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Thursday, October 17, 2013

When I was at Cosmoprof North America 2013.....

I got a fun little gift bag from Ninja Polish.  These facial wipes were in there.  I love them.  One thing I really like is that while you get the benefit of cucumber, they don't smell overly like cucumber, (which I don't like).  They clean well and leave a non-greasy feel.  Thanks, Ronnie!!

Cosmoprof North America, Ninja Polish, facial cleansing wipes

Monday, October 22, 2012

Layla Cosmetics Changing Cherry Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Today we're going to continue our Fight Like A Girl; Fight To Win series with a story about my grandparents. It was in the 1950's that my grandfather got breast cancer. "Yes, doctor, I did say grandFATHER." I don't know the kind of treatment he had then. My family isn't very good about passing along medical history but I do know that when I was 12, my grandfather, who was never without a t-shirt, had to change his shirt in front of me after an incident where he saved a girl from drowning. I understood so many things in that moment. I was shocked to realize that a mastectomy didn't just remove this excess tissue that grows and provides curves and terrain for our chests, it removes layers of flesh that expose every bit of every rib from the collarbone down. My grandfather was a very proud man and I know his perpetual t-shirt was a sign that he was embarassed by his disfigurement. What I didn't know until then was how sunken and strange it looks to see all the ribs, not just the few at the bottom where they end to shape our waists. From that moment, I understood what it will look like when someone I know needs to undergo this surgery.

My grandfather went on to live another 50 years without reocurrance. A couple months after he died, my grandmother, who had a long history of neglecting her own medical care, found that she had breast cancer, and oddly enough, in the same location as my grandfather a half century earlier. She died a few years later of a broken heart, never having recovered from losing her husband. This story shows you that ANYONE can get breast cancer, and while it's rare in men, it does happen. Something to be aware of.

Layla Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Ceramic Effect, Ninja Polish

Ok, so remember when I was telling you that I received this gift from Ninja Polish?  Today I have swatches for you of the Layla Cosmetics Ceramic Effect nail polish CE-65 Changing Cherry.  This color is a fantastic hot pink with blue-violet and hot fuchsia shimmers.

Layla Cosmetics, Color Changing Cherry, CE-65, nail polish, swatches

Layla nail polishes are so smooth!! You don't need to use base coat with them if you don't want; they don't stain the nails. I applied two layers of polish and a top coat in the pictures. Look very closely and you can see the shimmers.

Layla nail polish, Color Changing Cherry, CE-65, swatch

Layla Cosmetics, nail polish, CE-65, Color changing Cherry, swatches

I love colors like this.

Layla Cosmetics, nail polish, Ceramic Effect,  Color Changing Cherry, swatch

Because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I painted on my pink Awareness ribbon to finish up.

Layla Cosmetics, nail polish, Ceramic Effects, Breast Cancer manicure, Color Changing Cherry,

You can purchase this or any of a number of Layla nail polishes on Ninja Polish.  The Ceramic Effects Laylas retail for $9.95 USD, and for the quality of the nail polish, this is an absolute steal!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ninja Polish Zultanite - My First Quadro-Chrome Nail Polish & Swatches

Zultanite is an amazing nail lacquer by Ninja Polish and it's one you need to experience to really believe.  I initially thought this was a tri-chrome color, but I realize after wearing it that while there are three colors that are strongest, there is a fourth on certain angles.  Bazillion swatches to come, but first...a story.

So there I was at a dinner meeting after walking the floor all day at Cosmoprof 2012, when the lovely ladies of Ninja Polish walked in with a box of goodie bags!!  How fun was this!?!?!

Ninja Polish

Really cute bags with a lovely note inside. And nail polish! What? What? This is what was in mine, from left to right: Cover Band Sticks N Stones, Layla Ceramic Effects CE-65 Color Changing Cherry, and Ninja Polish Zultanite.  A bevy of beauties!!!!  You may have seen my previous review of Sticks N Stones back in May when I had purchased this nail polish.  It still remains one of my top five favorites.


It's always a thrill to get a gift but especially when it contains such captivating colors. Ninja Polish recently started carrying the Layla Cosmetics nail polishes which is just crazy amazing to me as I don't have local access to an Ulta, nor does Ulta carry all types of Layla. I'll be reviewing this color next week. In certain circles, CE-65, Color Changing Cherry is known as a "Shelley color". (Shout out to Sue!!)

Anyway, stunned at Zultanite, I swirled the bottle around for a long time. I've taken several hundred pictures of it, and that is no exaggeration. She is a complex little minx!! It was so hard to capture the color(s) but let me show you what I have and tell you a few things about it.

Ninja Polish Zultanite, nail polish

The main color of the polish is a golden green, right? Or is it? There is yellow gold, yellow-green, a golden orange copper, and today, it dawned on me that in certain lights there is a hint of blue hiding. Look at the edges of the bottle!! I completely missed that for the first 6 weeks of playing with this.

Ninja Polish Zultanite, nail polish

I did a nail wheel where I tried it over 18 different hues of color to see what I might like to wear. It didn't photograph well. It's so sparkly and full of personality in person, but in pictures, some colors become shy under a bright light, like a celebrity running from the paparazzi.

Ninja Polish, Zultanite, swatches, nail Polish

Number 18 at the top is two coats of the polish by itself.

Ninja Polish Zultanite, Swatches, nail polish

In the following picture, Zultanite is alone on the index finger. I was so captivated by the hidden orange and how it mixed with the yellow and green in the polish that I wanted to see what happened putting it over orange. It looked awesome in person but I couldn't photograph it for squat.

Ninja Polish, Zultanite, Nail Polish, Swatch

And then I wore it over black and used some different methods of photography. I think you can see how it wanes from the orange at the tips thru the yellow and green to the blue at the cuticle area from the following angle.

Ninja Polish, nail polish, Zultanite Swatches

Ninja Polish, nail polish, Zultanite Swatch

Most of the rest of the photos will be focusing on the main colors of orange, yellow and green. You'll see all this and more when you wear it. It's mesmerizing.

Ninja Polish Zultanite Swatches, nail polish

Ninja Polish, Zultanite Swatches, nail polish

Ninja Polish, nail polish,  Zultanite Swatches

Ninja Polish Zultanite Swatches

Ninja Polish, Zultanite nail polish, swatches

Look at what happens when you use a full on flash. It's crazy, right?

Ninja Polish Zultanite, nail polish, swatches

The bottom line is this is a really fun nail polish that you'll enjoy wearing. It's an explosion of color that changes with each different light and angle of your hand. It's got great wear time. You can purchase all the items you see in this post at Ninja Polish.  Zultanite is $11.00.  The Layla Ceramic Effect polishes are $9.95, and everyone's favorite Cover Band Sticks N Stones is just $9.00.
(These polishes were a gift to me from the Ninjas.  Thanks girls.  It was so much fun!!)

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Nail-Venturous Floam Nail Polish Swatches, Pics and Review

On what seemed to be a lackluster woe is me kind of day, I had a sudden bright light land at my doorstep. It was my best nail buddy, Tracy, with the widdest grin I've ever seen and in her hand was a bottle of Floam just for ME!! I tell you, Tracy can turn a frown upside down in a hot second, and not just because she was bearing gifts but just because she's a smile wrapped in flesh.

But about the, way more spectacular and fun that I would have imagined. This is an indie brand made by I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous and she sells her items on Ninja Polish.  I've heard there's also an Etsy store, and her polishes sell for $9.00 USD.  Those are the deets, let's look at the pics.
When your best nail buddy shows up at your door with a bottle of Floam, it will look like this: 


Tracy and I had to play with the Floam that night. She, being a wiser soul than I, used three coats. I thought two was sufficient until I saw the macro shots with a flash hitting thru the particles. I didn't see any holes in person, but blown up with macro and a bright light, they are there and three coats would look better in pictures.

Nail-Venturous Floam Nail Polish

Floam is comprised of bright green, yellow and blue particles in a clear base. It has a brush that is different than any other I've used. It's very full and the bristles are loose. It's the perfect brush to deposit the Floam particles. This polish went on a lot better with that brush than I would ever have imagined.

Floam Nail Polish

I had some shrinkage at the tips because in my excitement, I forgot to wrap them. Tracy, again being the brains of the friendship, wrapped her tips, but both of us had some crazy good wear. The polish didn't budge the whole time I wore it, which was about six days. No chipping. No flaking. The removal was a bit like a glitter polish in that it takes a little extra time, but not nearly as much as a true foil glitter specked polish.

Nail-Venturous Floam Nail Lacquer

It took Tracy hours on the computer to be able to purchase this polish. It's not always readily available as it is an Indie Brand and without all the machinery of the big polish brands, it takes longer for batches to be made. For sure, this is one of my favorite polishes. Thank you, Tracy!!! Not only did she make my day but gave me loads of fun in the form of this polish. Joy! Joy! Joy!

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