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Monday, February 26, 2018

Enhance Your Lips Without Injections Using The PMD Kiss - The Next Gen Of Lip Plumping?

Goldilocks probably said it right about my lips:  "Not too big, not too small, but just right".   I have average sized lips.  When I was growing up, I was really glad.  Kids made fun of people who had big lips.  Advance the clock a few decades and plump lips are THE thing...and THE thing that I don't naturally have.  Even so, it never bothered me until the past few years when I encountered some scarring on my lips from a condition caused by gluten intolerance.  If I accidentally ingest gluten, I develop long lasting sores in my T-zone and they leave behind unsightly scars.  I've had quite a few around my lips and a couple have been on the perimeter of them leaving scars that break up my lip line.  The scars have made my lips uneven, difficult to camouflage with lip products and have left me feeling self-conscious about the condition and look of my lips.  Injections really aren't an option for me.  Not only would needles in the lips freak me out a bit but I can't afford to do that every six months ad infinitum.  The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System is an alternative that I was dying to try as it is said to work with your body's natural collagen production.  Natural enhancement?  Oh heck yeah, I'll try it!!

Everyone loses collagen throughout their body during aging.  Lines begin to appear and the lips are no different in that respect than the rest of the body.  Collagen disappears, the lips thin and lines begin to form.  The changes are small at first but they can make you feel a bit under-plumped in this age of injectable collagen.  Like I said above, that process didn't really bother me until, for me, it was combined with the scars that took out even more fullness in my lip perimeter.

lip injections

The Kiss system comes with the egg-shaped handheld device, a charging USB cord, a large rubber insert, a small insert and the Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum.  Before use, charge the device by attaching the provided USB cord to it and plug into a wall adapter as you would a phone.  You can charge the Kiss via computer as well.  For instance, one day I was using it and the charge ran out so I plugged it into the computer and was able to use it as I did my work.  To charge more quickly, plug it into the wall adapter.

Before use, I generally look a lot like this:  (no makeup, no lip products)

You might not be able to see my scars, but I tell you what, because they are scar tissue at the lip line, products don't always apply well in those areas, so I can look like I put lipstick on in the car on a bumpy road.  They're a really challenge to me, especially the one you see at the crest of the high point on the left side upper lip.  And I have quite a few lip lines, which I don't really need to point out, do I?  The scar on the left side of the upper lip diminished the fullness of that side of the lip by a certain portion itself.

Before using the device, spread a little of the lip serum on your lips.  When this runs out, just use a balm or gloss or whatever you have.  The device creates suction on the lip and pulsates with a sucking sensation.  Leave it on one section of your lip for ten pulses and then move to the next.  It has two speeds; just decide which size rubber insert is comfortable for you and which speed you like.  I find this very comfortable to use and was genuinely surprised by how little I actually feel it.  I assumed it would be mildly uncomfortable but it's not at all.  And honestly, I don't know which size sucker I should use but I find that the large is too big for the outside of my lips but I kind of like it in the center.

Here is an after, (again with no makeup):

These changes may not be as evident to anyone as they are to me because as a beauty blogger, I look at my lips a lot.  I see added fullness along the bottom of my upper lip and my lips look a little more toward looking somewhat symmetric.  The middle of my upper lip is a happy plumpness.  The outer line, which is kind of white colored on me, is plumper.  I can see that some of the lip lines have kind of disappeared or are diminished to the point that I don't see them.  My lips have some natural color, which thrills me because they're pretty much translucent usually.  The scars don't bother me hardly at all.  (Again, I doubt anyone sees the scars but me and I probably wouldn't even notice if they didn't screw up my product application so much.)  I think my bottom lip looks more even, fuller and the lines are DOA.

lip injections

PMD claims that the Kiss with "continued daily use boosts collagen which increases the look of fullness, fades the appearance of lip lines & wrinkles and revitalizes natural lip color".  I would say these claims are true.  I've been pleased with my results so far.  As the collagen production increases, you won't notice boom! bam! fat lips like with injections.  You'll have a gradual increase over time as I have.

Even the first time I used this, my husband said "wow, your makeup looks really good, is that a new lip color?"  Usually he tells me that my eyes look pretty but his comments are different now, especially right after I've used the system.  The immediate plumpness using the device lasts a few hours and I find that when I go over my lips twice, I get a better effect.  And while it doesn't hurt and I know what to expect, I still jump every time I turn it on, lol!

lip injections

The PMD Kiss is very comfortable to hold in your hand, having an ergonomic shape.  I think it would make an excellent gift for your BFF, at just $139.  Use the code PRIMP20 and save 20%!!

Below, in the first section of the video, I have a demonstration on how to use it, if you want to see it in use.  It takes about a minute and a half to use.

Learn more about the PMD Kiss on their website, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter for even more information.  Don't forget to use the code PRIMP20 to save 20% off the device.    (Do not use this device anywhere but on the lips.)

Do you think this is something you'd be interested in using?  Or are you one of the lip blessed?

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