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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sneak Peak of Makeover by Dior Plus Mac Blogger's Obssession Lipglass Evolution Revolution

During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I had the opportunity to do a makeover with the Dior counter. The feature artist was Rita Brown, with whom I had an earlier makeover and you can read about it, written in two parts featuring face and lips  and all about the eyes.  Rita is a fabulous artist.  Truly one of the greats and a delight to talk with.

I can't show you the products in real life pictures because the counter was out of everything so I had what I purchased shipped to my house, but I can tell you. I'll show you the goodies when I receive them. Here's the overall view:

The foundation was Capture Total 040. This is a $76 foundation. :0 But it looked pretty good and wore even better. I was out in 110 degree F heat and it did not even melt off! They had wanted to use the spray foundation, ($60), but I have tried that before and have some little allergy to an ingredient in it. My husband gave the two thumbs up to the foundation...the whole look actually. The blush was a two part thing that is featured in a display with the anniversary Blue Tie Palette. It had a pink and light peach together for a real natural look that would suit anyone. The blush is #889 Pink In Love Glowing Color Powder Blush featured at this clickable link.

So let's talk about the eyes. I started with a makeup artist named Shelley who did the skincare and foundation. I told her my husband had requested a green eye look so she chose the Iridescent eyeshadow quint #409. She used the light grassy green all over the lid and put the taupe in the crease. She lined with the waterproof liner in black, doing an inner line on the upper lid as well as on the upper lid itself.

I told Shelley I was hoping for a little more dramatic liner and could we try the liquid liner. I don't normally use it myself because it seems like I'm always in a hurry. She chose the Diorliner in black, ($33), and told me that it was an easy idiot-proof liner. I ordered that just to test the theory, and she finished with some black mascara.

Next Rita came to bat. She examined the look and we decided to boost it with some more oomph. She grabbed the 5 Coulouers Designer Eyeshadow palette in Green Design #408, ($58), and put some of the deep green cream combined with the darker green shadow in the crease and here and there. She asked me how I felt about a little glimmer. I said sparkle me in glitter from head to toe and I'd die happy, so she used the other cream and the lightest green in the quint and put it on the inner lid and above, lightly, for a very wearable look.

She told me about the limited edition Plum Extase Mascara, ($28), and wanted to try it over the black on the lashes, even though she knew they were sold out at that counter. You can't really tell in pictures but it just makes my eyes look a little greener by contrast. Extase is a wonderful mascara to wear over whatever you usually wear. It plumps up the lashes and has this wickedly cool looking brush, but it really does make them more noticible.

My lips were finished with a nude liner and gloss, which I have no pictures of because I drank a water, tea and a diet coke on the way home and then ate lunch. Afterward, for dinnertime, I put on the Mac Blogger's Obsession lipglass in Evolution Revolution, which looks good with anything.\

So until I have products to swatch, there you have my latest Dior Makeover with Rita Brown.


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