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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review! KB Shimmer & Color4Nails Exclusive Nail Polishes Berried In The Sand And What The Shell

Today's post will blow your socks off!! I have the two KB Shimmer nail polishes which are exclusive to the Color4Nails website for you!  They were just released in August '16, and are only found at

First I want to bring What The Shell to you.  This is a taupe crelly nail polish with holographic glitter bits and a light pink micro-shimmer.

holo, holographic

Do you see the holographic particles in the bottle?  You won't see a strong holo on the fingers, but rather a sparkle bit here and there.  The color of this polish is totally on trend and will be completely appropriate from home to work to a night on the town.  It's pretty, applies very well and wears like you'd expect a KB Shimmer to wear.  What you see on my hand is two coats.

holo, holographic

The second exclusive polish is called Berried In The Sand.  It is a raspberry toned polish with flaming linear holographic-ness.  Hold onto your shorts for the pictures because this baby is HOT FIRE!!!  I'm going to show you a few pictures from different angles so that you can kind of get the varying shades as the light hits it.  I think the first picture shows the tone of the berry pretty well.

holo, holographic, swatches, hot fire

But wait!  There's more.  Move your hand around and really indulge in the holo!!

holo, holographic, hot fire

holo, holographic, hot fire

holo, holographic, hot fire

This polish has the most flaming red and orange holo that I've seen.  It totally confuses the camera as it dances like an aurora.  It's amazing.  And the best raspberry shade I've ever had the pleasure to own.  You want it, you need it, you better get them before they're gone.

I thought you might like to see if the polish is holo or not inside...because sometimes the holo isn't as vibrant inside until sun hits it.  The following picture was taken at night in my dining room with no flash.

holo, holographic, hot fire

RIGHT?!!?  I'm wearing two easy coats which practically applied themselves.  It's SO smooth.  Both of the KB Shimmer exclusives for are necessary in your nail wardrobe, in my opinion.  Each retails for $10.

Follow Color4Nails on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  You can follow KB Shimmer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Aren't these colors great?  What do you think?  What's on your nails??

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Nail Art with KB Shimmer and Painted Polish

I've had a nail art idea in my mind for awhile that I wanted to try close to Valentine's Day.  I used 3 KB Shimmer nail polishes and one holo jelly from Painted Polish.  I've really enjoyed it the past week.  These are the polishes I used for my manicure:

nail art, Falling For Hue, holo, Foiled, Frisky In Fuchsia, Leaf of Faith

From left to right as you read:  KB Shimmer Falling For Hue, KB Shimmer Foiled, KB Shimmer Leaf Of Faith and Painted Polish Frisky in Fuchsia.

nail art, valentine's day, manicure

I just ADORE the off-white with glitter crellies by KB Shimmer.  I'd like to say they're my favorite of her line, but I feel that way about every one of her polishes that I use.  Having said that, the crelly shimmers are my favorite, and Falling For Hue is my favorite of the crellys.  :)  There are purple and red glitter specks of all shapes and sizes that reflect color as the light hits.  Each glitter speck provides holographic depth to the white crelly.  It applies like a dream and I used two coats on my middle finger.  Sad to tell you it is a retired color.

KB Shimmer Foiled, ($9.25), well the name just does a great job of describing it.  It is loaded with small silver metallic flakes.  It applies so smoothly!!!  I was really curious about the silver metallic polishes at KB Shimmer, and whether they would buckle as the flakes hit each other....I was so silly!  I should have known they'd be absolutely smooth as glass.  Just two coats are used as a base for the nail art on my thumb, ring and index fingers.  It's hard for me to take a great picture of this because it's so reflective, so bear that in mind when you see the manicure pics.  Foiled is everything I ever could have hoped it would be.

holo, holographic, jelly, red, nail art, manicure

Leaf of Faith, ($8.75), is a deep red jelly with red, gold and orange glitters that make this polish really come alive!!  I think a plain red jelly in this color would be super fantastic, too.  You can see the random holographic specks in Leaf of Faith to really draw you in.  I used this for nail art on my ring finger.  If I hadn't already had so many fingers full of polish, I would have done a full finger in this, too.  The sad part is that the nail art on my ring finger is really hard to photograph given the sparkle of the polishes and the size of the nail vinyls that I used.

nail art, Valentines Day, nail vinyls

Holy snap!!!  Painted Polish Frisky In Fuchsia, ($10), is everything you could ever want in a pinky fuchsia holographic polish!  It looks like a delicious jam and the holo is mainly red and violet and can spark shades of gold and orange.  It also applies smoothly and with ease.  I used two coats on my pinky and one coat with a nail vinyl on my index finger.  Obviously I'll need more polishes from this line.  Everything about this polish was outstanding.

nail art, metallic, holographic

So that's my mani.  Those are lips on my ring finger plus a heart shaped jewel.  I just couldn't get it to come out in photos.  Don't you think that KB Shimmer needs to bring back Falling for Hue?  Love that white crelly glitter!!!  Shoot, I really love all the polishes I used.

You can shop KB Shimmer's nail polish along with bath and body products HERE and Painted Polish HERE.  Their websites contain links to all their social media sites.  I love a great indie nail polish and these are.  They make me feel all lovey and mushy....just like Valentine's.  Who needs chocolate when you can have nail polish?!?!?!?!

Please visit the other blogs linked for more manicure ideas.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

4 KB Shimmer Fall 2015 Collection Nail Polishes, Swatches and Review

Halloween, glitter, crelly, jelly, swatches, review

Today I have four nail polishes from the new Fall 2015 Collection by KB Shimmer that launched this week to celebrate fall and Halloween.  The full collection is 12 polishes and I'm pleased to show you 1/3 of it today.

In the picture above, the four polishes are:
Talk Qwerty To Me, a smooth shimmering teal nail polish, that contains teal and gold microshimmers.  I'd like to emphasize that this is a shimmer that applies smooooooothly.

Be Scareful, an white crelly polish that contains orange and black shapes in circles, hexes, stars and triangles.  And it glows in the dark!!

Dark & Twisty, a black jelly with multiple colors of fine metallic glitters that glow when the light hits them like 1000 Christmas lights.

Teal It To My Heart, a teal cream one coat wonder.

I love them all.  The first manicure I did was with Be Scareful and Dark & Twisty

crelly, jelly, review

I have just a couple of comments about each polish.  I LOVE the whitish crellys done by KB Shimmer with the different glitters, so I was thrilled to get this one.  The glitters went on easily without a lot of fishing and one thing that I found really fun was the designs that the glitters combine to make.  One triangle combined with a dot to look like a tree...a good reminder Christmas will be here before we know it!!  And the orange!!  Look about in the middle of the bottle below.

And imagine the surprise I got when I went to bed the first night and saw my nails glowing!!

Halloween, jelly, crelly, glitter, swatches

I wore Be Scareful with Dark & Twisty.  Any fraction of light that hits this polish results in an explosion of flashing color.  It should come with a 'don't wear while driving" disclaimer because you get totally drawn into the beautiful bright flecks.

It applies like a dream and I was honestly so surprised at how much life is in this.  It's my favorite of the four I have.

You can see that it even sparkles brightly on a cloudy day as below.  Three coats.

The second manicure I did had a teal theme.  I used Teal It To My Heart and Talk Qwerty To Me for a little nail art.  Teal It To My Heart is a one-coater.  Both polishes are really smooth to apply and wear very well.

Halloween, swatches, talk Qwerty to Me, Teal It To My Heart

My camera had the most trouble capturing Talk Qwerty To Me adequately.  Trust me, it's a really pretty teal shimmer.

Fall 2015

Both colors are such pretty teals!!  Below in the sun:

nail polish

And in studio lighting:

nail polish

There are eight more pretty polishes in the Fall 2015 KB Shimmer collection.  The polishes are a steal with prices ranging from $7.50 to $8.75 for a large 15 ml bottle.  While you're there, be sure to pick up the Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat.  It's only $5.50 and is a total winner in the quick dry department.

KB Shimmer also sells a variety of tools, hand and body care, as well as nail art products.  Their products are fun and affordable.

What colors are you rocking for fall?  Have you checked out the KB Shimmer Fall 2015 Collection?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Received A Few New KB Shimmer Polishes

I'm getting ready to do a complete inventory on my KB Shimmer nail polishes.  I have so many now that I'm afraid I could mess up and double order.  I wanted you to get a quick look at some of the new Holiday polishes.

KB Shimmer holiday nail polish

via Instagram 

From left to right they are:  All Elf'ed Up, Merry Pinkmas, and Strung Out.  From the moment I saw Merry Pinkmas, I just had to have it.  It's so pretty.

When you shop on KB Shimmer, (which has many other products in addition to nail polish), you receive reward points.  I haven't been able to redeem any yet, but when I do, I may shop more from the Winter Collection.

Have you purchased any KB Shimmer nail or bath and body products?  Which are your favorite?  What is your favorite Indie nail polish company?

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