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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dior Diorskin Nude Summer Glow Powder Swatches and Review Featuring Aurora and Sunset Bronzers

Let's face it, these are Bronzers. But Dior has this super long name making my title eternal. Nevertheless, today I went to the Dior counter to check out the much talked about new Bronzers in Aurora and Sunset. Dior suggests that Aurora is for blondes and fair to medium skin while Sunset is suggested for brunettes and medium to dark complexions.

The Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Summer Powders are silky on application. They are a delight to look at, having a ribboned effect of multiple colors passing thru each other as if they are weaving together. Kind of brings out the Girl Scout in you, doesn't it? Here they are on the counter display:

Aurora, 001, is on top. It is a weave of pinks and nudes with mild shimmer that mixes together in a lighter combination than the accompanying Sunset, 002, on the bottom. Sunset is more tans and ochres to come off with a bit more of an orange look.

I swatched them on my arm, which is pretty tan at the moment. It makes the true colors harder to see, in my opinion. Although many people are this color by nature, so maybe that will help them. To me, I know I am naturally lighter, so I like to swatch at the inner part of my palm, base of the thumb because it gives me a more accurate accessment of how the colors will look when I'm not tan, so I give you these two swatch pictures, and in both, Sunset is on the left and Aurora on the right:

Even though I had already purchased Aurora, I wanted to see how the Sunset would look on my skintone, which is about NW35 right now, although in the different lightings that I took pictures, it looks anywhere from there to my normal coloring of about NW20-25. And in the different lightings, it looks like a good bronzer, or it can look a little orange.

I should note that I went to Nordstrom barefaced with just mascara, (scary, I know), and the MA put some Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Fluid on me in spots here and there. She then swept the Sunset bronzer down the tip of my nose and across my cheeks. My poor chin looks so bare. I have pictures in the car under a cloudy rainy day and pictures at home. You can see it in different lightings and I hope it helps to you to decide because as I live and breathe, I don't enjoy posting all these face pictures on the internet, you lucky people.

Tomorrow I am going to try out the Aurora, which my instinct says will be like a highlighter for me right now, but I think will be better for a glow when I'm more of my natural color.

Here's the picture at home where it's not really too bad:

Buying the lipstick next week when I have a makeover, by the way. Some celeb artist. Woot!

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