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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Lovely Frankenpolish From Franken Femme

You know about frankenpolish, right? It's a term coined by nail polish fanatics that refers to mixing up a polish by oneself. Well, today I have just such a frankenpolish made by a fellow blogger, Becca, of Franken Femme.  Becca mixes up nail polishes at home and her website contains tips on learning to make your own nail polish.  She doesn't sell her polishes, but boy oh boy, judging by the one she sent me, I think maybe she should!!

I received a lovely dark purpley plum polish that has multiple micro-specs of color in it.  I can see fuchsia, champagne and green with the naked eye.  In the daylight, the polish seems to have a blue sheen in it.  These aren't glitter pieces, per se, but small minute particles that shine when caught by the light.

Instagrammed this picture today while I was out shopping. It's an iphone picture.

Franken Femme frankenpolish swatch, nail polish

The franken Becca made me applied very well. It was fully opaque in two coats and it has a nice smooth finish. I love the deep browned purple color and the interest of the small color bits.

My fancy camera tends to focus on the indiviual color specs and tends to separate colors at close range. The next picture gives you quite a view of the multiple colors in the polish.

frankenpolish, Franken Femme, nail polish, swatch

I really like this color and how smooth the application is.

Franken Femme, frankenpolish, nail polish, swatch

You can follow Becca's blog here, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Don't you just love this color?

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