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Monday, April 22, 2013

Color Club Miss Bliss Nail Polish Swatches, Review And Beautiful Pictures - Guest Post

Today we have the most gorgeous post by my friend Marcia whom you may know from Beauty Info Zone.  Be prepared to be wowed by some truly amazing pictures.

Some people like nail polish, some people have no opinion about it and then there are the ones like me (Marcia from Beauty Info Zone) who goes absolutely nuts over nail polish. The last few years have been nail polish heaven for me. I am trying hard to resist a lot of polishes but when I learned about the new Color Club 2013 Holographic Halo Hues collection all bets were off. I needed them and I needed them A.S.A.P. Since I can’t seem to find the brand locally I turned to where I found this collection ( for $40. On the Color Club website each polish is $10 so it was worth getting all 6.

The 6 polishes in the collection are Miss Bliss which is reviewed here, Eternal Beauty (violet), Kismet (green with gold tones), Cosmic Fate (light copper), Over the Moon (turquoise/sky blue) and the fabulous Beyond (charcoal grey). After staring at them for hours I chose Miss Bliss and its beautiful bright pink color to be my first manicure.

These are linear holos. The hologram effect is so strong that you can see it from the first brush stroke. Not only is the color beautiful instantly but it applies like a dream. With just one coat you see the full holo effect and are swooning. With two coats my nails were perfect. As I’m writing this review I’ve had my polish on for 7 days and it looks as perfect as day one. Color Club Halo Hues in Miss Bliss is as close to holographic perfection as it can be.

While I described the color as a bright pink, it’s so much more than that. The polish doesn’t depend on the sun like so many other holographic polishes do; it looks beautiful in all lights. I see a lot of purple, pink, rose and silver in it. If you are a nail polish lover then Miss Bliss and its relatives in the Halo Hues Hologram collection for 2013 are polishes you need to seek out. Quality + gorgeous colors + long lasting shine = Bliss!

I'd like to thank Marcia for lending this amazing nail polish for Polarbelle readers to enjoy.  If you don't follow Beauty Info Zone already, what are you waiting for?  Head on over there to check out their many wonderful and extensive beauty reviews.  Thanks for filling in for me, Marcia, while I was away!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cosmoprof North America: What is it? Why did I go? And Sneak Peeks!!

Color Club Holographic

What? Holographic nail polish? How did that get there? Via Color Club.  Maybe it's not a good idea to start a post with a fuzzy iphone photo, but it is a good idea to start with a holo polish!

Before we get into that, let's talk about what Cosmoprof North America is and why I was there.   

It's a large cosmetic trade show featuring beauty brands of all, cosmetics, skin care, nails, salon products.  It's a business to business show where the beauty industry can come together for four days and showcase the best of the new and the best of the established.  Companies from all over the world bring their products to display and demonstrate and buyers from salons and every retailer from Nordstrom to Walmart is there to find things to fill their nitch.

I, along with many other bloggers, were media partners with CosmoprofLV, and we attended to report on the items and companies that we found press worthy.  But let me tell you, this show is HUGE!!!!!  There are four sections, or pavillions, and many of us weren't prepared for the scope of the show.  Beautiful plush white carpeting lead us from section to section.  I felt like Dorothy wearing her ruby slippers and skipping down the plush white road.


 Coming back home, I feel like I missed more than I saw, but I got to know some great bloggers.  Wonderful people, and I wouldn't change that for anything!!  Confessions of A Sarcastic MomRia Loves Pawlish and I were connected at the hip.  Or in the case of Destany and Ria, they were connected at the first smack of a camera to a head.  We got to spend a lot of time with Lindsay from Neverland Nail Blog and Carly of Lacquered Lover.  Blogger buds for life!!  Woot!!  My personal thanks to Krystal from Polish Galore for making this an event for bloggers to remember.  Krystal put in a lot of hard work and dedication which made our work a breeze and our experience top notch.  I couldn't possibly thank her enough.

So I promised a sneak peek of some things I saw.  This is the first:

Yeah, that's right.  A picture from my room.  I had the whole strip at my feet, although I was too busy to visit it.  I want to feature some items today and I'll cover them in depth in later postings, but I just have to whet your whistle as mine was.

Our first night in Las Vegas, we had a dinner meeting with Katie Cazorla, who owns the salon The Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, CA, and is the star of the reality show Nail Files.  You can tell she's not at all a dull date!!

We stopped by the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics booth where we met with YouTube guru Julie G.  She was so sweet and cute and just like the most delicious cupcake.  Talking with her just made you want to talk more.  Here is Krystal from Polish Galore with Julie G.
I have some wonderful items to tell you about that I saw at their booth!!  I realize I'm running long so I'm going to quickly show you some awesome pictures of other things to come.  Let's talk Sation nail polish.  We were overwhelmed by their booth.  Wow!  And oh, the glitters!!!!  Wonderful complex glitters...matte ones too!  Look at their beautiful rainbow rack!!

Sation Nail Polish

Sation Glitter Nail Polish

Sation Nail Polish

I was captivated by the allure of the cosmetic tattoos I saw when I stopped by Eye Rock.

Eye Rock Crystal Tattoos

We saw a guaranteed sell-out at the Orly booth.

Orly Spellbound Nail Polish

NCLA had some of the prettiest nail wraps I've ever seen.

NCLA Nail Stickers

Layla Cosmetics has so many awesome products out!!  We had a business meeting with them one night and not only did I learn a lot about their company, but I learned a whole lot about the nail industry in general.  The ladies were so great!!!!  Here's a preview of what they have. That's right!! New holographic polishes!!!

Layla Cosmetics Holographic Nail Polish

And, finally for today, I have a new company that I'm excited about and will be featuring in days to come. LACC was in the Discover Beauty section that featured brand new items. I love love love the pigment in their polishes.

LACC Nail Polish

Phew, I think this is my longest post to date. But I have so much to tell you and so much to cover...I am just overflowing with information that I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did learning it. What a wonderful experience CosmoprofLV was. It was crazy busy but I loved every minute of it.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the show, or to request coverage of your favorite items seen here or on other blogs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

There's A Little Nail Polish Surprise From Color Club!!!

Often frustrated that no one in my hometown sold Color Club Nail Polish, I was pleasantly surprised about six weeks ago to find a display in my local Fred Meyer. Color Club, what?!?! In Alaska?!? I quickly bought a couple colors, which I haven't reviewed yet, but will soon, PROMISE, and then I went on vacation. To a big metropolis. Which has no Color Club anywhere I could find. What again!?!?! I contacted the company and they told me to check Ross stores.

Ha! That's an easy assignment for me because I have every Ross store in the area mapped. Dude, no joke. So I went around for nearly five weeks checking the Ross stores for Color Club polish. Most had none. The ones that did had eight packs of the same colors that I had just purchased in Alaska.

Have you ever shopped a Ross store for Color Club? Oh my gosh, people can be such pigs! Most sets I saw didn't have all the colors, some had other things in place of bottles...literally, people would put anything in there, another polish, a hair scrunchy, whatever. It was so disheartening that people would steal a polish or two out of a set, which was mostly what I found. I can only imagine the company loses 98% of what they send to Ross stores to theft.

So imgaine my surprise and delight when, on the last night I was there, I found some mini sets! I found them at TJ Maxx and at Ross! Such a surprise. And they were unmolested!! And colors I didn't have!! I found two sets I didn't purchase that were the summer colors that I already had. And then, there were these:

They're not full sized bottles. I thought they were maybe half size but I placed Deborah Lippmann Between The Sheets next to a set to show size, and I'm thinking these are pretty danged big for mini sets. And, it's four polishes for $3.99!!!

Before I show you another neat surprise, I'll show you the two I left behind:

So after I jumped up and down at my finds, I looked behing them and found a lovely six pack of glitter top coats for, hello!, $4.99. I couldn't resist.

I didn't have time to swatch anything before I left for home and I think I left the glitters behind till next time. What was I thinking? But, seriously, I brought home about 30 pounds of polish. What the heck? How do I purchase so much polish when I'm out of town? I only have ten fingers and ten toes but I'm thinking of taking fertilizer so I can grow more. Does anybody else have this vacation discovery problem that I do?


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