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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mac Snowball Collection Holiday First Impressions

Guys, I have a video of first impressions and swatches of the Mac Snowball Collection items that I've gathered.  It's also listed in the weekly Beauty Spotlight Team roundup.  It's a little bit of a, I hope you'll enjoy it.

What's your impression of this collection?  Have you seen the cool snowflake displays on the counters?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tarte Cosmetics Goddess Glow Holiday 17 Highlighter Extravaganza

Yes, it's a highlighting extravaganza today!!!  I have something to show you that I purchased at the Sephora VIB Rouge Holiday Preview event.    I've already talked about the Fenty products that I purchased on youtube where I also introduced this piece of hot Tarte fire.  There are swatches and thoughts in the Fenty video linked and well as my video dedicated to the Tarte Goddess Glow Highlighter itself.  The highlighter has .42 gm of product for $35.  As of this writing it is available at Sephora and Tarte's website.  Tarte is a cruelty free vegan company.

The etching in the highlighter is to be remniscent of the tile work in Morocco.  I think they nailed it!!  I've used it five or six times already and the pattern is still well intact.  It'll take awhile to ruin the pattern with use.   There is a full mirror in this oversized compact.

The overall color is a delicate champagne beige with micro sparkles.  I think it swatches best in the video so if you'd like to see the swatches please watch the video.  I have some thoughts and tips there too.

I'm loving wearing this with all my tanks and cold shoulder tops.  It would be brilliant on the body during holiday season as well.  The teeny golden micro shimmers stay where you brush them on and don't fall off flaking all over.  It's a really well done highlighter.

Are you curious to see what else Tarte has coming out for holiday?  ME TOO!!!  I know there will be tons of stuff, Ulta Exclusives, Sephora Exclusives.  I'm getting curious!

You can follow Tarte Cosmetics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.  What do you think about this lovely?  What kind of makeup are you looking forward to this holiday season?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ha! #MyKindOfHoliday Instagrammed Christmas Card To Target

#mykindofHoliday, Christmas card

(Originally posted via Instagram)

This is my nephew and niece and their two small children.  I had to Instagram it to the Target hashtag of My Kind Of Holiday.  If you've ever had small children, you know exactly how my niece would feel in that moment and exactly how my nephew has that "well, what can you do" look.

I remember being very small and going to Grandma's house and being up super late until half or more of the kids were crying and the adults were know, good old family holiday, lol!!!!

Hahaha!  This is the best Christmas card I've ever received!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Orly And SpaRitual Nail Polish Collections As Seen at Cosmoprof 2012!!

A trip to the Cosmoprof booth which displayed both Orly nail polish and SpaRitual polishes and body products was both informative and exhilarating. I had just been able to purchase my first SpaRitual nail polish a week before at a Sephora out of town. I felt like I'd hit a gold mine being able to try this brand which to me was quite elusive. I'm hoping they bring it to the JC Penney Sephora in my home town.

SpaRitual has developed nail collections for 2012 based on the theme Earth Matters. This is a vegan company that has Big 3 free nail lacquers, which are eco-friendly. The current collection is called Gold. Each polish has actual gold particles in it.  It's not on-line at Sephora yet, but I really hope it makes it there because I love every one of these.

Sparitual Gold Nail Polish Collection

Also current is the Pigment collection, put out for summer 2012. I love beautiful rich pigments.

Sparitual Nail Polish

And coming for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the following collection. 20% of all sales go to Cancer Schmancer, founded by cancer survivor actress Fran Drescher.  Cancer Schmancer is dedicated to saving lives thru prevention and early detection of cancer.  I've lost many people to cancer and I always like to see companies providing a portion of proceeds to cancer research and detection.

Sparitual Breast Cancer Nail Polish Collection

The SpaRitual collection for fall is called Rock. I see the colors on Sephora on-line, but they're not currently in stock. Metal is the Christmas collection. Do you not just LOVE the SpaRitual bottle? I love the shape and the handle. It feels so decadent to hold the bottle.

Our tour guide, John, also introduced us to the spa products. Oh my word!! They have the best hand cream that I think I've ever used. Apply it and your hands look 15 years younger. I would love to use this for every nail swatch photo I take. It would be fabulous. It smells great and feels even better.

Around the corner of the booth was the Orly display. Naturally, I about tripped over the other bloggers to get to the glitter. GLITTER. Orly had a lovely Flash Glam FX display. I would love to run into this somewhere. The only place in my town that sells Orly is Sally's, and I haven't seen a new Orly there since the original six piece Flash Glam release in the beginning of July. I am dying for more of these. Let's ooooh and ahhhh at them a little, shall we?

Orly Nail Polish

Orly glitter nail polish

Orly nail polish

Orly nail polish

Orly nail polish

Orly nail polish

I missed the last photo on the lower right. The black is Orly's Liquid Vinyl, a rich black which is perfect to show off the Flash Glam FX polishes. John gave us a little flyer that shows each of the top coats, which you can also see on their website linked above.

Orly Nail Polish

Orly nail polish

The Orly Fired Up Collection premiers September 1, 2012, with some rich fall tones.

Orly Fired Up Nail Polish Collection

Halloween brings Spellbound, a nice display which repromotes three Flash Glam FX colors as well as Liquid Vinyl.

Orly Spellbound Nail Polish

October, also being the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, showcases Orly's Pretty In Pink. The colors are Flash Glam FX colors with a nice breast cancer ribbon charm. Like their sister company SpaRitual, Orly is donating 20% of all proceeds to Cancer Schmancer.

Orly Pretty In Pink Polish Collection

And finally, we have the holiday 2012 collection called Naughty Or Nice. John was a total gentleman telling us he wouldn't ask which we were. Lol, I think it was pretty obvious. :)


Orly has such great Christmas collections!! I love every color in this one. I'm really looking forward to the new releases.

Which nail collections are on your wishlist this fall through the New Year?