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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Look at OPI Blue, Turquoise, Navy Shatter Polishes and Swatches!!

Meet the latest offerings from the OPI Products Shatter line of polishes. They are, left to right, Turquoise Shatter, Navy Shatter and Blue Shatter.

Turquoise Shatter and Blue Shatter both have a very mild shimmer. Navy is a flat color. I've done swatches over Finger Paints Paper Mache, a solid white. There's no top coat on the swatches for the pictures. I would personally top coat my shatters but I wanted you to see them in their natural form.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Honor of All Who Serve, A Patriotic Manicure for Memorial Day

I am so appreciative of all who give their lives to serve our country in the military, especially my niece Angela, a Marine Sergeant who just returned home from an eight month separation from her two little boys while she was in Afghanistan. My grandfather was also a Marine, serving just before the US entered WWII. Many other friends have volunteered in other sections of our Military spending their lives to keep our democracy safe, despite what Congress does to try and tear it down, lol.

I further dedicate this manicure to those who serve our cities in the combat of the daily street war as they leave their families each shift to patrol our streets, putting themselves in harm's way to keep our citizens safe at home. This includes my own family and most of my friends.

Let me again apologize as I'm still trying to heal my cuticles from last's months overdose of chlorine. It looks much better in person, but the macro shows....everything! For this festive mani, the blue is Wet N Wild Fastdry Saved By The Blue, Topped with the starry look of Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale, (my personal favorite polish ever). The white is Finger Paints Paper Mâché and the red is Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Cherry Smash.

I applied Cherry Smash in a diagonal pattern, hoping it would look a bit like stripes. It crackled in diagonal stripes on my right hand and on my left, it made the giraffe pattern. I plan to add crystal stars to the white and red fingers for an honorary service at church on Sunday, but my street war fighting husband tells me that most of my holiday weekend will be spent in the garage, (boo!), so I'll wait a couple days so that I don't accidentally pop them off tossing boxes.

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and remember that those street war fighters I spoke of will be on the highways in greater force checking for seatbelts and drunk drivers. So be safe and buckle up. :)

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