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Monday, June 23, 2014

Pixi Beauty Peony Pink Nail Polish Swatches And Review

Pixi Beauty has started something new and fun - a color of the month for the rest of 2014!!! The color of the month for June 2014 is Peony Pink. It is a hot reddened pink creme. Pixi describes it as a hot raspberry creme. It's hard to capture accurately with a camera because it has the nearly neon tone, but not a true neon.

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Whether you are in the land of Pixi Beauty, Australia where it is winter in June, or you are in the Northern Hemisphere where June signals summer, this color is appropriate for all that you will be doing.  It's very pretty.

Did you want to spend an afternoon at the beach with friends or at the park with your family?  Pixi Peony Pink is the perfect polish to wear!  Bright and cheery!!!

beauty, swatches, review

Do you like to have a summertime BBQ or a winter dinner with friends? Peony Pink is again the perfect polish to wear while you show off your best faux-fishing while lighting the grill.  Isn't this the cutest lighter ever?

review, Pixi Beauty

In all the pictures, I am wearing two coats but you can easily wear just one of this nail polish and have full coverage.  I used two because I'm just a two-coater by nature but also because I stuck one finger on another while polishing, lol.

I have to tell you something REALLY IMPORTANT before you go.  I had never done a wear test of a Pixi nail polish before and I thought I really needed to do that before I should write up this polish.  I wore this nail polish for a FULL and COMPLETE 7 days and removed it on the eighth day.  I didn't have a single chip!!

NO JOKE!!!  I only removed it because I needed to test some other things.  SEVEN FULL DAYS.  And, I did everything...opened boxes with my nails, jammed them in my teeth instead of toothpicks, packed stuff for garage sales, cleaned, computered and on and on.  I gave it a real work over and I'm telling you, Pixi Beauty nail polish is perfect for my body chemistry.  No CHIPS!!  A total winner!!!

You can find Pixi's nail polishes on their website as well as at Target  I hope that you will get a week's worth of wear like I did for the small price of $8 a bottle.  I'll have more coming up from Pixi and I'll be sure to do it in my best Australian accent, (don't have one), but I'll try.

What are your plans for the summer?  Where you could see yourself wearing this beautiful nail polish?

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