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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Matadora Collection By Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer & Gelish Gel Polish - As Seen At Cosmoprof North America 2017

One of the first places we always talk about visiting as we prepare for Cosmoprof North America, is the Nail Alliance booth to check out what's new and happening  with Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer and Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish.  This year was no exception as we booked an appointment with THE Morgan and THE Taylor right away.  You might know that Morgan Taylor and Gelish are sister companies.  Morgan and Taylor are the daughters of the Gelish owners and have created a nail polish line with mirroring gel colors in Gelish formula.  You can often buy duo packs of Morgan Taylor and Gelish so that you can do matching tips and toes in gel and nail lacquer both.  Genius.  Much of the inspiration for the color stories comes from the fashion runways all over the world.  If you follow on social media channels, which I'll link below, you'll see the Morgan Taylor team polishing their hearts out at the biggest and best fashion shows.

The first color story for fall launches in August and is called Matadora.  The inspiration is from Spain and the richness of the fabrics seen in the culture and scenery of the historic country.  The collection has a rich feel and again, the lacquers and the gels match perfectly.  Here are the swatches.

I love the white satin feel of I'm Drawing a Blanco and I found Mauve Your Feet to be everything I'd want in a mauve nude cream.  I was really drawn to it!!  You can't do a Spanish themed color story without Don't Break My Corazon and All Tango-d Up, the orange red cream and deep red cream that you see above.  Danced and Sang-ria, the vampy purple cream, and Ole My Way, the deep navy blue shimmer are absolutely stunning when you see them in person.  I find this collection to be different, unique and captivating.

Look for these displays:

I love how the Gelish bottles have changed shape to match the Morgan Taylor stash.

You can learn more about Morgan Taylor by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Head to their blog to see what they've done at the various worldwide fashion weeks.  There is also a link to their Snapchat on the website.  Look for the lacquers online here and in stores at Ulta.

Follow Gelish on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  You can purchase them at Sallys Beauty Supply.

Did you see anything that you liked?  Which color story pulls on your inner artist most?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Morgan Taylor Ooh La La Nail Lacquer Collection and Nail Art

People, it is time to shine!!!  I'm recently from the Cosmoprof North America beauty trade show.  It's a show for professionals in the industry and for the press who cover the new ideas, trends, devices, and everything to help you be a more comfortable and beautiful you.  Read more about CPNA HERE and see why I went.

I attended for just a day and a half,  rather than the three full days in the past.  I don't have as many pictures and stories as you might be used to but we'll just talk about what we have.  Deal? OK.

The first place I went the first day was Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer and Gelish gel polish.  I always love to see their collections, talk about the inspiration behind them and see the duos that are put together with a color from each brand.  The idea is that you use the gel for nails and coordinate the polish for toes.  I like to do both gels and polish and often buy matching colors in each genre for when I want either type of manicure in a particular color, so having ready made duos is a win-win for me.

We'll talk more about what is coming out from both brands throughout the year in subsequent blog posts but today I want to bring you some colors from the Ooh La La Collection, which was released in May 2015.

Do You Harajuku, CanCanWe Dance. Postcards From Paris, Escargo To France

From left to right in the picture above are Do You Harajuku, (from the Hello Pretty collection this summer), CanCan We Dance?, Postcards From Paris and Escar-go To France.  The moment I saw these polishes, I visualized the manicure I knew I had to do.  It was in me and by golly, it had to come out.

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer is a professional brand that can be found in salons or online at their website.  They have really interesting collections and the duos with Gelish are fab! and worth purchasing if you find them.  The lacquers are $8.50 each with the perfect size of pro brush.  The brush makes polishing my fingers so easy!!  I hate the skinny brushes some brands have and a couple brands have a brush so wide that you could land a plane on it.  The Morgan Taylor brush is in between the two extremes and fits my nails perfectly.

I've always found the lacquers to apply smoothly and be self-leveling.  I generally use two coats without streaking.  That held true for these lacquers.  Let's see what I had in mind for these and I'll talk about each polish individually.

This is how my vision came out:

manicure, glitter, shimmer,

And now, let's look at each color.  The first one in the first picture above is from the Hello Pretty collection and is a pretty pale mint color.  Do You Harajuku has a pale minty-blue toned shimmer in it.  Barely seen on the nail, it adds depth and interest to the color and keeps it from looking flat.  I like it very much.  I like all of these colors very much.  I find them all appealing.  Do You Harajuku is on my pinky and worked well for the nail stripes on my ring finger.

nail art, swatches, review, mint, shimmer, manicure

The next nail polish is CanCan We Dance? from the Ooh La La Collection.  This color is on my thumb and middle finger.  It's a beautiful creamy color that has a violet shimmer to it.  I have nothing else like it.  None of my cameras could pick up the violet sheen.  :(

Ooh la la, nail polish, nail art, notd, nails, swatch

The third color in line is the gorgeous light turqoise cream Postcards From Paris.  It is on my middle finger with the nail art.  Such a pretty turqoise nail polish.

lacquer, swatch, nails, nail art

The fourth polish I used in my manicure is the outstanding glitter polish Escar-Go To France.  For my mani, I applied two coats over a coat of Do You Harajaku.  This polish has the other three colors in it.  I honestly like the glitter better by itself because all the colors show off whereas applying over mint doesn't make the mint particles as noticible.  It contains holographic squares and squares of light coral, light mint, light turqoise, as well as tiny micro holographic shimmers in a clear base.  It's such a beautiful mix of color!!

nail laquer, swatch, review

glitter, swatch, review, nails, nail art

All these colors go together perfectly and were an instant inspiration for my nail art.  It's simple but shows off all the beautiful colors.

glitter, cream, nail art, nail lacquer, swatches, review

nail polish, swatches, review

You can shop Morgan Taylor nail lacquers on their website and in salons.  The Urban Cowboy Collection is the latest grouping to be released and it's hot, hot, HOT!!  Use the links and you can find some of the colors already on sale!!!

Have you used Morgan Taylor nail lacquers?  Do you love the Gelish and Morgan Taylor gel/polish combos as I do?  How are you nailing your summer art?

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