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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Sexiest Red Nail Polish Ever - Julie G Sunset Kiss Nail Polish!! Swatches & Review

Half of my review is in the title. I found the Julie G nail polish in Sunset Kiss, (10 ml/$3.99) to be the sexiest nail polish I've worn. It's a brilliant slightly cool toned red with tons of cherry and red shimmers in it that give a three dimensional depth on the nails. It's almost got a hidden holographic effect as the glimmers flash golden like the sunset at the corners of the fingernail.

My camera has trouble splitting the difference between skintone and the brilliant shimmer within quality of the polish.  Look at the left edge of the bottle.  Do you see how the glimmers look orangey at different angles?  They're cherry straight on and orange toned at the angle.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

There is so much drama put into this one classy red polish.  How can they do it at such a great price?

Here is a picture in regular home lighting.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

Right?  RIGHT?!?!  A sexy red, cherry and orange.  Such an awesome polish.  Pay no attention to me spelling my own name wrong in the font.  lol    I used Julie G Jet Set Quick Dry Top Coat to finish my polish.  It is definitely a quick dry shiny top coat that doesn't shrink at the tips or elsewhere.  Two manicured thumbs up from me.  The Julie G division of Jesse's Girl Cosmetics also offers a Gel Effect and a Matte top coat.  I'd like to get both of those.

I'm very impressed with Julie G polishes.  These were given to me as a gift but it's my honest opinion that the brand is one of the top in the polish market.  They apply smoothly and wear brilliantly.  I don't have any chips, flaking or application trouble with them.

Julie G and Jesse's Girl Cosmetics can be purchased on the Jesse's Girl Website, in store at Rite Aid, and on  
Be sure to follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now on Snapchat as well.

If you'd like to read more about Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Julie G or read more about my meeting with her when I attended Cosmoprof North America one year, you can check that out here.

Have you ever met a beauty celebrity?  Who was or is your favorite?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Back Stage Collection Eye Shadow Palettes - Pics, Swatches, and Reviews

Today I am bringing you some eyeshadow palettes from the cruelty-free brand Jesse's Girl Cosmetics.  It's been nearly five years since I met Jesse and Julie G at their booth at Cosmoprof North America.  It's hard to believe it's been that long but what a blast that was.  Jesse is hilarious and Julie G is kind and warm and I just fell in love with her.  When the opportunity came to review the Sounds Of The City and the Natural Nudes Collection eyeshadow palettes, I jumped at the chance to work with them again.  Let's take a look.

The Natural Nudes Collection palette, ($6.99), has ten warm shades ranging from a very light beige to a deep brown.  The idea is that you can easily take this from day to night.  Just pop it in your purse and you're ready to go anytime.  It works from home to office to a night out and is travel friendly.  When I gave a first glance on my social media channels, people were dying to see it swatched and reviewed.  You can see why.

Isn't it pretty?  It weighs 13 grams so it won't add bulk to your carry-on bag or your purse or backpack.  It's got a nice ten pan selection of nudes...and hello, aren't we all just drawn to that amber in the top row?  Yaaaaaaas!!

It swatches nicely.  Because it is a nude palette, you're sure to find one of the colors will match your skintone and the bottom, second from the left, matched mine.  However with a primer, you can enjoy any of the colors.  Here is the top row in full on sun:

And inside my house:

And the bottom row:

And all together.

I've been wearing both palettes a lot over the past couple of weeks to get a feel for them so that I can give you my analysis.  Somehow during that time, I didn't get a picture.  I sent a lot of pictures to Snapchat but only saved one dorky picture from Snap...if you want to see it.  I was trying out the Jesse's Girl matte liquid lipstick in the color Angelic.  It's a beautiful coral rose.  These are one of my top three favorite liquid lipstick formulas.  It's lightweight when you apply it and yet is very long lasting.  Super comfortable to wear and not drying whatsoever.   They are just $3.99 each and I'm going to need every color!!

The other Back Stage Collection shadow palette is called Sounds Of The City.  I love that name.  I was ecstatic when I saw the cool toned nudes.  How often do you see a cool toned shadow palette anywhere anymore, especially one with nudes?!?!?

Again, you can take this palette from easy daytime to dramatic evening, and I've done so.  For my skintone, the three shades on the top row that look similar...they show up similar on my eyes as well.  For my personal coloring, more variation of these shades might make the palette a little better for me but at $6.99, I'm not complaining!!!  I'm getting several looks that I can wear.

To me, the matte shades on the bottom of the palette have a stronger payoff than in the Natural Nudes Collection.  Aren't these fun?  You can certainly mix and match the palettes...I haven't done so yet in order to keep my opinion of each pure and set on each particular palette.  I've worn this one a lot.

As a matter of fact, during the SAG Awards, I was observing the makeup trends and was playing around with a red carpet look.  I noted all the nude eyes that I saw.  It was like the Louvre...there were nudes everywhere!!!  So I grabbed the Sounds Of The City Collection to do the beige lids that I was seeing, and threw a little drama in the crease to satisfy my craving and this is what I came up with.

I'm having a lot of fun creating with these palettes.  They have medium pigmentation...not too light and not too heavy.  The colors are buildable.  I have to be careful with the Sounds Of The City Collection or I can make it too monotone on my skintone.  You just can't beat the bargain of this cruelty-free brand.

You can purchase Jesse's Girl Cosmetics at their website,, and Rite-Aid.  Don't overlook this brand.  They have some of my favorite nail polishes and lipglosses, too.  Be sure to keep up with them on social media on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and now on Snapchat as well.

What are your favorite items from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jesse's Girl Lip Lock Liquid Glass Lipgloss Swatches and Review

I want to tell you about a girl I knew in high school named Lisa. I was older than her by a couple of years and I remember when I first met her as a freshman.  She was all elbows and knees and just tiny! She was so much shorter than I was and what I remember most was how gangly she looked as a youngster running and skiing.  Lisa later made a name for herself as a leader in women's running events around town.  I remember a couple years ago my shock at seeing interviews on the news where it was announced that Lisa was fighting breast cancer.  She was wearing a tell-tale scarf on her head and talking of her determination to beat this disease. 

 It showed me that you can be in the best of shape, literally at the top of your game physically, and breast cancer can still reside in your body.  This disease doesn't play fair; it knows no bounds.  It strikes men and women; the fit and unfit.  It has no regard for race or religion.  It is a terror that every woman fears and many men and women know first hand.  It wounds bodies, spirits and families.  And this is why we fight and fight to win.  This is why we bring awareness to this disease.  We need better treatments.  We need support for patients and families for physical, spiritual, emotional and financial needs.  We fight like girls, and we fight to win.  Never give up.  Never surrender.

Today's pink offering is Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Liquid Glass Lipgloss in the color Lip Lock.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Liquid Glass Lipgloss, Lip Lock, swatches

Lip Lock is a baby pink. It's a delicious light pink color with a little shimmer. The lipgloss wears very well and tastes a little like vanilla. I really like it. This gloss was given to me by the company during Cosmoprof LV 2012.  It's a great color and I like the gloss formula so well that I had to hunt down a Rite Aid while I was across the country so that I could purchase a few more.
Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Lipgloss, Lip Lock, swatch

Can I say one more time that I really love these glosses? I need someone in my area to carry Jesse's Girl!!  (I'm looking at YOU, Fred Meyer!!)

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Lipgloss, Lip Lock, swatch

Be sure to visit them online, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Liquid Glass lipglosses retail for approximately $3.99, which is a bargain for the quality!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Julie G, and Fun At Their Cosmoprof 2012 Booth

Several previous blog posts alluded to the great time I had visiting the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics booth at Cosmoprof 2012.  I told you about our blogger friends getting makeovers by makeup artist Rebecca Rachael and the brush sleeve she created but I haven't yet told you about the booth and everything I learned there.

First of all, I met Jesse, who is hilarious.  He was obviously having a great time at the show.  His company has all kinds of cosmetics as well as nail polish.



Jesse has something really special he's putting out this year and he wanted us to know all about it, so he introduced us to YouTube guru Julie G. Behind Julie G, you see a pink arrow which points to Jesse's head. Two celebrity sightings in one!


Julie told us her cosmetic and youTube history, which is really pretty impressive. There she was, minding her own business making her cosmetic videos, and one day, Jesse contacted her asking her to collaborate on a nail polish collection. Can you imagine sitting behind your computer screen and a company asks you to help them design a collection? Wow. And thus, the collection Julie G was born.


27 colors are currently being introduced at RiteAid with an additional 27 by the end of the year. They will retail for $3.99. Check out this awesome polish rack created for her's so cool!


I took the next photo as Julie showed us a few of her polishes. In the background is her cellphone case which was sent to her by a fan. It's fun, peppy, sparkly and full of personality, just like Julie herself. Meeting her was really fun.


We were sent home with a few things to try from the line. I want to show you this neutral eyeshadow palette. It goes from shimmering yellow to satiny taupe with some harmonizing colors in between.


In flash photography, the yellow on the left is blinded and doesn't show well.


You can see it better without the flash.



And, of course, swatches!!!



This palette is available in several different color formations and retails for $3.99. It can be purchased online or in-store if you live in an area that Jesse's Girl Cosmetics are carried.  I've worn this a couple of times and the wear time was good. I had no problems with creasing or fading. The only problem was that my pictures didn't look as good as that cutie Julie G, so I leave you with a picture of her and her creations instead.


My gratitude goes to Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Rebecca Rachael and Julie G. for their time. We had a blast. 

(Sample palette was provided by the company.  All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  See disclosure for more information.)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Did I See Makeup At Cosmoprof North America? You Bet I Did!!!

Lest you should think that Cosmoprof North America was all about nails, I must show you some other items that I've seen. This is another overview post before I begin a loooooong series of brand dedicated posts. I want to show you some of the variety of what I've seen while in Las Vegas as a show attendee.   So much to see and do; let's view the tip of the cosmetic iceberg.

Shany Cosmetics had a booth full of makeup, nail polish and brushes. Brushes!!! I couldn't get over the brushes. The fan brush in the picture below was about the size of my palm. It's obviously for bodies and it was absolutely fabulous!

Shany Brushes

They had all different kinds of makeup kits. Eyeshadows only, blushes only, and full makeup sets. This one was an attractive rainbow of shades that really appealed to me.

Shany Eye Shadow Palette

They even had nail polishes that matched their nail art stripers.


Something that I am always captivated by is eye color enhancing items. When I heard that Andrea Lashes had an eye color enhancing kit, I oooed and ahhhhed and snapped a quick picture. I think this is such a great idea!! Sorry for the blurriness. I was leaning over and around bodies in the area to get the picture. Oh you bodies, you big sillies!!

Andrea Lashes

And speaking of lashes, the group that reps Andrea and Ardell had provided people to apply lashes for us, if we wanted. Check out these ones that Ria from Ria Loves Pawlish picked out!!  Awesome feathers!!

Ria's Lashes

Stopping by Cherimoya, I found the 2012 Crackle line that I reviewed previously.  But they had so much, much more.  There were glitter polishes and all kinds of makeup.  Beautiful facial products as well as these lip stick and gloss collections.

Cherimoya Lipstick

Cherimoya Lip Gloss

I have quite a few LA Girl nail polishes. I can purchase them locally at Dollar Zone or Fred Meyer. They both have great selections. What I hadn't seen before was the makeup that LA Girl has. Look at these cute eye palettes!!

LA Girl Color Eyeshadow

LA Colors  was conveniently across the aisle from LA Girl.  It's like I was on I-5 or something!  I also am able to purchase their nail polish locally, but haven't had the chance to view their cosmetics in person.  Oh, they have so many cute things to choose from!! I really liked these eye color booklets.

LA Colors Eyeshadow Palettes

I had a fabulous meeting at NYX Cosmetics that I'll be telling you about in depth soon. NYX isn't currently available to me locally, but there is good news, Alaskan peeps!! Fred Meyer is considering bringing the brand to us. Let's work together to see that it happens. This is what a full store display looks like. I'll be bringing you more soon from NYX.

NYX Store Display

There's nothing like looking at makeup that inspires you to...get a makeover!!! At Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Rebecca, was doing makeovers. Lindsey from Neverland Nail Blog got her makeup applied and I've never been more jealous in my life.  Rebecca is a wonderful artist!!  I was just wearing too darned much makeup to start with to jump in the chair.

Rebecca and Lindsey

Can you see what's on Rebecca's arm? It's her genius creation, the brush sleeve. Fits all sized arms as it has some elastic that will stretch as needed. But, seriously, this is every makeup artist's dream!!!! And I WILL own one!!! I WILL!! I've mentioned here so many times that I'm a brush fiend and the number one rule is always take care of your brushes. This is a great way to do so while working.  It keeps your brushes safe, neatly organized and very handy.

Brush sleeve

Rebecca Rachael has an amazing resume'!!  You should check it out.  It's really impressive.  Look at how happy Lindsey is with her look which took her right from the show to our dinner meeting.


I know this has been a long post, and it's about makeup, but I'm going to leave you with a teaser.....China Glaze. I'll be doing a full rundown on China Glaze soon. There is some confusion on what the bloggers are allowed to tell you right away and what we need to wait on, so as soon as I have clearance, I'll bring you more China Glaze. Here is one collection I know it ok to post now; Avant Garden. Oh the polish names in this collection are so cute!!!

China Glaze Avant Garden

And I leave you with a look at some of the swatches from this collection. Do you see the one called Keep Calm, Paint On? That has been my mantra for 20 years. Whether I was painting a canvas, an item, a face or nails, I've always found the use of a brush to be soothing and therapeutic. I've always said that I could solve the world's problems while painting. Brush strokes just sooth the savage beast and make all problems disappear. Painting, whether thru art, makeup or nail polish, is the world's greatest mental health healer, bar none.

China Glaze Avant Garden

There you go, loyal readers, Keep Calm and Paint On!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cosmoprof North America: What is it? Why did I go? And Sneak Peeks!!

Color Club Holographic

What? Holographic nail polish? How did that get there? Via Color Club.  Maybe it's not a good idea to start a post with a fuzzy iphone photo, but it is a good idea to start with a holo polish!

Before we get into that, let's talk about what Cosmoprof North America is and why I was there.   

It's a large cosmetic trade show featuring beauty brands of all, cosmetics, skin care, nails, salon products.  It's a business to business show where the beauty industry can come together for four days and showcase the best of the new and the best of the established.  Companies from all over the world bring their products to display and demonstrate and buyers from salons and every retailer from Nordstrom to Walmart is there to find things to fill their nitch.

I, along with many other bloggers, were media partners with CosmoprofLV, and we attended to report on the items and companies that we found press worthy.  But let me tell you, this show is HUGE!!!!!  There are four sections, or pavillions, and many of us weren't prepared for the scope of the show.  Beautiful plush white carpeting lead us from section to section.  I felt like Dorothy wearing her ruby slippers and skipping down the plush white road.


 Coming back home, I feel like I missed more than I saw, but I got to know some great bloggers.  Wonderful people, and I wouldn't change that for anything!!  Confessions of A Sarcastic MomRia Loves Pawlish and I were connected at the hip.  Or in the case of Destany and Ria, they were connected at the first smack of a camera to a head.  We got to spend a lot of time with Lindsay from Neverland Nail Blog and Carly of Lacquered Lover.  Blogger buds for life!!  Woot!!  My personal thanks to Krystal from Polish Galore for making this an event for bloggers to remember.  Krystal put in a lot of hard work and dedication which made our work a breeze and our experience top notch.  I couldn't possibly thank her enough.

So I promised a sneak peek of some things I saw.  This is the first:

Yeah, that's right.  A picture from my room.  I had the whole strip at my feet, although I was too busy to visit it.  I want to feature some items today and I'll cover them in depth in later postings, but I just have to whet your whistle as mine was.

Our first night in Las Vegas, we had a dinner meeting with Katie Cazorla, who owns the salon The Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, CA, and is the star of the reality show Nail Files.  You can tell she's not at all a dull date!!

We stopped by the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics booth where we met with YouTube guru Julie G.  She was so sweet and cute and just like the most delicious cupcake.  Talking with her just made you want to talk more.  Here is Krystal from Polish Galore with Julie G.
I have some wonderful items to tell you about that I saw at their booth!!  I realize I'm running long so I'm going to quickly show you some awesome pictures of other things to come.  Let's talk Sation nail polish.  We were overwhelmed by their booth.  Wow!  And oh, the glitters!!!!  Wonderful complex glitters...matte ones too!  Look at their beautiful rainbow rack!!

Sation Nail Polish

Sation Glitter Nail Polish

Sation Nail Polish

I was captivated by the allure of the cosmetic tattoos I saw when I stopped by Eye Rock.

Eye Rock Crystal Tattoos

We saw a guaranteed sell-out at the Orly booth.

Orly Spellbound Nail Polish

NCLA had some of the prettiest nail wraps I've ever seen.

NCLA Nail Stickers

Layla Cosmetics has so many awesome products out!!  We had a business meeting with them one night and not only did I learn a lot about their company, but I learned a whole lot about the nail industry in general.  The ladies were so great!!!!  Here's a preview of what they have. That's right!! New holographic polishes!!!

Layla Cosmetics Holographic Nail Polish

And, finally for today, I have a new company that I'm excited about and will be featuring in days to come. LACC was in the Discover Beauty section that featured brand new items. I love love love the pigment in their polishes.

LACC Nail Polish

Phew, I think this is my longest post to date. But I have so much to tell you and so much to cover...I am just overflowing with information that I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did learning it. What a wonderful experience CosmoprofLV was. It was crazy busy but I loved every minute of it.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the show, or to request coverage of your favorite items seen here or on other blogs.