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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Luv Out Loud With NYX Professional Cosmetics Matte Lipstick! Ulta Exclusive

Cruelty-free brand NYX Professional Makeup, (known as NYX Cosmetics until now), has released six creamy matte liquid lipsticks in the Luv Out Loud collection,  The names are inspiring, motivating and capture a feel that NYX embodies.  Each liquid lipstick is just $6.99 and available exclusively at Ulta Beauty.  I filmed a video with swatches, describing the colors and wear and it is linked below.  It's about 3 minutes, so it's a quickie, and I've snagged swatch pictures off of it to share with you here.

The wear of the collection is really nice and long lasting.  I would guess the reason they call them creamy matte is because they have the comfort of a cream with the wear of a matte.  You can wear them through eating and drinking with minimal damage unless you eat something oily, as with any longwear.  I don't experience the flaking or pilling while they wear that I do with some brands.  There is no transfer with the Luv Out Loud liquid lipsticks and they do dry completely down.  The applicator is just perfect because you can do your lips, including touching up the edges and fussing over it all, with just one dip into the tube.  There's just no need to double dip.  My only question is that if NYX can do such a terrific formula and retail for only $6.99, why aren't other brands?

If it looks like I was talking in the swatches, umm, yeah, video so yeah I was.  :)

NYX sent the products free of charge for me to enjoy as well as the tshirt I was wearing.  You can probably tell I was feeling all kinds of somethin' somethin' wearing them and the shirt.  My tshirt says Confident, which is the first color of the set and it is a peachy nude matte.  I normally would wear a light color like this with a liner but for the purposes of showing the actual color, I wore all the shades without.  I wear colors like Confident practically on the daily.

Confident, matte

Going from lighter to darker, the second color would be Brilliant.  This is the kind of color that I wear often, a nice mauvey rose.  I think the whole collection is perfect to roll into fall and through the winter.  My eyes look a little crazy in the pictures, but again, I was talking to the camera and I am very facially expressive.

matte, Brilliant

Extraordinary is a violet toned fuchsia.  It is my perfect fuchsia color and one of my favorite lip colors to wear after nude tones like Confident and Brilliant.  It goes so well with the Lorac Unzipped Desert Sunset palette that I was wearing on the eyes and with my hair.  Win, win!

matte, Extraordinary

The fourth shade is called Fearless and I think you must be when wearing this color.  It is a dusty lavender.  I was smiling because I couldn't believe that these apply so perfectly and on camera even!!

matte, Fearless

Passionate had me feeling it!!  The tube looked a bit different than the color did when I applied it so it was like my eyes were going to bug out because I love it so much.  It is a gorgeous deep purpley wine.

matte, Passionate

Getting ramped up with attitude!

matte, Passionate

And totally feeling this color, which I misjudged by the tube.

matte, Passionate

And the sixth color is Brave, a bold deep purple.

matte, Brave

Yassss, girl!  I love it!

matte, Brave


This is a fun very wearable collection of matte liquid lipsticks.  I'm enjoying them and I even surprised myself with how much I love the deep colors.  They're like the perfect tones for me.  You can follow NYX Professional Cosmetics on youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

If you'd like to hear just a few more thoughts and see the products in action, please check out my video, and I'd love if you subscribed and/or thumbs up.

Do you see anything you think you might like?  Are you ready to jump into fall and fall colors?  Did you know NYX recently updated the brand name?

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