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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Outfit Of The Day - How To Layer Affordable Clothing

Today on a little old trip to the Mayo for some poking and prodding, I wore the outfit below.  I'm being forced to learn that you can put together a really fantastic outfit on a budget.  This one is very affordable.

The first thing you have to know is Old Navy has some awesome in style affordable clothes.  They have talls on line.  TALLS IN SHIRTS AND DRESSES, people!!!!  How often can you find tall shirts?  Like never!!!  That turned me into an Old Navy lover for life.  This sweater in grey and the grey and white dress come from Old Navy.  I bought them off the rack so they're not talls, but the length is fine.  I probably could have used a tall in the dress but I needed it now.  So there ya go.  The list price is $39.00 but like I said, there's always a sale.  Sometimes it's better online and sometimes in the store so watch.  The dress has a list price of $29.94 and see above reference what I paid.

I love this necklace!  I got it at Patty's Closet in Anchorage for just $12!!  I'm going to show you this store in a post soon and tell you why you have to shop there!

How to layer clothing, Old Navy, Kohls, Patty's Closet, boots, Nordstrom, Sweater, dress

I have to tell you, I don't like the folds I got from the neck fusion.  I understand why it's there now because I read the surgeon's notes today.   Yikes, it was a terrible mess after I fell on the ice.  Wow!  So, ew, I was in a neck brace for almost nine months, the hard collar kind...well, if you're a regular reader, you saw it before, all blingy and pretty.  But this time, my neck didn't turn out pretty.  Anyway....UGH!

The belt is silvered and is from a pair of shorts I got at Kohl's a few years ago.  I always take the belts out and put them aside.  LISTEN UP!!!  If you get some belt or accessory on a clothing item that you're not going to use at the time, just set it aside because you never know when it's going to be the piece that you need to finish off your outfit.  Am I right or am I right????

The leggings are from Fred Meyer.  Again, if you're in the PNW, you know how often things go on sale and about the weekly coupons.  It pays to wait, if you can, until your item is in the sale group unless you need it that night.  If you're in the Lower 48 and Hawaii, you can find the same leggings at the Nordstrom Rack.  They're called Legend and they're under $10 on sale at both places.  Normal price at Fred Meyer is $14.

And the boots >>>>> CRAZY SALE!!!  $60 on the Nordstrom Rack Sale side of the Nordstrom website.  I thought the original price was great, but $60!?!?!?!?!  Embellished with interest at the ankle and calf.  Take a look on the website and you can turn the boot around to see the detail.  Fantastic!!  And super duper comfortable.  I have two colors that I bought at full price.  Oh yes I did.

Those are the deets of this layered outfit.  Many of these items will be worn over and over during my time out of state.  Ok all of them.  You need them too!!!  The boots are almost sold out.  Get them if you can!!

How are you wearing your layers at this time of year?

(psst!  You'll be seeing me wearing makeup again soon!!!  oh, ugh, I know, right?  My latex blisters are almost healed after five months but I have a few that are still pretty deep.  *fingers crossed*  Until then, I will play with color via fashion.  But guess what?  I wore eyeshadow today!!!  WOOT!!!)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Outfit of the day. How To Wear Leggings And A Sweater With A Scarf, and BOOTS!

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From Fred Meyer, I purchased the grey leggings, the boot socks with the buttons sewn on the side, and the long sleeved off-white t-shirt with V neck.  It's a little sheer so I covered it with the scarf and sweater from Old Navy.  I have this sweater in a couple of colors.  I'm totally in love with it!!  (For reference, I usually buy talls since I'm 5'8" but this sweater is in the regular length.)

The boots are SO comfortable.  Actually the whole outfit was.  I'm sorry about the wierdness of my neck.  Being in the neck brace for nine months left it pretty bumpy and I have to try and figure out what to do to fix the muscles, etc.

  Anyway, the Enzo Angiolini boots at Nordstrom are now on sale for almost $100 OFF!!!  Get them HERE and get them NOW!  (gah!  I paid full price for both of mine.  wow!)  They're only $60 now!!!

Leggings, sweater, boots, brown, cognac, grey, scarf, scarves, ootd, Old Navy, Fred Meyer, Nordstrom

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Today I really get it why this look is so popular.  It's SO comfortable!!!  After I took the pictures, I threw on my leg brace and it didn't totally kill the look.  *High five* 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Drugstore Beauties at Fred Meyer!!

Rimmel London ScandalEyes, Maybelline The Buffs, Revlon Cheek Boutique, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick

At the top left are the two colors I first chose from the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes eyeshadow paint.  You should probably check on my Instagram for all the details.  I think I might want to get the pink one, too.

Maybelline The Buffs Nude lipstick collection has found it's way to Freddie's and I was excited to see it there.

And look at this cheek boutique collection from Revlon.  They also had a couple of displays of the new release of Skinlights, which were very popular in the past.  In the cheek collection, I'm particularly curious about the things in the upper left side that look a bit like Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks.  Looks exciting to me!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This Is The Essence Metal Glam Collection - First Look

Oooooh, last minute Christmas shopping really pays off!!! I went to Fred Meyer and found the new Essence Metal Glam Collection. It was all so beautiful. There are three nail colors and a glitter. They looked awesome on the display so I bought two and the glitter. The nail polish that I left at the store was a chrome lavendar. There is a highlighting shimmer, three gorgeous eye shadows, a lip gloss and nail stickers that I need to play with.

Essence cosmetics, highlighter, nail polish, holographic, eyeshadow, Metal Glam, lipgloss, nail stickers

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Have you seen this collection yet?  Essence is carried at Fred Meyer in the Pacific Northwest and Ulta in the PNW and everywhere else.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Have Wanted This Set From Kiss Nails For So Long!!

I have been looking at this set longingly for SO long. You just have no idea. I've taken pictures of it thinking that I probably have all the similar type polishes to do this manicure, but I still just wanted this BAD. Fortunately, I looked at it one day at Fred Meyer and found it cheaper than at Walgreens. SOLD!! One happy mama!

Kiss Nails, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, Target, gradient, nail polish

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I've been posting my Instagram pictures to my blog so you can see the items that I have coming up.  There are often a lot of comments on Instagram, so it's worth taking a look sometimes for more information.

Tell me, what is your favorite gradient color combination?  You can link to it, if you like.  I'd love to see.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette By NYX Cosmetics Called Parisian Chic - Sneak Peek

NYX Cosmetics has several of these palettes that I like to call 'Niners...lots of color variations.  You know I just may have to have them all!

NYX Cosmetics, Parisian Chic, eyeshadow palette, Love In Paris

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I was really happy to see NYX landed at my local Target in Alaska. The selection in Fred Meyer is rather slim and Target has the whole line, so wahooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Brush On Duo False Eyelash Glue!!!

You know Duo glue right? It is THE gold standard glue for applying false eyelashes. It's so popular that it's the only non-Mac item that Mac Cosmetics sells. If you've ever worn lashes, you've undoubtedly been annoyed by an extra blob of glue a time or two. Kiss that annoyance goodbye with this brand new glue by Duo. I'm really excited about it.

Duo Eye Lash Glue

Duo Eye Lash Glue

I think it makes application a little easier. And I realize that artists are very partial to their favorite tools so those who apply lashes with ease using the standard Duo might not appreciate the brush-on method. Those of us who sometimes get a little blobby and prefer a brush as our tool of choice will swoon at the genius of this new glue.

I've used it and I love it. I love brushes for everything so when I saw this, I said WHY didn't someone think of it sooner? This tube was a gift to me by the company, AII, and I've since seen it in my local Fred Meyer for just under $5. I've even used this on-the-go to fix a lash emergency.

Like it's predecessor, this Duo brush-on glue dries invisibly. It contains vitamins A, C & E which is an additional benefit.  

If you try this, you'll have to tell me how you like it. Come to think of it, I'd love to hear your fun stories of the silliest time you've applied lashes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nicka K Cosmetics At Cosmoprof 2012 Was So Much Fun!

Well, I have to tell you I just had a fantastic time visiting the Nicka K New York booth at Cosmoprof 2012.  James was our tour guide and he was as enthusiastic as he was informative.  Previously unfamiliar with this brand, I learned a lot about their product line and what they have to offer.  And two weeks after my return home from the Las Vegas trade show, I saw some of the items showing up in my local Fred Meyer!! Woot!

James literally saved my trip with their makeup cleansing tissues. There are several types with different ingredients to meet all your skincare needs.


I had brought a package of wipes that was on clearance sale, (should have been my first clue), with me to Las Vegas. Easier than bringing cleanser and often as effective. Not in this case. They wouldn't remove my Vegas-y makeup or even my everyday makeup. I told James of my absolute cleansing frustration and he graciously let me choose a package to take with me. I chose the Aloe as I have dry skin and these would be moisturizing.

Nicka K Makeup Cleansing Wipes

James, these saved my trip!! Seriously!! No more lingering makeup the next day. They work like a dream! I was thrilled to see them this week at Fred Meyer so that I can replenish when I use them all.

I also saw that Fred Meyer is selling the Soothing Eye Pads. Oh, these are super cool and fun. They look like slices of different kinds of fruit and plants.

Nicka K Eye Eye Pads

Seriously, how fun are these?!! I'll have a full review in the future.

Nicka K Cooling Eye Pads


Nicka K Cooling Eye Pads

And this is where it got really fun! James was telling us about the Brightening Essence Mask Tissue Nicka K offers. There are six formulas all having a special kind of effect.


Bloggers, being ever curious to investigate, may or may not have totally encouraged James to show us how it works. Lol!! He was a great sport!

Nicka K Brightening Essence Mask

We were downright giddy at that point. But let me get back to business and tell you the other things that Nicka K has to offer.

Everyone needs these in Las Vegas. No brainer!

Nicka K Heel Patch

And now, dear reader, let us move into the cosmetic portion of today's post. COLOR!!! There were some beautiful colors in the Nicka K booth. Lipglosses!

Nicka K Lipgloss

Nicka K lipgloss

Face and Body Shimmer!!!

Nicka K Face and Body Shimmer

And Nail Polish!!

Nicka K Nail Polish

This is a very cool bottle. I feel like I Dream Of Jeannie when I look at this bottle. I want to look inside and see if there's a little genie in each one. I mean...just look how cool this shape is.

Nicka K Nail Polish

Nicka K Nail Polish

Nicka K New York Nail Polish

They also have magnetic nail polish with a unique take on the magnet. It's a ring that is attached to the top with the packaging plastic. You could take it off and use it on your finger to apply the magnetic effect, or you could leave the plastic on and leave it on the handle to use.


James showed us some other cool things like scented spray body shimmers and perfume sticks. The perfume sticks were particularly nice. They have quite a variety of scents. There had to be at least 12 that we saw and each is a light natural scent. No harsh chemicals. For me, that's a great thing. My husband is allergic to everything and a lot of perfumes either give me a migraine or cause an asthma attack, so to be able to use something that smells nice and natural is a real gift.

Nicka K Parfum Solids

The perfume sticks come in a nice heavy cardboard container that, coincidentally, can fit some nail polishes in for travel. ;)

Nicka K Solid Perfume stick

I will be having specific Nicka K reviews in the near future. There were many more items in the booth, but I just didn't get all of them photographed. Be sure to visit their website in the links provided above, and follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.  Check them out!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NYX Cosmetics, Their Booth At Cosmoprof 2012 And The Glam Collection!

NYX Store Display
There are so many exciting things coming from NYX Cosmetics. This summer, I had an appointment with Tonie at the NYX Cosmetics booth at Cosmoprof North America 2012. We talked about the brand and the new release of the Glam Collection. Oooooh, the Glam Collection is cool, but we'll talk about that in a minute.

My first introduction to NYX was thru their loose pigment eyeshadows. Since NYX isn't sold in my state, (c'mon Fred Meyer, I'm counting on you to bring it in!), I hunted for these on a trip out of state, bagged my prey, and found them quite comparable to Mac pigments but at a far less toll on my wallet. So many beautiful colors!!

NYX loose shadow

I've got quite a few of their shadows, which offer superb pigmentation at a very fair price.


I've taken some other pictures of the Cosmoprof booth to show my peeps in Alaska who may not have seen a variety of NYX products. (Incidentally, NYX is pronounced "nix" and is named after the ancient Greek goddess who rules the night.) There is everything in the NYX Cosmetics line...lipsticks, cream shadows, blushes, glosses, waterproof eyeliners and more.

NYX Roll On Shimmers

NYX Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics are sold domestically as well as internationally. They have received many different awards for their highly pigmented formulas. The items range from trendy to classic, seasonal to innovative. Read on and you'll see.

NYX cream shadows

NYX blush

NYX Cosmetics can proudly display the Cruelty-Free logo, ensuring the consumer that the products are never tested on animals.

NYX Be Free

One of the newest most innovative products introduced at Cosmoprof is The Curve Liner by NYX. It is an ergonomic water resistant non-smearing liquid eyeliner. This is destined to be a life changing liner. It comes in black and holds .31 oz of product. The retail price is $15.00.

NYX the Curve Eyeliner

NYX The Curve Eyeliner

NYX The Curve Eyeliner

I love to look at the back of the box. Besides telling you all about the liner, my little sense of humor sees it telling me no skipping and no running with eyeliner in hand, lol. Look at the bottom of the box. I want a tshirt that says "Skips with liquid eyeliner" or something like that, hahaha.

The liner is very comfortable to hold and with the way the brush is, you can make a super thin line or a really bold one.

NYX The Curve Eyeliner

NYX The Curve Eyeliner

I'm so excited about the Glam Collection. It includes, 22 new eyeshadows, 11 shades of Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe, 12 shades of Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe, 9 new Aqua Luxe Glam's going to be some shimmering fun!! I have a few samples that were provided by the company and I'm going to show you sneak peeks with full reviews later as this is already a long post. But I really really want you to see what's coming from NYX and how beautiful these products are. Ok, super quick overview:

Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe, retail price $6.00. Left to right are Glory and Aurora. Glory is a shimmering rosey pink and Aurora is a shimmering nude gold. Both have multi-colored sparkles.

NYX Glam Lipstick

NYX Glam Lipstick

There is no scent or particular flavor to these lipsticks which apply like a dream. They feel like velvet going on and are lightweight in application. Sophisticated shimmer in a truly luxe feeling lipstick.

NYX Glam Lipstick

NYX Glam Lipstick

Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe, retail price $6.00. The light pink gloss is High Society. It has pink, gold and opal colored shimmers. The golden gloss is called VIP, a golden beige with multi-colored glitters. The glosses aren't sticky but have more of a lip balm type of feel. The sparkles lend themselves to good length of wear. These glosses are an awesome compliment to the lipsticks. I've been wearing them together often.

NYX Glam Gloss Aqua Luxe

The wand in the glosses is like a velvety paddle type. I think it's supposed to be straight but I got one that was straight and one that is bent. Either works as well as the other actually.

NYX Glam Gloss

NYX Glam Gloss

NYX Glam Gloss

Look at all the color in these glosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYX Glam Gloss swatches

Glam Liner Aqua Luxe, retail price $5.50. These are waterproof!!! And I mean the real kind of waterproof, not the fakey kind that people put the label on to sell product. These really last. The teal color is Glam Lagoon, a very shimmering bright turquoise. The olive is a darkened olive with golden sparkle and is called Glam Golden.

NYX Aqua Liners

NYX Glam Eyeliner Aqua Luxe

There is also a new finishing powder from NYX. It's HD Studio Finishing Powder made of 100% pure minerals. It looks white but is translucent. Wear it over makeup to set it, or wear it alone for a radiant look to your skin as it absorbes oil that you don't want. There is .21 oz of product in the jar and it retails for $10.00. I have a picture of it on my hand, but I'm not sure it shows the effect well, so I'm going to try some half/half face pictures, if they don't scare me to death. Until then...this is how the product looks:

NYX Studio HD Powder

NYX Studio HD Finishing Powder

And lastly, I want to give you some looks at the new palettes that NYX is bringing out. They are beautiful!!! Either could easily be a 'vacation in a palette'. Swatches and evaluation coming in the future, but for now, I hope you appreciate the beauty of these palettes. The Be Free set has a MSRP of $20, which is a steal!!! The Bohemian Chic set has an MSRP of $18...also a steal. Both sets have a fully mirrored top. FULL MIRROR!!

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free palette box

NYX Be Free palette

Oh, look!!! There's a surprise under the shadows!!

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Bohemian Chic Palette

NYX Bohemian Chic palette box

NYX Bohemian Chic Palette

Imagine that! There's a surprise under the Bohemian Chic shadows as well!!

NYX Bohemian Chic Palette

It's been a really long post but I can't wait to tell you all about the palettes once I've properly evaluated and swatched them. (Products provided by PR for consideration.) Have you used NYX yet? Do you have a love, disdain, or indifferent attitude toward such long posts? Which NYX product would you like to see explored in depth first? Thanks for hanging in and I hope you enjoyed all the photos.

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