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Monday, September 15, 2014

Did Someone Say Nordstrom Triple Points?

Oh yes, you heard it right.  This week, September 17, 2014 thru September 21st is one of the best times of the year.  Behold....Nordstrom TRIPLE points for all card holders.  And, guess what?  You will receive triple points on your Nordstrom cards instore, online...and...and....and....wait for Nordstrom rack and and and and and and .....  no lie.....I'm so excited ..... and on also!!!!!

Is EVERYONE as excited as I am?!?!?!?!?!?!  It's going to be hard to wait till Wednesday, but what a great week we have ahead!!!!!!

NORDSTROM - Choose from 75+ Gifts with Beauty Purchase.

Check back on Wednesday when the following little black box will be filled with all kinds of grandeur.  You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!

Are you getting your shopping list ready?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nordstrom Triple Rewards Points For March 2014

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It's an exciting's Nordstrom Triple Rewards Points and it starts now.  If you're not familiar with this crazy kookie event, it's several days that you can earn triple times the normal rewards points on your Nordstrom Visa card while shopping at Nordies or on-line and Nordstrom Rack, which you can also shop online through the Nordies website.  It's best that I let you know as quickly as possible....but I gotta go!!  I've got an order to place and I don't wanna waste time and I know you don't either!!

Nordies, Rack

If you have any more questions or if you don't have a Nordstrom card, read more HERE.

I've got some clothes in my cart and a couple of lipglosses.  Double check for beauty gift with purchases in order to plan because there are a TON of them!!

Let me know what you'll be show me yours and I'll show you mine.  Now get shopping!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nordstrom Triple Rewards Points for March 2013

Nothing to Disclose

Oh yes, it's here!!! One of those long weekends that I live for. It's Nordstrom Triple Rewards Points time!!! Beginning at 00:01 am PST, Wednesday, 3/20/13, and ending 3/24/13 at 11:59 pm PST, you will earn triple points on your Nordstrom card for all purchases made in the store, online or at the Nordstrom Rack. There are beauty extras to find and be had, too, so be sure to look for those at your local Nordstrom. You will earn Nordstrom notes at three times the usual rate...6 points per dollar instead of the usual 2. Be sure to let me know what you purchase!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nordstrom Triple Points This Coming Week!!!!!

Beginning this coming Wednesday, March 14th, and continuing thru Sunday, March 18th 2012, is one of my favorite times to shop. It's Nordstrom Triple Rewards Points time! I've been making my list, checking it twice, and placing pre-orders with my favorite sales people. My shopping cart on is fully loaded with items I can't purchase locally and ready for me to pull the trigger as well. (My sales people can order anything Nordstrom sells, but getting to fill my cart also fills me with joy.) Any extra point days at Nordstrom are always my favorite times to shop.

You do know about the Nordstrom Fashion Rewards program, don't you? It's fantastic and by FAR my favorite shopping rewards program! When you sign up for a Nordstrom Visa or Debit card and spend $100 the same day, you receive a $20 certificate to spend in Nordstrom, at Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom on-line as a thank you to welcome you to the program. When you shop at any Nordstrom store, Rack or the using your Nordstrom card, you normally receive 2 points per dollar spent. Use you Nordy cards at other places and you still earn 1 point per dollar. For each 2000 points accumulated, you receive a $20 certificate to spend at these locations.

Several times during the year, there are double point days and triple point days. That means that this coming week, for five days, if you shop at Nordstrom or, you will receive 6 points per dollar spent. It adds up fast! There is nothing, and I mean nothing I like to receive more than a Nordstrom note with my name on it. I definitely put my best card forward during these special days.

The program has other perks as well as different levels you can achieve. You can review these here. 


♪ I'm just a Nordy girl, in a Nordy world. ♪

My love for shopping with Nordstrom certainly no secret. I enjoy free shipping for all my online orders through the Fashion Rewards Program. I enjoy ten points per dollar spent during Customer Appreciation Night, which is always the best shopping party around with music, food, beverages and sometimes even dancing! It's things like the friendly atmosphere, attention to detail, personalized service and Nordstrom Notes that make me feel like Nordstrom loves me as much as I do them. From a family owned shoe store in downtown Seattle to the outreach it has today, Nordstrom is the best shopping place going and my choice for higher end beauty products.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's Nail of The Day Isn't For The Faint of Heart - Beauty Treats Silver Sparkles Nail Polish

I like bling. I adore bling. Even so, this manicure may be a little over the top for every day wear. It would be great for New Year's Eve, don't you think? I'm going to wear it at least till Wednesday when I go to Nordstrom for Triple Points weekend because I really want to see how this polish sparkles in those lights. They make everything a little sparklier and brighter.

We had a place open called Dollar Zone, so I had to wander in there to see if they had any cool polishes. They did. We don't have Dollar Tree or anything like that in Alaska. Everything in there is in the range of a

They had LA Girl polishes, which was nice to find if I use up my multi-packs, and they had a brand called Beauty Treats. I picked up a few to try. They were around $1.39 each. The one I am showing today is called Silver Sparkles, #412.

This polish is fairly dense and complex. It has two sizes of silver hexagonal shaped glitters which are holographic. I think there is small round silver glitter in there too but honestly, the shine is so plentiful that I can't see the individual pieces well. The light just bounces off the hex glitter pieces like you wouldn't believe.

The polish has a clear base but the glitter is thick enough I almost could have done just one coat. I did two to ensure full coverage and then put Seche Vite over the top for a quick dry. It didn't hurt the holo whatsoever.

And just because it's fun to see a glittery polish blurred for maximum light reflection, I'm including this photo:

So what do you think? Too much glittah? Not enough? Would you wear this for a mani of the week like I'm going to?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dior 3 Couleurs Smokey Black Eyeshadow Palette - And Asking Your Help

This is the deal...I need your help!! I went to my usual hangout, (Nordstrom), for lunch because the Dior Smokey 3 Couleur Palettes had come in and I needed to place my pre-order for TRIPLE POINTS, (September 14-18), before they sell out. They only got three testers, Black, Blue and I don't remember what...Neutral maybe? Of course, the ones I had in mind were the other three: Smokey Brown, Smokey Khaki and Smokey Pink. You can see a review of Smokey Pink on Cafe Makeup, and a review of Smokey Khaki on The Beauty Look Book.

So my favorite MA at the store asked could she put one on me? Uh, YEAH, of course!!! I was lightly wearing Mac Hocus Pocus anyway, so she said "let's try the Smokey Black". OK! Sunni applied the Smokey Black trio, using the new automatic waterproof liner in black with the plum liner under the lower lashes.

Here's where I need your help. I have in mind to pre-order the Smokey Khaki, Smokey Pink and I thought maybe the Smokey Black. However, the hubby said 'eh, it's ok, yeah it looks good but I like some other things better'. I asked him, would you like the blue better and he said probably. I know his greatest wish would be Purples, but they don't have that....yet. So then I'm thinking maybe I should get the blue....but the Chanel quad is out...I am REALLY drawn to the brown, (as far as I can tell without a tester), but if you've read much in my blog you see how many browns I have, soooooo....

Here's where I need your help....get the Smokey Black, or the Blue or the Brown? Is the Smokey Black just ok or is it a must have? I am getting quite a few of the new automatic waterproof liners. They've remade them to be like Chanel, rather than sharpenable pencils, which is GREAT. I find these to be soft in application and not irritating to my eyes. But if you could please give me your honest opinion on if this is great or nothing special and what colors you think would be good for me, I'll give you each a brownie point in my mind. :)

Ok, now it's up to you. Oh, by the way, these trios retail for $48 at Nordstrom, and anywhere else Dior is sold. I'm awaiting your opinion with nearly baited breath, but I did just brush, so you're safe!

(This post contains an affiliate link, which if you click, it makes me look cool to Nordstrom and that makes me happy. If you purchase, I get a small stipend, but really I'm more concerned about the rush I get from having a banner on site from my favorite store. :) )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I Changed My Cleansing System To Dior

It all started with a cotton ball. A cotton ball that looked something like this:

My sincere apologies for not warning you first before showing you that nasty cotton ball. The story is as such: I went to a Dior makeover at Nordstrom.  I went barefaced with what I thought was squeeky clean skin, having just cleansed at home before I left. 
When I got there, my skin was cleansed with a cleanser that matches my particular needs.  My skin is normal to dry, at times more dry than other.  When I had the makeover, it was probably more parched than usual, having just spent a couple of weeks in a sunny enviornment.  Dior Purifying Cleansing Milk was chosen to clean my already clean skin...or what I thought was already clean skin. I told the artist that it wasn't really necessary because I had just washed my face before I left but for the sake of the whole experience, go ahead and do it.

As we discussed my needs which go to the drier end of the spectrum, the fabulous Rita Stuhl told me all about the Dior Gentle Toning Lotion.  I explained to her that I don't use toners...hadn't used them since I was a teenager, felt they were more stripping than anything so I thought it was unneccesary but again, for the sake of the lesson, I thought she should just go ahead.

I was expecting the teenage Cetaphil type of experience but then as she wiped my face with it and explained that it was made for dry or sensitive skin, it doesn't strip but is more of a moisturizing type of toner that prepares the skin to receive the skin care regimen while removing the last traces of yuck from the face.

Now remember, I washed my face with my Clarisonic cleanser right before I went to the store. I live in a place with low air pollution but a lot of dust. It was an OM-holy cow! moment when I saw the cotton ball at the end of the toner. It looked something like the one above. That's when I got really embarassed and swore to her that I really came barefaced and had just cleansed so they could do the makeover. I wanted to crawl under the counter, thinking I must have looked like Pig Pen. Seriously!! How can you cleanse your face twice and still have so much residue?

At the risk of really grossing everyone out, I'd like to show you another picture. At this point in time, my process is brush teeth, brush invisalign trays, forget where I put them and spend ten minutes looking...wash my face with the Cleansing Milk, spend a minute or more following up with my Pink Clarisonic Mia, (Clarisonics are available in a variety of colors), and wipe my face with the Gentle Toning Lotion, and when I use the Toner, I still get a cotton ball that looks something like this:

I mean, really? After scrubbing the nooks and crannies and deeper pores with a Clarisonic, I still have ... whatever it is? yuk. But through this process, my face has never felt cleaner and more ready for my nighttime serum and moisturizing ritual. It's so seriously amazing. Obviously the removal of any further impurities prepares my skin for a better reception to my serums and moisturizer.

Again, I apologize for showing you the nasty cotton balls, but I was afraid to put some kind of warning in the title being concerned blogger might think I was showing something naughty. Dior Gentle Toning Lotion retails for $32 USD and Dior Cleansing Milk for $32 USD. I purchased mine at Nordstrom, which you can click thru the links provided to look at, but I imagine they're available at Sephora, Dillards, Neiman Marcus and wherever else Dior might be sold. They have a few different cleansers and toners to choose from to suit whatever your needs may be.

It should be noted: The toner is absolutely CLEAR. No color to impart to the cotton ball. Only the bottle is pink, so all that color is from my face after I cleansed and used the Clarisonic. *shudder*

I have in mind to buy during Nordstrom Triple Points, (September 14 - 18),  Dior Instant Cleansing Water, ($35 USD).  This product is a liquid that you use with a cotton ball on lazy days and it takes everything off. It would be awesome when you don't have access to water, like camping, or late nights or vacations. I plan to use it for vacations...ok, ok, so I have a lot of lazy late nights after computering, too. But I have tried this at another Dior makeover and was pretty impressed with it, too.

Do you have a beloved skincare regimen that you'd like to share? Have you tried these Dior products? Are you grossed out by the cotton ball pictures? (I know I am.)

(This post includes links to products for your convenience. I also have an affiliate relationship with the store. If you click thru, they think I'm cool. If you purchase, I may make a little stipend that helps keep Polarbelle on the air. Please refer to the appropriate tabs above for more information.)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Comparison of Chanel Lagons Quad and Chanel Blue Notes Quad

I took a quick hop to my Nordstrom two days ago to see if they'd gotten in the new Chanel yet. They were a bit behind due to inventory and for some reason, stock was being held back, so it seemed like it took some counters forever to put out the new stuff. Some still don't have it.

But, the new Chanel collection, Le Regard Sophistique, finally showed up. I had already purchased Fauve eyeshadow from but was anxious to see the other things in the collection to see if I would like them. I did. I know that doesn't surprise you. Lol.

I put a few things on pre-purchase for TRIPLE POINTS days, which start on September 14th, one of them being the Chanel Lagons quad. A long time ago, I purchased the Chanel Blue Notes quad. Seems like forever ago because I remember being afraid of blue shadow and not sure I could wear it. I knew if they had the Lagons quad, I'd swatch it and thought I would take my Blue Notes quad to swatch with it and see how they compared.    I'd already seen Amy's swatches on Cafe Makeup, so I was fairly certain I would like this quad, but was still interested in swatching it against my Blue Notes.

All I have is a cell phone picture right now, but it gives you an idea. I'll so this again when I have the new quad in hand but for now, Lagons is swatched on top and Blue Notes on the bottom.  Oh, see the little guy to the far left on top?  That's Chanel Taupe liner.  LOVE. 

The liner shade in Blue Notes is much blacker than either dark shade in Lagons. The pale blue shade looks to be less aqua toned in Blue Notes than it is in Lagons. And of course, the other shades are completely different as Blue Notes has a white and a pale pink.

Chanel Lagons quad is available at Nordstrom  and other spots that sell Chanel, such as Bloomies, Neimans and Chanel's own website and retails for $57 USD.
(Please note that this post contains an affiliate link.  See disclosure information for more details.)

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