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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Can Osmosis Skincare's Sugar Detox Harmonized Water Help Kick The Sugar Addiction?

I was recently introduced to a section of healthcare supplements from Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare called harmonized water.  What is it?  Well, it's water.   There are several different types, each claming a different purpose, and all are 100% water that have been enhanced with proprietory frequencies in the form of scalar waves.  Scalar waves are said to be a specific kind of energy field that, unless you're a physicist, might not really be of interest to you via a scientific explanation.  Layman's terms are that it's an energy field containing directional vector and wave energies.  The Osmosis Harmonized Waters are affected by different energy fields to achieve a variety of types of effects.  The Harmonized Water I sampled is called Sugar Detox, (100 ml / $30).  My curiosity peaked at the very name.

Here are the claims made by the company:

"All of us are experiencing the effects of aging from Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). This results from excess sugar in our blood stream attaching to collagen making it tough and aging it before its time which leads to wrinkles. The sugar-protein bonds form these new molecules called AGEs. Over time AGEs become more permanent and affect the ability of our fibroblasts to create collagen. They also produce free radicals increasing the aging process even more.

Osmosis Skincare’s Sugar Detox Harmonized Water is specifically designed to address all aspects of sugar and sweetener overload. This Harmonized Water contains frequencies that help balance the pancreas, improve sugar utilization, detox sweeteneres from the liver, balance nerve damage associated with diabetes, help control sugar levels and reduce the effects of gylcation in the body. With daily use, there is now less sugar available to cause damage and help stop AGE-ing."

Bottom line, sugar ages us faster as it screws up our collagen processing, causing wrinkles and lasting aging damage.  Osmosis suggests that Sugar Detox can help.  I was interested to sample this and had hoped to kick my massive sugar addiction.  I've quit sugar before for decades at a time.  Most recently, when I went back to sugar, the cravings were worse than I'd ever had and were driving forces to my behavior.  The cravings drove me to the candy bowl again and again each day.  It is an addiction and it's a real beast!!

I started to incorporate the Sugar Detox into my day.  I received this right before a major surgery so I wasn't able to try it for a few months.  When I started, I had a hard time working it into my schedule at first.  Finding the right place for the bottle was key.  I rearranged my whole vanity to make this an easier 2x day step for myself.

The instructions are to use 5 squirts in your mouth twice a day, and 7 if you're over 175 lbs.  I began my oral squirting process with a good mix of skepticism and hope.  The attractive bottle and the easy to aim squirting mechanism eased my break into my new routine.

As I do often in testing products, I used it regularly for a bit, took a break, and then started it again to see what differences, if any, I noticed.  Gurrrrrllll!!  It was night and day.  The days I used Sugar Detox, I never had that driving can't-deny-it craving for candy.  And I certainly didn't have that drive 5 times a day...I'm telling you I built up an awful habit.  But with steady use of the Sugar Detox, not only did I feel better, but I didn't have that strong urge to HAVE to eat chocolate all day every day.

I'm telling you this absolutely worked for me.  And I even see a positive difference in my complexion.  The whole idea might sound funky, but this worked for me.  I'm a believer.  And now I'm in that desperate place where I suddently realized I only have a couple days worth left and I'm worried.  I wasn't on it long enough at one time to have totally defeated the beast and I don't want to go without it.  Because it worked for me.  It really really did.

This product isn't evaluated by the FDA for it's claims or even it's efficacy and all I can tell you is my experience.  My personal testimony is it worked for me and it's totally worth taking a $30 risk.  I probably never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it for myself.

Osmosis is a cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified company.  I always suggest that you subscribe to their blog.  I've learned SO much from receiving those emails in my inbox.   You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

How about you?  Do you need to kick a brutal sugar habit?  Have you ever tried a supplement like this?

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