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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mac Bloggers Obsession Sonoran Rain Lipglass Swatch and Review FOTD

Recently, Mac Cosmetics chose nine bloggers for a special collection of eyeshadows and lipglasses called Bloggers Obsession. Today I feature for you a lipglass created by blogger Aileen de los Angeles called Sonoran Rain. Read more about her inspiration on her website The Shades of U. This gloss was my lip of choice on July Fourth as I wore some red, white and blue and made it the focus of my face that day.

Sonoran Rain is described as a deep reddened coral with gold and silver shimmers. A close-up picture shows this well.

It was kind of a blustery day that day. I have some really hilarious photos of my hair flying in every direction, but I won't bore you with those, I'll just show you some typical "look at a full face shot of this gloss" photos.

On the eyes, I am wearing Sephora's jumbo waterproof liner pencils in Taupe and Grey. They wore very well with no creasing and I applied them without my usual eye prepping ritual. LORAC 3D was my mascara of choice. Dior Aurora glossed over my cheeks. Here's a closed eye picture so you can kind of see the pencils on the eyes.

I can't seem to help wrinkling my nose like a bunny in the sun. Maybe I need to try some kind of instant freeze thing to put on my nose/cheek before going outside to take photos. Who knows, maybe it could work?

I will review all the Blogger's Collection Lipglasses in one post, but I'm having a lot of fun working with them and I really feel that they seem to be superior in texture and wear to any regular lipglass that I've worn prior.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wet N Wild Cool As A Cucumber Eyeshadow Trio Plus Mac Blogger's Obsession Lipglass All My Purple Life Swatches and Review

That was pretty much the longest title in the history of blogging but today I want to emphasize two awesome products from two different companies that I combined for a look that was fun and both products are going to get a lot of use in my makeup arsenal.

First up is the Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio entitled Cool As A Cucumber. It comes with a sponge applicator and a little brush. There is a shimmery green, a shimmery plummy purple and a shimmery light mint color.

I swatched the colors with my fingertips on my hand. It gave me a good idea of the shimmer, although lightly.

The amount of pigment transferred to my fingertips impressed me. Wet N Wild shadows have such great pigment!!! The best in the drugstore, and for only $2.99!! Check it out!

Next, I laid down some Nars Smudgeproof shadow base on my hand and swatched again, with a result that was more suitable for pictoral exposure.

After all this investigation, I had to put the trio on the eyes, right? I have several different photos in different lighting as I'm trying to find the best way to photograph in full on sun and in my vacation locale. It's quite a challenge to me.

My Look of The Day was finished off with LORAC 3D mascara, Dior Aurora Bronzer and a new lipglass by Mac as part of the Blogger's Obsession Collection. Mac Cosmetics took the cosmetic and blogging worlds by storm when they brought together nine beauty bloggers, asking to each take their individual vision and use it to create one product, either an eyeshadow or a lipglass.

The lipglass I've featured in this look today was created by blogger Patrice Yursik known in the blogosphere as Afrobella. Check out her blog for her vision, but continue on to see what that vision became. Mac describes this gloss as a deep purple grape color with light sparkle. Oh, but it is so much more!

In the tube, it seems to be a non-assuming deep purple, but it's interest and individuality explodes once set free.

It is deep violet toned. My favorite!!! I am loving purples for the lips lately and anything that is a red toned purple comes home to mama. Some sparkle just ensures it won't be far from my hot little hands.

You HAVE to know this about this looks great when first applied. It looks JUST as great after several hours which include eating and drinking. This is one of the best lipglasses I've ever used. As it wears, it wears to a shiny plum stain. It still looks like you're wearing gloss. It's amazing! I don't know how they did it, but honestly, this is the best wearing gloss I've used. EVER!

I've got to show you the evidence...after drinking a coke on the way to eat, a coke, water and tea at the restaurant and eating...this is how it looked in the restaurant with no touchup. See what you notice besides the awkward restaurant lighting. PF Chang's by the way. Yum!

Seriously!!!! How can that be? I have no liner or lipstick layered beneath and my gloss still looked fabulous!! Outstanding!!!

So I've showed you the after photo, now I'll show you the before with pictures of everything together in different locations with different lighting as I try to discover my photo spot while I'm here. :)

The middle picture above was so darned flattering, I just couldn't wait to show it to you, (bleh), but it is in a different lighting, so vanity can be pushed aside to show you fabulous products. I really think Patrice made this lipglass with me in mind. Try it and see if you don't feel exactly the same!

Currently out of stock on, it can be purchased for $14.50 in the US when it comes back online.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lancome Color Design All-In-One 5 Shadow Palette Taupe Craze Swatches and Review

It's my opinion that the Color Design All-In-One 5 Shadow palettes are the best eyeshadows Lancome has ever made. In each palette, you have a base shade, a lid shade, a crease color, a highlight and a liner. Of course you can use any of the shades in any pattern that you wish, but there is a plastic covering over the shades that designates these colors as such, if you desire to use them that way. Taupe Craze is....well, just brimming with Taupe.

Most of the shades have a little shimmer, except the middle shade, (the crease shade), it is a matte taupe. The hand swatch shows the base shade, lid shade, crease shade, highlight and then the liner, in that order.

In case you lose the little insert and aren't sure how to apply the shades, Lancome has provided a nice fold out insert in the packaging that shows a day look on one side and then how to boost it up to a night time look on the other.

I have the fold out insert pictured in my review of the Lancome Amethyst Glam Palette.

Additionally, I have tried to show the palette in use. The first picture is a little blurry, sorry, but it shows the color well.

I have reviewed three of these palettes so far and have purchased four, so I still have a review to go. I have had great wear from all the shades with the exception of the crease shade in this palette. For some reason, crease is the word that describes it well. I've worn it about four times and every time it has creased on me. The Emerald Boudoir Palette has a very similar crease shade but I've had no problems with it whatsoever. In both pictures, I am wearing Dior Aurora bronzer on cheeks with LORAC 3D mascara.

Ok, and in the second picture, I was going garage saling at some unGodly hour so I'm looking a little rough, but you get the idea of the 5 shadow palette in use.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011 Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner Rose Platine Review and Swatches

The new Chanel Summer color story is fabulous for Chanel lovers. I believe that one of the star standouts of the Les Fleurs d'Ete de Chanel collection is the waterproof eyeliner in Rose Platine. It is a shimmering taupe color, which takes on silvery or rose tones depending on lighting and your skin color. The MA raved about it's use on the waterline, as she was wearing it. It's definitely waterproof as I've tested that aspect extensively already. It is $29 wherever Chanel is sold.

The liner is in a roll-up applicator.

I have arm swatches and eye swatches for you to view. On the eyes, I wore nothing but the new Mac highlighting primer and LORAC 3D mascara and applied Rose Platine underneath the bottom lashes. I hoped that it would be easiest for you to see it that way in photographs, with no other distractions.

Perhaps I should have applied it heavier for the photographs, but in real life, it's just the perfect accent. Here it is on my arm, which is kinda tanned right now, more so than my face:

My goodness, that's pretty!! More Chanel Summer 2011 reviews to come!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mac Quite Cute Giggly Blush, Miss Behave Blush and Party Time lipstick Swatches and Review

Meet Mac Miss Behave Mineralized Blush. She had me at Hello.

I previewed the Mac Quite Cute Collection when I was passing thru a rather large Nordstrom that sets the new items out a couple weeks ahead so they can take preorders. I swiped this blush and saw that it is perfect for a highlighter, reminding me very much of Lightscapade MSF. Here is a photo of the peach swatched, the teal shimmer swatched, and the two mixed and swatched. It's the mix that reminds me of the natural glow I get from Lightscapade.

My very first Mac Quite Cute face involved swiping Miss Behave Mineralized Blush along the top of my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks. Yes, the apples!! What overcame me? Who puts highlighter on the apples?

Seriously, I just wanted to bathe in the blush because I really love it, and I've got the driest face on the planet, I'm sure, so I need a little glow where I have none. The little highlight in the picture is, you guessed it, supplied by Miss Behave.

I didn't buy the quad, so my eyes are done with Mac In the Galley eye quad over a base of Buxom Collie, with LORAC 3D mascara. Now, I know you're smart enough to figure out that I used another blush for the color along the cheek bones. And I'll bet you figured out that it was Mac Giggly Mineralized Blush. The MA at the Nordstrom had put it on me which was a good choice cuz when I looked at it, I thought wow, I don't need another pink blush. But when I saw it on and the pep it gave me, my knees got weak. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

And this is the blush swatched with the pink base, the maroon heart, and then mixed together:

I finished off my "look" with Party Time lipstick. OOOOOoooo, I do love this lipstick. The next picture is showing Playing Koi lipstick on the bottom and Party Time lipstick on the top.

Here's a picture that shows the whole look together, and I apologize for not putting a little color on the eyebrows. I was going to the dentist and just didn't want him to think a supermodel showed up instead of me.

After I got my new invisalign trays, I thought it would be a great idea to get a picture of the whole look. We'd had a snowstorm the day before and the angle the sun is at this time of year is right straight in a person's eyes. It was made worse by the reflection of the bright snow. As a consquence, I swore my eyes were opened when I took this picture. Lol!!

Stayed tuned for more Mac Quite Cute swatches and reviews to come!


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