).

So I do believe that my fail turned into a win with the help of top coat. It really makes a difference. Makes the colors all bright and shiney. If you have a crackle/shatter/blast experiment that you don't think turned out, just try top coat and then wear it like you OWN IT, Baby!!!


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