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Thursday, July 7, 2011

OPI Ulta Exclusive Nail Polishes Summer 2011 - Dupe Alert?

OPI released four exclusive shades of nail polish to be sold only in Ulta in early July. To obtain these polishes, you have to spend $17 in OPI products and then you get one free. Four polishes; $17 x 4 = a lot of money to purchase all four. The two stores I went to seemed to have a lot of confusion about how this works and even what the polishes were.

One store had them behind the counter under lock and key and very strict rules on what could be purchased. They kept referring to the ad, which I didn't have, and seemed to be confused as to the rules of the ad. They stressed me out so I went to a different store.

Three hours after opening, the second store didn't know there were Ulta exclusive OPIs due out that day. They looked in the back and brought out the boxes, and also were confused as to the requirements of the ad. At any rate, I thought they looked interesting so I spent the money and got all four. Looking over my precious goodies in the car, I thought two looked very familiar.

The previous week, I had been shopping at Marshall's and they had these duo packs of Nicole by OPI and I purchased the one that was the least like the colors I already have. It was $6.99 for two polishes.

The colors in the Nicole pack are called Party in the Penthouse and Nicole Spotted. I heard a rumor that they might be from a previous collection.

So you see my delimma once I looked at the OPI Ulta exclusives with the Nicole duo from Marshall's.

I don't have swatches at this point because something's going back, unfortunately it's probably the less expensive Nicole because they are already seperating. But look at OPI I'm an Aqua-holic next to Nicole Party in the Penthouse.

And check out the Nicole Nicole...Spotted next to the Ulta exclusive OPI Sparkle Teal Sunrise. The pictures may not show it, but to the eye, they are identical.

I thought this was interesting to note that if you have the Nicole, you probably don't need the Ulta exclusive OPI colors.


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