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Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Impressions - Sephora Collection Pro Editorial Eyeshadow Palette

My curiosity was peaked when I saw the three new Sephora Collection Pro eyeshadow palettes on their website, (28 shades/$68).  There are Cool, Warm and Editorial editions.  I had no preconceived ideas about any of them but seeing them in person, I found myself captivated and curious about the Editorial palette.  It thrilled me the same way looking at a fresh box of Crayons did when I was a kid.  I decided to pick it up and want to tell you my first impressions.  A full and complete evaluation of all the colors will take some time.

Pro, eyeshadow

I love color and have been a little bored lately with all the warm brown and orange palettes that have been coming out.  And yet, when I use them, I love the look on the eyes.  However, I just found myself wanting some change and desiring a little bit of color.  The palette kind of reminds me of old school Mac from the mid 2000's when we used to wear a lot of color on the eyes to exercise creativity.

Anyway, the first row has a matte for a base color or matte highlight, several iridescent wash type of colors and two glittery silvers, one leaning more white while the other leans more grey.

eyeshadow, pro

The second row has me completely captivated.  I love every color in it.  It's sunset eyes in all of it's glory.  The matte shades kick up quite a bit of powder, more than I expected at first.  However, I'm seeing this as the new fall trend in mattes and it's easily enough to deal with.  I just love every one of these colors!

eyeshadow, pro

The third row has varying tones from chartreuse to shimmering grass green to matte teal to blue.  My very favorite color in this row is the matte teal leaning green.  It's fantastic!!  The pigmentation is excellent.  It is just an incredible color.  The chartreuse is a very clean color and I find these all apply to true the color in the pan.  The shimmers are excellent as well.

eyeshadow, pro

I haven't figured out the last row yet.  It has shimmers and a duochrome that swatch heavier than they apply to the eye, for the most part.   On the left are two colors that are fairly sheer shimmers.  The third color from the left is a very faint brown with a green duochrome and it is also fairly sheer.  The cranberry is pretty and the rust is a gorgeous fully shimmered shadow.  The black is intense in pigmentation and a great addition to any shadows you might wear.

eyeshadow, pro

On my Instagram, I have a palette picture, swatches and videos of the duochromes as they move in the light.  It gives a better idea, I think, of the shades and their depth of value.

I can't say yet how much I'll wear these shades and the various textures, but I can tell you that this is a high quality set of shadows.  I didn't expect it to be as rich as it is and that makes me quite happy with my purchase.  I've always liked Sephora Collection products but this palette is like a step up in quality.  It can hold it's own against the quality of any other shadows on the market.  At a little over $2 per shade, These palettes are definitely worth a look.

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Have you looked at the Pro palettes?  What did you think?  What were you drawn to?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mama's Post-Christmas Sephora Sale Haul

Sephora, Sephora Collection, Too Faced, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lipgloss, Hourglass, Make Up For Ever, MUFE, Sexy Mother Pucker, lip plumper

I have more details posted about these items from my original posting on Instagram.

 The sale items were a great deal!!  And the Hourglass lipgloss was a deluxe sample that I got with points I had earned from my Beauty Insider VIP points.

Did you spend any Christmas or Holiday money at the after Christmas sale at Sephora?