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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


If you've read my blog awhile, or viewed my social media channels, you might remember me referring to Artis Brushes.  Artis set the makeup brush industry upside down with the uniquely formed and hand cut makeup brushes, which many other brand tries to copy.  Created by former MAC Cosmetics senior executive Matthew Waitesmith, these patented designer brushes are ergonomic, unique, funtional, performance driven and cruelty free.  People ask me often if other knock off brands are the same.  It's pretty simple...umm, no...not that I've tried every knock off but the ones that I have just haven't measured up to the quality of Artis.

Today, April 6th, on HSN, (Home Shopping Network), and HSN.COM, you will find Artis featured four times throughout the day on tv, (and all day online).  I think you'll enjoy the offerings.  I've got a youtube video that I'm currently working on that will talk a lot more about the performance and maintenance of the Artis and the Brushcraft by Artis products.  Look for that in the next couple of weeks.  Here's something that will be on HSN:

This is the Artis Double Palm brush set, mirrored finish.  Today it's on sale for $90, (reg. $110),  with free shipping.  If I had this brush, I'd use one in one hand bronzing up my bod and the other in the other hand highlighting the angles and curves of same bod.  It's definitely time to add some shimmer, contouring and highlight to arms and legs here in Phoenix.  And I could do it so much quicker with both palms gliding at the same time.  You can also purchase this superb brush as a single, on sale for $50, which is $15 off it's usual price.

There are introductory brush sets, cleaning items and even a spectacular set containing all the Artis line.  Check it out today on HSN, watch the shows and see how to use the brushes while gathering more knowledge about how they're made and what sets them apart.

If you miss the show, check out my previous Artis post or stop by the Artis Brush website to learn more.  They are the most exciting brushes you'll ever own.

What about you?  Have you dipped your palm into the Artis Brush pond yet?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Dreams Are Made With HSN Exclusive Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer

Sweet Dreams are made of this, who am I do disagree??!! You know the song; now meet the nail polish of the same name by Deborah Lippmann, sold exclusively right now thru HSN. This is my new favorite polish, hands down.
Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams 2

This is a beautiful hot pink jelly polish with flakies inside that reflect a fire within. You will see gold and orange firey flecks layered in the polish that make this nail lacquer truely unique.

The polish applies like the Sweet Dream that it is and I got the most incredible wear out of it. I wore it for a week before removing it to test some other polishes. I intend to wear this again very soon. I regret that it is so difficult to show how truly beautiful and multi-faceted it is in pictures. It just has so much life going on that it confuses the camera on where to focus.
Lippmann Sweet Dreams 3

Lippmann Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a brilliant creation. It is smooth once applied and super shiney, too. Yep, new favorite nail polish!
The Lippmann Collection Sweet Dreams

This is the third HSN Exclusive Deborah Lippmann polish I've purchased. I hope they release the exclusives in wider distribution since HSN has an aversion to shipping polish to Alaska. But for now, I am willing to jump thru hoops for the true beauties.

So what do you think? Are you as mesmorized by the volcanic fire in this one as I am?

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