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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Don't Miss The Cinderella Makeup, Nail Polish and Beauty Bag Collection At Walgreens.

This holiday season for all princesses young and not-so-young.  The Cinderella beauty collection has some excellent gifting items at Walgreens.  Who doesn't love Cinderella!?!?!  Everytime I think about this collection, my mind starts singing "a dream is a wish your heart makes..."  The entire collection is super cute!!  The makeup, the Orly nail polish and the London Soho New York cosmetic bags are outstanding!!  Well, let me show you what Disney has instore for the holiday season with the Cinderella collection.  You may have seen me post a few of these pictures already on Instagram.

This post covers the makeup collection and you will be able to view the London Soho New York makeup bags and Orly nail polish collection at this blog post.

The largest piece in the Disney Cinderella makeup collection is an item that we haven't seen in any of the previous princess or villan collections.  It is a large eyeshadow palette called Ready For The Ball, ($14.99).  It contains 35 eyeshadows.  I've seen some excellent swatches on the web.  I did buy it, but haven't had the chance to swatch it for myself yet.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

To keep those eyeshadows in place, there is a tube of Past Midnight Eyeshadow Primer, ($2.99).  I haven't had the chance to open it to see the color yet but will add it in when I do.  And instagram it for you.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

If you've shopped the Disney Walgreens collaborations before, you might expect there to be a Beauty Book and there is. It is also called Ready For The Ball, ($9.99).  It contains 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, an eyeshadow brush that is simply charming, (lol), an eyeliner and a lipgloss tube.  That first row of shadows just grabbed me by the collar and the brush sold me!!

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

On the inside of the beauty book, there is a faux mirror telling Cinderella to be sure to get home by midnight.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

There is also a three piece Crown Jewels liquid eyeliner set, ($4.99), to complete your eye look.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

In my opinion, one of the stars of the collection is the A Dream Come True All-In-One Highlighter.  It's just like the clock waiting to strike 12, and even comes with a brush.   It's a steal at just $4.99, and it's pretty big.  I'm not sure yet how it will work for shadow, but I've seen swatches of it and it's sooooo pretty.  Like Cinderella!

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer
One simply must have a princessy lipstick, right?  I apologize for the picture quality.  They're hard to photograph in the container.  ($2.99)  I didn't make the mush spot, by the way, and purchased the rose for my holiday princess looks.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

The collection contains this set of three lipglosses called The Gloss Slipper, ($3.99).

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

Finish your Cinderella look with Fairy Glow Face and Body Illuminator, ($2.99).  We princesses are all about that glow!!

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

How will you apply all this pretty makeup?  Well, with the Cinderella brush collection, of course!  Could it possibly be anymore princess-y?

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer

You might also like to use the Cinderella cotton swabs.  Only $1.99 and super cute!  Keep the container and use it for those hair bands and bobby pins that always stray.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer
When Cinderella got home, I'm sure she wanted to erase all signs she went to the ball so her sinister evil step-mother wouldn't find out.  And I'm sure she probably reached for the Disney Cinderella Wish It Away makeup remover wipes, (25 ea/$2.99), another really outstanding deal.

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer
There are several Orly nail polishes to complete Cinderella's look, as well as a few London Soho New York cosmetic bags to carry it in.  Click this link to read all about the nail polish and makeup bags and see the pretty pictures.

This collection is available only at Walgreens, in-store and online.  I think it's totally adorable.  I've bought a few items but haven't had time to launch into them with Thanksgiving and decorating the house and all of that.  They sell out so fast that I just didn't want to wait.  The check out lady asked me, "how old is she?"  And I said my age.  And we both laughed.  I'll be back for more.

What do you think of the Disney Cinderella beauty collection?  Which Disney/Walgreens collection has been your favorite?

Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th Weekend Beauty Sales and Steals

My inbox has a ton of really great coupons and sales for the Fourth of July Independence Day weekend.  Just in case you don't subscribe to the same lists I do, I want to share some with you.

Don't forget to sign up with Ebates.   You'll receive cash back for orders placed at many of the following online locations.  I've saved over $200 already in the few months I've been a member.  It's SO worth it!!

First of all, sign up at  They have amazing coupons and specials that will come to your inbox.  I just had the opportunity to buy backups of the Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer, which I have no doubt will end up being my product of the year for 2015.  I was able to purchase a color I didn't have as well as two I already do.  Pretty excited about that.  Sign up for the newsletter and get a free gift with purchase with the code SUMMERGLOW.

skincare, micro polish, cleanser, hydrate, moisturizer

Tarte Cosmetics has a firecracker of a deal at 15% off with the code STARS runing now until July 5th.  If you'd like to see how beautiful Tarte is, please check some of my reviews.

Zoya has a great deal for BOGO 3!  Buy any three polishes and get three free.  Use the promo code 3Free, put the colors in your cart and there ya go.  Add the colors you want and put the promo code in the coupon field in the shopping cart and it makes the $$ adjustment.  There is no limit to how many sets you can buy.  This deal runs until 7/4/15 at 11:59 p.m.

ORLY, my goodness I think this is unprecedented.  Look at what I got in my email:

Fourth of July, nail polish, Fireworks

Beauty For Real has a  $10 off coupon using the code FREEMONEY at checkout.  Check out some of their products here.  Code is available until Monday, 7/6/15 at 00:00 am.

There is a fantastic Beauty Gift With Purchase at Nordstrom.  Oh my!!!!!  So cute!  And you can pick the one you want!  Be sure to check for the items on sale that are price matched.  (wait, I can't finish this post till I place my order.)

Over at Z Palette, can get 20% off the colors in the Sunset Collection.  Sale end 7/5/15 at 11:59 pm.

BH Cosmetics has up to 73% off on various items.  The offer ends 7/5/15 at 11:59 pm PST.  I have the green and brown eye palettes and oh my gosh...just so beautiful!!

And if you love Reviva Labs Skincare, (I don't know anyone who's used it that doesn't.  I love their products, too), head on over to their website for 20% off during the WHOLE month of July!!!!!!  Use the code July15.  You can read about some of my favorites here.

Grace and Lace is a fashion site, and really, isn't fashion all about the beauty of it?  They are having an incredible 25% off sale with the code FREEDOM.  

fashion, sale, July 4th, Independence Day, boot cuffs

Bath and Body Works is having a great sale.  Stop by their website to view the deets.  And sign up for their email list for special coupons.  There are two; one for $10 off $30 and the other is $20 off $50.

Pixi Beauty has 15% off sitewide with the code JULY4.  Don't forget to check the sale section of the website for more specials.  Sale ends July 5th at 11:59 PST.  Read some of my Pixi Favorites HERE.

If lipstick is your game, Gerard Cosmetics has a four pack lipstick special for $38 until July 4th at midnight.  Enter the coupon code 4thpack.

Dermalogica is having a 15% off sale with the code FFJUNE15.  The sale runs until July 7th, 2015 at 11:45 pm PST,

While on your feet, check your local Fred Meyer, Walgreens and Ulta for more great cosmetic sales.  And don't forget to use your Kohl's cash this week for additional money off everything!

Be sure to check your cartwheel app for Target.  They have some awesome sales this weekend online and in store and add more discounts often.  Use that Target card for an extra 5% off.  It really adds up.

I think this will keep us busy for now.  Please feel free to add to my list.  As I was typing this up, I realized that I just missed the KB Shimmer 20% off sale.  I'm devastated.  ugh.  I guess I'll survive.....somehow.

Thank you for bearing with me for this long list.  And please let me know of any sale, whether home, fashion or beauty, whatever floats your boat.  And share your weekend plans, if you want.  I'm just going to stay home, pool it and work on my blog.  :)  How about you?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Have You Seen The Orly Spellbound Collection For Halloween?

Orly has a collection out for Halloween called Spellbound. I first saw these this past summer at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas and reported on them after I returned home.  I think I have been pretty patient waiting for Sally's to get this collection, Fired Up and Pretty In Pink.  They're all drool worthy and you can see them in that post.  Anyway, it's time people!!!  Bring on the Spellbound!!!!

I got this information from the company.  I think it's clever.

Halloween is right around the corner and while it may not be appropriate to wear a costume to the office, sporting spooky and spirited nails is an easy and fun way to celebrate. Whether a gory goblin or a devilish villain, ORLY has a wide range of polishes ideal for Halloween festivities.   

The ORLY Spellbound trio from the new Flash Glam FX collection adds a touch of glitz and glam to fingertips with chunky, Halloween-inspired glitters

Orly Spellbound Nail Polish

Here's a nice little swatch group of the FX shades:

Orly further declares for you to release your inner Rock Star and use the following nail polishes as a base for these dynamite FX shades to really make them pop.

Liquid Vinyl



The FX lacquers retail for $10 each and the regular line are $8.50. You can find these and more gorgeous Orly nail polishes at Sally Beauty Supply and online at Orly Beauty.  You can follow Orly on Twitter and be sure to enter their Dark Shadows Giveaway on Facebook.
So are you ready to release that inner Fall Fanatic?  I know I am.  And I'm getting impatient waiting!!!  I mean to the point of embarassment, calling Sally's twice a week to check.  :p  Be sure to view my previous post to see the lovely collections Orly has for fall and holiday 2012.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick look at Chanel Summer 2011 Le Vernis Nail Color Morning Rose

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Morning Rose is part of the offering for Summer 2011 entitled Collection Les Fluers d'Ete de Chanel. There are three nail colors in the collection Mimosa, Beige Petale' and Morning Rose. My counter had no testers for me to try so I just picked the color I knew would work for me without trying. Hopefully they'll get testers so I can check out that bright yellow Mimosa before it sells out!!

Below is two coats of Morning Rose, over Orly base and a coat of Gelous. I am surprised to see such vertical lines in my nails as I don't see those with other polishes. This polish is fairly thick on application and there is no top coat in the photo.

The MA called this bubblegum pink. On me, I would say it's a medium lightly peach toned pink. I see the hint of peach to it, but it's definitely a medium warm toned pink. There is golden shimmer in the bottle, but it doesn't show on the nails.

Soon to come: Reviews of the Lilium Eye Quad and the glossimers!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's time to Shatter My OPI Teenage Dream with OPI Black Shatter!!

I have just really enjoyed wearing my OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream polish. I've gotten so many compliments on the manicure, you just wouldn't believe it. It also matches my iphone case, an added bonus. But after six days, I figured it's time to apply the Black Shatter. I've been dying to Shatter, but I love the Teenage Dream so much on it's own, it was a difficult decision. But I tell you what, I can't wait to crackle over a neon.

One of my favorite methods of creating a painting was to crackle and antique it when done, so this is something that really appeals to me as an artist. As I applied the Black Shatter, it dried quickly. Very quickly and crackled quickly as it dried. I applied Orly top coat over it and then China Glaze quick dry. My nails are all over the map in brands today. :)

I'm sad that my pictures don't accurately show the sparkly goodness beneath the crackle. Once I put on the top coat, the glitter of Katy Perry really shown thru the cracks. It is absolutely gorgeous in person, but here are the best photos I could get.

I have a party tomorrow and it will be fun to have the hippest nails there. And I just can't WAIT to do another Black Shatter sometime soon!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Color Club meets China Glaze meets Orly for Christmas Merriment

Because my blue and silver nail montage was such a success, I just couldn't bring myself to follow up with a creme nail or anything...well, normal. This week, I purchased the Enchanted Holiday collection from Color Club at my local Fred Meyer. This has four mini bottles of sparkly goodness. I'd take a picture but it's the middle of the night, so, there ya go.

I started with just one coat of the great sparkly red called Wish List Red. Opaque enough for me with one coat. Just such a gorgeous red with red shimmer.

Color Club Wish List Red

I decided to do gold over the top, but I didn't want it chunky like I had when I did the Opi + Lippmann. I started with a wash of China Glaze Golden Enchantment. This is a multi-colored sparkle, predominately gold, in a sheer base. The multi-colored sparkles give a holographic look to the gold. Really great color to wash over anything for that particular look.

For the heavier deposit of gold at the tip of the nail, I used a mini Orly that I had purchased at Sally's. (Sally's recently opened in my area; I'm husband, well, not so much.) The Orly is called Hair Band. haha, that's funny. It is a heavier glitter than the CG and I just did the tips till I was happy.

Started with a base of Gelous and finished with an Orly top coat. and wa-la! I'm anxious to do something a bit more "out there" because as an artist, I want to possess all color, often at once. Lol, it's my downfall. But for this week, I shall wear Christmas Merriment of my creation.



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