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Friday, June 24, 2011

Revlon Custom Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 030 Rich Temptations Swatches and Review

Drugstore eyeshadow brands have come a LONG way since I first started wearing makeup. My favorites are Wet-N-Wild, Revlon and Maybelline. These brands pack a punch with pigment, apply smoothly and don't crease when worn over a good shadow base. I recently felt like living on the edge and trying something I hadn't yet...Revlon Custom Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes. These are a win, win, win!!! Today I am reviewing the palette 030 Rich Temptations.

This palette has a lovely mix of colors. On the back of the palette is a small drawing that shows you one option of usage but you can do whatever you want with it, combining the shades in any manner that suits you. I could do the mathematical calculations and tell you exactly how many combinations there are, but eh, who cares? lol. Let's just say hundreds for under $10 and often on sale!

I swatched the colors on my hand to show you what they look like, although I didn't do it in the order of the palette, but I know you can tell which corresponds to which of the lovely textured shades. I find these palettes really pleasing to look at and the mix of shades so interesting and easy to use.

I've worn this palette quite a bit since I purchased it. Again, these shadows do NOT crease on me over my lid primer. They apply buttery soft and wear all day and into the night. The shades look as fresh on my lids when I apply them as they do after a nap and even when I wash my face before bed. I'm just really impressed with the wear of them.

Here's a couple photos of the palette in actual application.

I am wearing my go-to mascara in the photos, LORAC 3D.

I am loving Revlon these days and have several more palettes to review along with their Color Stay lipsticks. LOVE!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Returning From Vacation With Previews of Things to Come, (Sally Hansen Crackle Polish)

Honestly, I had the best of intentions when I left home, but the playing and shopping won me over and there's been nary a blog post. I have many pictures to edit and am very excited to be getting back to all of you soon. Since I am at 30,000 feet currently, I'll just have to supply some kind of picture to tide you over. I was pretty excited to get the new Sally Hansen Crackles last night, I have to say. Here's a preview, click to enlarge:


Oh wait, did I tell you about the Lorac 3D set?


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