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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Emma Slater Of Dancing With The Stars Changes Partners

When I first heard that Emma Slater changed partners before the season even started at Dancing With The Stars, I thought there was some big ol' hubba-baloo backstage and naturally, I wanted to find out about it.  But never fear, all was well behind the scenes as Ms. Slater had become the spokesperson for the Dancing With The Stars Self Tanning Collection of products by Norvell.

"I am delighted to announce I have a new partner - Dancing with the Stars Self Tanner by Norvell with Vio-7™," mused Slater.  She continues, "As a professional dancer, who wears skin baring costumes, I have tried it all - and I sadly, have been every color under the sun including the dreaded orange! Dancing with the Stars Self Tanner with Vio-7 is distinctly different."

Formulated using the same color theory principles seen in purple shampoo to neutralize brassiness, Dancing with the Stars Self Tanner with Vio-7 utilizes a unique blend of violet and brown tone bronzer pigments designed to counter an unwanted orange undertone when sunless tanning.

"Vio-7™ is not only innovative, but I consider it my insurance when prepping each week for the scrutiny of HDTV" Slater remarks. "The Dancing with the Stars name is synonymous with a coveted tan and Norvell is known as the #1 professional self tanner. Two champions have come together to create the best self - tanning product ever. Now, you can have this same tan too!" 

The Norvell blending mitt makes application smooth and easy.  It has a velvety outside with a waterproof liner on the inside.  There is no bleeding of color onto the palms as you smooth it over the body.  Just dampen a little, apply your product to it and go to work blending.  It really makes application easy, even and not the least bit streaky.

The first of the three tanners that I used is the self tanning mousse.   The mousse glides easily over the face and body with a light bronze color as a guide.  I found this easy to use and very hard to mess up.  The bronze color appears immediately and within 24 hours, the tan begins to develop.  The bronze guide washes away in the first couple of showers and the tan lasts nearly a week.

As it wore off, I had no flaking or spotting.  If you've used self tanners before, you know that is really unusual.  I can usually feel and see them wearing off as they get spotty and then I exfoliate like crazy.  I never felt the need to do so with these products because it looked so natural as it wore.  My skin didn't have the chemical feel or dryness that a lot of tanners have, nor did it smell like most.  These products have a delicious chocolate vanilla scent and never smell odd.  I really enjoy this formula and the results.

Before I used it, I looked like this:

With just one simple application, I looked like this the next day:

I found it really easy to apply around the areas that can get to dark if you're not careful.  I just followed the instructions of exfoliating 24 hours before, and using the mitt lightly damp.  I moisturized before and paid extra attention to knees, ankles, wrists and fingers.  I was really pleased with the results and was ready for shorts season!!

The next week, I added a layer of the Airbrush Spray.  I was going to do this in the tub which makes it easy to rinse off any overspray, but it was a beautiful day so I chose to do it outside.  I did mess up just a tad.  I forgot to moisturize my feet so it was a little dark on a couple of toes, but gosh, just so not a big deal.  I found I had to pay a lot more attention to how and where I sprayed in order to get evenness.  I prefer the mousse application, but that's just my preference.  Always keep in mind, if you're spraying your legs, that some mist will fall to your feet and be sure to calculate that in when you decide how much to spray about the ankles and feet.

The third formula is the Endurance Color Boosting Skin Perfector.  This is an illuminating body balm that will extend the wear of your tan while said to firm, tone, brighten and moisturize the skin.  I haven't been able to use this consistently enough at this time of year to confirm those results - I'm in Phoenix where it has been summer already for a month and I am trying not to be too dark, just healthy.  The sun has been doing it's natural thing so I'll be using this more as we go into the fall.

I have loved using these products, which just happen to be the best self-tanning products I've used thus far.  They are paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, vegan, synthetic fragrance free and GMO-free.  You can purchase the products on HSN and Amazon, as the professional products are now available for public consumption.  Visit the Official Dancing With The Stars Self Tanner webpage for purchase or to learn more about Emma Slater, DWTS and the Norvell Self Tanners.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date on the latest.

Have you tried a self tanner that you loved before?  Does it help you to go from jeans to shorts season with confidence?