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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lancome Primrose Darling Color Design All In One 5 Eyeshadow and Liner Palette Swatches and Review

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I have reviewed several of the Lancome Color Design Eye Brightening All In One 5 Eyeshadow and Liner Palettes in various colors...enough so that I think I could almost be labeled a collector. If you're not a regular reader, let me take this moment and thank you for coming by and let you know that you can find the following palettes reviewed at these locations:

Kissed By Gold

Taupe Craze

Emerald Boudoir

Amythyst Glam

Today we add Primrose Darling to the list.  I was in Dillard's and they had a really cute tote bag for a Lancome GWP, and you know how that goes...there's a cute bag and you just have to get it, so I had in mind to get another Color Design All In One Palette, even tho I had just purchased two more at the Nordstrom Sale. They didn't have the one I had my eye on but the Sales Associate showed me the Primrose Darling Palette.  And she said those magical words, "this one is limited only to our store".  I was wavering on the edge anyway because it had really nice colors, but limited availability pushed me over the wall and I purchased it.

I'm really glad I did.  This palette has one of the best Taupe shades EVER.  Do ya hear me Elvira and Joey?  Best Taupe ever!!  (We keep finding a lot of those.)

If you've read any other reviews on these palettes, you'll know that they have a plastic insert over the shadows that gives a suggested way to use the shades.  You can use them any way you want, of course, but it's quick and easy to follow the diagram when you're in a hurry. 

The palette also comes with a fold out insert that shows a day time placement of shadows and a suggestion for a nighttime look.

This is how the palette looks without the plastic insert over it. The all over shade is a shimmering barely peach toned beige, the lid color is a shimmering rose, the crease color is a sparkling taupe. The highlighter color is a sparking light beige and the liner color is a beautiful shimmering navy with tone-on-tone shimmers.

I'm showing a second hand swatch because it shows the liner color in a truer tone. Swatching five colors on a hand creates hot spots with the camera and sometimes colors show better when you twist or turn your hand different ways to show the different colors, which always sacrifices one or more colors on the hand in any given position. It's the science of color analysis!

Time for actual on the face application photos!

And in order for a blogger to be "real" and truthful in blogging, one has to throw in a stupid look now and then.

pssst! Doesn't my Wet N Wild lipgloss look fab??

I recently spied two new fall Lancome Color Design palettes. I expect those will somehow follow me home soon and you may see them reviewed as well. Do you have any of these palettes? Which do you like? Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guerlain Rouge G 41 Gipsy Jewel Lipstick Compact Swatches and Review

When I go on vacation, I am fortunate to be able to visit a Guerlain counter. I have been introduced to their skincare and fell madly in love as it transformed my face. Skincare as good as it's claims. And then I met the lipsticks. When I wear a Guerlain lipstick, I feel that I am wearing absolute perfection. They are so comfortable and yet long wearing at the same time. The lipstick I'm going to tell you about today is one of the Rouge G formula.

Number 41 Gipsy Rouge G Guerlain Jewel lipstick compact could be called my perfect lipstick. The color is the perfect orange coral color. But first, let's talk about the compact. It is a relatively new design, closing by a magnatized closure. It is silver and shiney. Let's oooo and ahhhh for just a moment.

It looks pretty cool. The men in my house are fascinated by the workings of the device. Men have to figure out all the mechanical things, even if it's a lipstick. So while it looks cool on the outside, it's even better when you slide the tube out of the cover. The cover opens into two mirrors! Sheer perfection!!

I wear all colors of lipstick but this particular coral color is perfect for me. I think it's the type of color that any skintone and any age could wear. It has a very faint hint of shimmer that isn't a frost but just provides a juicy wet look when worn. I have a hand swatch of it next to Mac Blogger's Obsession Lipglass Caqui to show the layering potential of these two fabulous items.

But back to Gipsy, how about some lip swatches?

Yeah, it was a case of love at first sight. I purchased this at Nordstrom, but I know you can also purchase at some Dillard's stores, as well as Neiman Marcus. With quality and such an awesome case comes a bit of a price. These retail for $47 in the United States, but if you're asking me, they are worth every penny. Nothing wears quite like a Guerlain lipstick.

On my next trip, if I can get past the lipsticks, I'll have to investigate the eye products. I'm open to suggestions. :)


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