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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Refresh, Recharge, Renew With The PopSugar #MustHaveBox 5 Year Birthday Edition

August marks the fifth anniversary of the PopSugar Must Have Box, a monthly subscription box carrying a variety of items in a curated selection by Lisa Sugar and her editors.   The category of the items range from fashion to to lifestyle, home, beauty and anything in between.  It's such a fun box and while this month is their special birthday collection, every box feels like a present to me.  I'm always excited to see the thoughtful items that are included.  The subscription is $39.95 per month and if you subscribe thru 8/31, use the code PARTY to save $10 off your first box!  Each box always contains well over $100 worth of products.  I've unboxed so many beautiful Must Have Boxes both here and on my youtube channel and now I want to tell you all about the August box valued at over $154.

This month's 5th year anniversary box inspires me to take moments to refresh, renew and recharge in this hectic digital age.  Let me explain why.  The first item I pulled out of the box is a beautiful rose gold Fringe Studio journal with gilded rose gold edged pages inside, ($16).   It is sponsored by Jeep and comes with a card that has information about a Jeep Compass giveaway and some suggestions on renewing your day.

Jotting notes or thoughts in a journal is an excellent way to learn about yourself and your world.  You can help refresh your mind by dropping your to-do list in it, or anything that is busying up your thoughts.  Freeing your mind of those things you're trying desperately to remember all day is a way to renew your outlook on the day with less stress.  The world has gotten so busy in the 24/7/365 digital age that taking moments to sit and relax and express ourselves is often overlooked.  Spending a few minutes to do so can be freeing mentally and a lot of fun when you re-read it years later.  Sometimes those things we wrote put our perspective into focus; such as reading that our past worries weren't really as big as they felt at the time.  And sometimes they make us laugh remembering a long forgotten event.    You know how you smile when Facebook pops up your written memory from years ago?  You can find the same enjoyment in items you have scripted in a journal.

And while you make notes in your journal, you can relax and refresh with the First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Bounce Mask, ($38).  Masks are a special treat to ourselves while we pamper and renew our skin.

If you're at all like me, sometimes it's a moment with a friend that brings the much needed emotional and mental recharge.  Why not invite your friend or neighbor over and serve up some sweet tea with the enclosed Pastel Cheers Laquered Tray, ($28)?  Enjoy the Goodie Girl Cookies, ($2.95), together.  If I had small children around, I'd invite them to my lemonade party and we'd use our cheery tray to serve it.  Wouldn't it be fun to renew a relationship with a child by making them feel like your special guest?

You can share the Dogeared Friendship Bracelet with your guest, if you wanted to give it to a special friend.   Also included in the August box is a Shoptiques gift card for $25.  With it, you can shop a resource of boutiques from across the globe.  Spend a few relaxing moments shopping with it or refresh a friendship by gifting it to someone.

You could invite the person who recharges your heart to write their name and a special memory in your journal.  That would be so cool to look at later and have for years to come!!!

The last item in this month's PopSugar box is a set of white candles with gold glitter that can make any event a celebration.  They are from Meri Meri, ($7.50), and I'm always so excited to see an item from Meri Meri in my box because they make excellent photo props!  I still use the stars that were in the November box in photography.  I love the tall skinny shape of these candles.

Do you see why I feel such inspiration to refresh, recharge and renew inside this celebratory box?  A good way to renew is by entering a contest, am I right??  PopSugar wants to celebrate this anniversary with you!!!   They are offering $10 off the first month's subscription with the code PARTY.  In addition, they are offering all subscribers of the Must Have Box, (subscribed by 8/31/17), an opportunity to win the following:

Week 1:  A limited number of subscribers will win something from Pehr Designs.
Week 2:  Limited number of subscribers will win something from First Aid Beauty
Week 3:  Limited number of subscribers win something from Kendra Scott
Week 4:   Limited number of subscribers win something from Tarte Cosmetics
Week 5 (8/31): 5 Grand Prize! Limited number of subscribers something from Cambridge Satchel Co + 1 year Must Have Box!

Be sure to subscribe HERE by 8/31/17 to be eligible to win.  And don't forget to use the code PARTY for $10 off the first month.  You can follow PopSugar on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I've been so inspired by this box...what about you?  Do you see an item that really speaks to you in this month's celebratory box?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Now On YouTube - PopSugar Must Have Box for December 2016

PopSugar sent me a Must Have Box for December 2016 to try and I have opened it for you on my YouTube channel.  I hope you enjoy watching and I'd be grateful if you subscribe and like the video.  2017 Is the year that I conquer youtube, so hopefully I'll just get better!!  At any rate, I think you'll like seeing all that is in this box.   Thanks for dropping by!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Unboxing the PopSugar #MustHaveBox for October 2016!

Hi I was away for awhile having a knee replacement.  Man, that is ROUGH!  If you follow me on social media, you probably saw me about to loose my marbles the first month and whining about how hard it is.  I had unrealistic expectations going into it...didn't think it could be much worse than my neck surgeries, (they go in thru the front and pull your trachea and esophogas out and work on the neck bones from the front...ew), or my shoulder surgery.  (I ripped all the muscles and tendons off the bone and they were reattached with screws).  I honestly thought I'd be back to blogging within about two weeks while I recovered but was sadly mistaken.

At one month out, I was still barely mobile.  In my second month, I was trying really hard to come back to the blog and longest story short, I've had to dedicate myself to working hard on my leg and make that, not only my first priority, but a life consuming project.  The only way to get better with this surgery is too work as hard as you can as much as you can.  There's a period of time of only 3-4 months to get movement back and if YOU don't work it as hard as you can, you can't make it...and you'll never walk right again.

So anyway, that's what I've been doing.  It's very hard, but I feel like Rocky every time I finish a physical therapy workout.  And we have a right knee club there now, too, so we watch each other's scars heal and can talk to each other about things our SO's just can't relate to.  It sort of makes me feel old, but then again, I'm the youngest person there with a knee replacement.

Which brings me all to this:  The youtube video I made of my PopSugar Must Have Box unboxing for the October 2016 box!!!!  I love the PopSugar Must Have Box.  It's got such nifty items in it and the value always far exceeds the $35 monthly fee.  AND, they are full sized items!!!  Subscribe at the link and use the code SAVE5 for $5 off the first box.  Check my other videos for more.

You can subscribe, comment and even thumbs up the video.  I won't be mad.  Be sure and leave a comment and tell me what other kinds of videos or blog posts you'd like to see.  And follow me on social media for even more!

PopSugar sent this box free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.  The box has a suggested retail value of $153 all for just $35!  You can follow PopSugarMust Have on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, for more fun information.  ORDER here and use the code SAVE5 for five bucks off the first box!!!

Which was the item you're most interested in this month?  Are you following the "Fall Classic"...the World Series?  Who are you rooting for?  I'm pulling for the Cubs to break the losing streak!

Friday, July 1, 2016

POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox for June 2016!

Today I want to show you the June edition of the POPSUGAR Must Have box.  This box has been curated based on a summer theme, backyard bbq's, weekends away, beach trips, togetherness and joy.  Each month, POPSUGAR creates a box of full sized fun with a theme for the month and includes great items of beauty, home, fashion, and food.  The box is $39.99 per month with a guaranteed value of no less than $100, and every item is full size!   There is also a Mini box containing full sized items at a price of $18.95 per month.  You can subscribe here.

The box for June 2016 is pretty danged awesome.   The first item I'm going to mention is the Hat Attack Printed Sarong, ($58),  It measures 6 ft x 3 ft and is wonderful to use as a beach wrap, a scarf, a throw for a picnic or over the shoulders...any number of things.  The background is off-white and the pattern colors are beige and black and it will go with anything.  It also made a nice photo backdrop!

Next up from the box, is the Sisters Of Los Angeles Cheers Bottle Opener, ($12).  This is a nice sized bottle opener that you can use anywhere without losing it.  It has a good weight and is cheery in it's salutation and bright shiny gold.  See how big it is?

This box is completely curated for fun.  Check out the Ridley's Game Room "Who Am I" Quiz Game.  ($13)  We love to play games like this in our house.  It's great for all age ranges.  Take it to the neighborhood bbq for tons of fun.  Just don't bet the house on who will win.  We're going to play this over the much fun!  There is an instruction sheet in the box, too.

NCLA, ($16), has created the Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer in conjunction with POPSUGAR for this box.  I think it's my first NCLA and it's full of glittery red and blue goodness.  Use it alone or as a nail topper and you're ready for fireworks!!  NCLA is a cruelty-free, 5 free, nail polish.

Also in this box is a dual sided mirror, (manifying side and regular), by Knock Knock, ($10), that is the perfect size to throw in your purse, beach bag or pocket without adding any needless weight.  It's cute.    Check it out!

Isn't that cute?!?

Something that I've been dying to try came in the box.  Pacifica Underarm Wipes, ($9), are an aluminum free vegan underarm wipe said to neutralize odor for hours.   They come in several scents.  I've been dying to try these but just hadn't gotten around to ordering them yet, so I was really excited to see these in the box.  Heck, I'm pretty excited over all of it!!

And now we come to this month's snack option.  These will be devoured by my sriracha loving family.  The Pressels, ($1.29),  have less fat and sodium than usual chips so that you can enjoy them guilt-free!

The last item I want to show you is also the first picture I postes.  Each box comes with an insert that gives you information about the items, their value, and where to purchase them.  This is really handy!!

Have we been eyeballing that sarong in each picture?  It's PERFECT.  Really, just so many uses...I love it!

Isn't this the best subscription box ever?  I'm thrilled with it.  It's a great value with items that you'll actually use for just $39.99.  A heck of a value and a very nice variety of items.  You can subscribe to either the large or mini boxes, each containing full sized items, at this link.  I think it's really worth it.

*POPSUGAR sent me this #MustHaveBox to sample.  All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation*

Do you have plans for the weekend of the 4th, if you're in the USA?  I plan to play Who Am I with the fam and...I'm not sure what else, but I know we'll be game playing.  How about you?

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