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Monday, June 19, 2017

JessXIttse - The Love For Lacquer And Ittse Glambition Collection Collaboration

During Cosmoprof North America in summer of '16, the Polarbelle team had the fortune of a sit down with Gretchen Chevalier, the founder and CEO of Ittse, an up and coming cosmetic brand.  We were captivated by their booth and, in particular, the cartoon style line drawings of the muse Ittse and her dog Bernard.

Glambition Collection, Love For Lacquer, JessXIttse

The style of the products, packaging and booth really spoke to us.  We went by Ittse about six times before we could get in through the crowd to sit down and learn more about the brand.

Gretchen created this delightful cruelty free brand with a modern look.  She has a background in the development of prestige brand products and was able to bring her expertise and knowledge of product development, formulation and USA based manufacturing to her brand Ittse.  Her vision was to bring an approachable option to consumers, even in the packaging, and to appeal to all demographics.

There is attention to absolutely every detail in this brand.  My first picture above is of the customize-able empty palette that you can purchase in a variety of six colors.  Look at the detail on the back of the box.  It's so cool, appealing to my artistic side.

Ittse has a special place in the brand for influencers, which brings me to today's product review.  My friend Jess Scull is the brilliant blogger behind Love For Lacquer.  She has made her brand into an incredible force in the industry and I'm so proud and excited that she would collaborate with Ittse to bring you The Glambition Collection.

Glambition Collection, Love For Lacquer, JessXIttse

From the Ittse website:
This collection represents all of the powerful and strong women who are building empires, chasing dreams (in high heels of course) and who rise, shine and hustle. Through every failure, you will always have a reason to get back up. Dream big, work hard, stay focused & make it happen.”
@loveforlacquer |

The collection features four products; a cheek color, 2 highlighters and one all over color.  The four colors are sold as a set for $35.  If you choose to purchase an Ittse palette in your choice of color, the cost is $50.  Sign up on the website for the first time and receive a 20% off coupon!!  You'll be very impressed with the empty palettes.  They're made of faux leather, super cushy and have a mirrored top.  Now let's take a look.

highlighter, blush, girl boss

These powders are gorgeous.  Your brush will kick up a tiny bit of powder when you swipe the pan but will apply perfectly when you touch the face.  There's no fallout.  These colors are beautiful in their intended use and also as eye colors.

They are, (from left to right) - Hustle & Glow, a golden shimmering highlighter.  It's not an overtly warm gold, which means I really love it.  Golds that go too orange just don't work for me.

Goal Digger - a delicious shimmer that I can't quite's kind of a champagne peach or a champagne pink depending on your undertones.  It is an all over color that is brilliant as a highlighter, gorgeous as a blush topper and a gleaming metallic on the eyes.  This is the color I was dying for most and it totally delivers.

Run The World - a beautiful champagne glowing highlighter.  Mix this with any of the other colors and you will blow your mind!

#GirlBoss - the cheek color of the bunch is the perfect light color with barely discernible shimmer.  The satin finish keeps it from looking flat and I truly believe it's a universal color.  It is perfectly between peach and pink making it the every day blush you've been looking for.

Pictured below, they are:  #Girl Boss, Hustle & Glow, Goal Digger, Run The World.

highlighter, blush, girl boss

I've snapchatted wearing these colors and received tremendous response.  My snap fam is as enamored as I am!!

Congratulations to Jess on her collab and congratulations to Ittse for picking my girl boss hero to collab with.  You can follow Jess on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.    Keep tabs on Ittse on Facebook, InstagramPinterest and Twitter.

Don't you think this collaboration would be a perfect gift for your favorite #GirlBoss?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer Swatches and Review -The One You Want

PR Sample & I Bought It

Today I am bringing you an analysis of LA Girl Cosmetics Pro HD Concealer, (under $5/.25oz).  If you follow my Instagram or Twitter account(s), you've seen me post pictures and talk about this product quite a bit ever since I received it as a gift from the company last summer while attending Cosmoprof North America,, where  La Girl Cosmetics had a booth displaying their products.  I have received more comments, questions, interest and anticipation of this post than just about any other I've ever done.

Pro Conceal, HD, High definition concealer, makeup

LA Girl Cosmetics had a nice booth there.  I didn't have an appointment set up but stopped by the booth to deliver a message from a friend.  Oh gosh, they just couldn't have been nicer!!!  I chatted with one of the ladies for a bit while waiting to deliver the message.  She showed me products while I was there and asked if I had any questions about their products.  This is where I interject my personal story as well as my testimony about this product.   It has taken a year for me to work up the courage to show you my unretouched very personal pictures.

I had a bi-level cervical, (neck) fusion last May, (2013).  I have a couple of places where my skin is extra sensitive to pressure due to autoimmune disease and in the process of the surgery, I laid on my face for over 3 hours.  My nose is one of the pressure sensitive areas and I sustained some tissue damage from surgery.  It hadn't yet healed by the time I got to Cosmoprof in August, and it has taken a year to heal, (a story for another time).  I forgot to take concealer of any kind in my luggage and when I got to Cosmoprof, I'm telling you, I was desperate.  I asked her to tell me about any concealer they had and if she knew if I could buy it nearby the convention.  Gosh, imagine my surprise when she told me to pick a color out to take with me.

I eyeballed the tubes and picked what I thought looked like it might match best and picked Creamy Beige.

concelear, makeup, hi-def

In the first picture above, Creamy Beige is second from the BOTTOM.  It matches my skin very well, whether I am my palest or have a light tan.   Below you will find when I swatched this for the camera, I had a light tan.  I prefer to swatch toward the palm of my hand as I find that is the most like my face.  I have two pictures; the first being brushed on the hand from the container, and then the second is where I blended it in a bit more.

swatch, swatches, review, makeup

review, makeup, Cosmoprof North America

Let me tell you a little about the product.  I was told this is a high definition concealer.  The way I relate to high definition is that under the strongest of lighting and the greatest scrutiny, the product will meld with skin in such a way that it will conceal and even skin tone while providing natural coverage.

From the LA Girl Cosmetics website: 

Pro Conceal

Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

I've had so many questions on if this concealer is any good.  Yes it is.  Does it conceal?  Yes it does.  Does it cover undereye circles?  ABSOLUTELY.  It's THE ONLY concealor I've used that covers undereye circles and DOES NOT CREASE.

Did you hear that?  It covers without creasing, cracking or looking crepey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And trust me, I have tried almost every high end brand.  A lot of money!!!  And to think I could spend less than five bucks and get the best concealer I've ever used!!!!!  I want you to know this is my own honest, unpaid opinion.  This is my experience.

If there are still any doubts, let me tell you in pictures, showing my face and the tissue damage:

You can see, I also had a few small pressure wounds by my mouth.  As a "beauty" blogger, this was horrifying, to say the least, and with the following two surgeries, (one with a latex mask and myself having latex allergy), this damge got a whole lot worse before it got better.  It has been a very long year.  I have looked like Frankenstein most of the year.

In under a minute after the first picture, I used only LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer and I looked like this:

Ten minutes later:

hi-def concealer

Thanks to LA Girl Cosmetics, this is how I looked while I ran around CPNA, making professional contacts.  Nobody could tell whatsoever what I was hiding.

I've often been asked what I use to blend the concealer under the eyes.  My trusty Mac 187 duo fiber brush will do nicely!  If I'm not in a huge hurry, (rare), I remember to use my eye cream and then the concealer.  Sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I blend the concealer and the eye cream.  It has all worked.  And for me, it works best to brush it on with the applicator at the top of the tube and then just blend with the 187.  Sometimes I need a little bit more, so I go back for a second layer.

LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer has been a life-saver to me in a year that was the most challenging and the hardest my skin has ever been through.  No exaggeration.  I mean, I just can't tell you how bad this year was for my skin.  My friends know...they say it.  You'll know soon as I talk about some skincare that helped.

Because the concealer has proven to me that it is worth FAR MORE than the pennies I pay for it, I got several different colors to mix and match in my artistry kit.  I truly believe this is something that every Pro Makeup Artist needs and can easily afford in multiple colors to stock their kit.   The following picture corresponds to the first picture at the top.

swatches, review

Here are swatches for these colors:

From the left:  Natural, Creamy Beige, Classic Ivory, Nude and Pure Beige.

And one more picture from the same week as my bare faced pic:

In summary, this is the best concealer I've ever used.  Never before have I had anything that covered undereye circles and looked natural doing it, without creasing or caking.  It is so inexpensive, it's just unbelievable.  It's nowhere in Anchorage, where I live, but I have ordered online.  You can find this cruelty-free cosmetic on-line at LA Girl USA and also at, where it is currently $2.99.

Run, don't walk to buy this awesome concealor.  Again, the opinions and experience are my own and not at all influenced by the gift of this concealer.  It is just really awesome, so I want you to use it.  You can find LA Girl Cosmetics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Follow them.  You'll be glad you did.

Have I answered all the questions you have about this concealer?  Don't hesitate to ask!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

L.A. Girl Pro Concealer, Oh How I Love Thee

At Cosmoprof North America 2013, I was introduced to LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealor.  This is the teaser picture I posted on Instagram.  I have a full long post coming so please check back to see everything you need to know about this product.

LA Girl Pro Concealor, makeup

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Ipsy Bag! Check It Out!!!

I always plan to show you my Ipsy Bag and I just haven't gotten it done at all this year...UNTIL NOW!!!  I have received some awesome items in the bags over the last year...including NYX blush, lipsticks, eyeshadows...Be A Bombshell blush...mind you, these are all full sized items...Sation nail polish, Zoya nail polish....AND MORE....

Here is the December 2013 Ipsy bag that I received.  I'm leaving my picture full sized so that you can drool as much as possible over the items.

Ipsy bag, eyelashes, eyeshadow, blush, nailpolish, lipgloss

(Originally posted via Instagram)

The sides of my picture were cut off in the Instagram photo to fit IG better.  But here are some things that you need to know:  A year's subscription to Ipsy is only $110.   To purchase an individual bag is just $10, so there's a $10 savings with the yearly price....did I mention you are receiving full sized items in each bag?

First, there is the bag.  This one is pretty nice.  Most bags are bout 5" x 7".  Love the shiny black textured outside and the hot pink inside.  Love!!!

The lipstick I received is NYX Cosmetics in the color Cream, (#607).  It's a frosted nude beige.  I love everything NYX.  I started buying them many years ago on trips to Hawaii where Longs Drugs was the only place I could find the brand.  I loaded up on pigments and eyeshadows.....bringing it to present day, I'm now able to buy a limited amount of their items at Fred Meyer.  Our two local Targets just received the brand this month but they seem to have trouble re-stocking NYX and Pixi.  It'  Anyway, when I am out of state, I purchase from the full line of NYX at Ulta and one of my favorite places to shop for NYX online is Cherry Couture.  They often have fantastic sales.  You should definitely check them out.  Don't forget to shop the brand's own website NYX  Sign up for their email and receive 25% off your first order.

I met with the NYX team at Cosmoprof North America this past summer and the one before and I'm telling you the products that were introduced this year are just killer and wait until you see what's coming up in the spring.  I'll be writing that up soon to let you know what I've discovered.

Lastly, about the lipstick, in the end cap is a matching lipgloss.  NYX Cosmetics truly has great products at great prices and I've received many awesome NYX items in my Ipsy bags.   Happy, happy, happy. You are also able to purchase these items and more from the brands on the Ipsy website.  Each bag contains a postcard featuring the brands of the month and information about the special discounts which often come  from many of them.

Be A Bombshell is a brand I hadn't experienced or heard of until Ipsy.  At this point, I've received a many different types of items from them and I've enjoyed them all.  It's a good brand and I've been impressed with the quality.  This month's bag includes The One Stick.  My color is Girl Crush, a light pink with a hint of golden shimmer, which is absolutely perfect for me.  I think I'd prefer this on my lips rather than cheeks just because I personally am not fond of cream cheek color.  However, this color intrigues me and I'm going to give it a try.  It looks beautiful and would be great for a classic wintery etherial look.  Use it anywhere you like for a wisp of color.  Layer it to make more of a statement, if you like.

Next is NickaK NY nailpolish in the color NY112, a taupe toned milk chocolate color. This goes well with the NYX round lipstick Cream.  I've also met with the Nicka K team at CosmoprofNA last summer and had a great visit.  It wasn't quite that way this last July unfortunately but I do love this nail polish.  She's a beauty!

Let's talk Pop Beauty! I was thrilled to find a Bright Up Your Life eyeshadow trio in my bag.  Mine is called Smokin' Hot and is perfect for this time of year, or anytime really.  It contains three shades of grey, from light to dark, with varying amounts of shimmer from heavy to slight.  You can also find Pop Beauty at Ulta and on Ipsy.

The last item in my already stuffed Ipsy bag is Ardell Natural Lashes, number 120 Demi, in the color black.  These are light and wispy and come with glue for application.   You can find these at virtually any store.  I usually buy mine at Sally's or at Fred Meyer when they do a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale; which is currently running thru December 21st, if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

There you have it:  Full sized items for just $10 a month!!!  Isn't it amazing?  And if you sign up for a year, you basically get one month free!!!  A year is just $110!!  WORTH IT!!!  If you use my Ipsy link, I will receive a few points and eventually will be able to use them toward a purchase.  Check out what's on their website and see if you might be interested.  This is the first time I've blogged my Ipsy bag, (shame on me but it's really been a rough year).  I have been completely satisfied with every bag I've received since I re-joined last March.

And the final note for this blog post that I have to tell you:  Ipsy has a series of questions that you can answer and the bags are catered to your preferences.  Holy great idea, Batman!!!  And you can change those preferences any time that you want!

Are you an Ipsy subscriber?  Which of the monthly sample services do you subscribe to?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Experience At Vavoom Hair Studio Using Elumen Hair Color. Plus Small Business Saturday!!

Before I took my trip this past July '13, to attend the Cosmoprof North America 2013 show, I went to Vavoom Hair Studio, (like I do allllll the time), and had some Elumen hair color put in. The staff and stylists at Vavoom are incredibly friendly, personable, knowlegable and creative.

At that time, I had a pink streak toward the back and a color was mixed toward the front to create a coral that would match the clothing I intended to wear while I was at Cosmoprof.

So I've kind of been craving some purple lately.  I went to Vavoom and talked to Jen and this is what we did:  (the picture is taken with the slim overlayer of my hair pulled back to show off the color).

via Instagram 

I wanted my coral to be pinker as I'm over coral until spring comes around again...I think.  But I wanted that section pinker and to add in some of the purple I've been craving lately.  Jen and I talked about what I wanted and I asked her opinion of where placement should be.  I was so happy when she offered her suggestion in the same exact placement that I thought I wanted anyway.  Refreshed the coral back into a pinker color and put some of the purple Elumen on each side and it all blends together nicely.

If you live in Alaska or are planning to visit, you have to have the artists of Vavoom Hair Studio a chance to freshen up your life.  I love my color!!  My husband loves it.  I'm very happy.  The price depends on how many colors you use and if it's applied in chunks or in light stripes.

This Saturday, 11/30/13, is Small Business Saturday in Anchorage.  Vavoom will be having SO many specials that I'll be stopping by for a couple things.  The tools, (the best in town), will all be on sale too, so head on down to 4007 Old Seward Highway, Suite 400, the strip mall right next to University Center on the south.  They will be open Saturday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

You can keep up with Vavoom on their website, their Facebook page, and also on Instagram.