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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chanel Peche Nacree Le Vernis Nail Polish and MUFE #5 Aqua Cream Review

So I went on a vacation that was just peachy. Cold at first, nice and warm in the last half. I had to spend some time lounging at the pool. When I get a tan, (yes, I use sunscreen, definitely), I feel that it looks best when accentuated with peachy makeup. I'd been waiting for just this opportunity to pull out a couple of peachy things I'd been neglecting as I was paler and relishing in the taupes and violets.

Enter Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in #5, named Peach. How appropriate. It is peach with a light golden shimmer. This is a little different from most golden peaches as the gold isn't predominant, but an accent and what you see is a gorgeous slightly glisteny peach. I've been wearing this alone on the eye or accented with other colors. It is pictured on the right side in the following picture.

MUFE Aqua Creams wear all day without creasing and are excellent as either a base or the main color. This color can also be used on the cheeks or lips.

I was rather enjoying my tanned peachiness and playing with that color range and I had a lightbulb moment while trying to decide what to wear on my nails. Aha!! Remember the Chanel Peche Nacree nail polish I bought thinking it would be perfect with a tan? Turns out it is also perfect with the MUFE #5. The following picture is three layers. It's pretty sheer.

My instinct is to do something to this polish after four days and glitter it or crackle it...I'm just that way. It will look fabulous lounging around the pool again next week, but since I'll have to redo it before then, I may do something totally crazy and make it all sparkly. If you check my roots, they sparkle. I can't help it. It's just me.

Here I am showing off my great health habits, drinking a bottle of water. I had to. The two Heath bars just prior made me really thirsty!!

Oh, the sparkly purple background of the first picture? That's my Ipad cover purchased at Nordstrom. preeeeety. sparrrrrkllllly.

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