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Monday, April 9, 2018

The Proof Is In The Vitabrid C12 Bottle - Not All Topical Vitamin C's Are Created Equal

A little over two and a half years ago, I started using topical vitamin C products and found that my dry skin improved in texture and began to have a natural healthy looking glow.  When combined with a vitamin E cream, the changes I saw in my skin were remarkable.  I recently had the opportunity to try a relatively new form of topical Vitamin C by the brand Vitabrid C12, (.11 oz/ $60).  This innovative product had been awarded the 2016 Trendsetter Award at Cosmoprof North America.

Brightening, skincare

Vitamin C is used in skincare for brightening and firming of the skin.  In order to be effective, the ingredient has to be potent, stable and able to penetrate the outer layers of the epidermis.  It's not an easy task to create an effective vitamin C topical.   The first problem many vitamin C treatments have is stability.  You may have tried vitamin C serums in the past that oxidized, or turned yellow-orange, in the bottle with time.  It's difficult and expensive for companies to use a form of vitamin C that is stable while being effective.

The second issue many of these blends have is the ability to effectively penetrate the skin.  Not all vitamin C topical skincare treatments are created equal.  Vitabrid has developed a patented technology that combines the C with zinc to stabilize it while allowing the active vitamin to penetrate the skin over a 12 hour period.

In the bottle is the product, delivered in a powder form.  I like that there is a see thru window to keep track of how much is left in the bottle.  To use, pour a small amount into your hand and mix with a serum or moisturizer and apply.  There's a little trial and error as you find the right amount for you.  This bottle should last a month and I'm kind of a miser, so the amount I've used is small, slightly less than an American dime.  Apply in the morning and evening to face and neck.

Put simply, this is the best vitamin C product I've ever used.  As I stated above, vitamin C had radically changed the look of my skin.  It's tighter, brighter and glows from within.  I already felt like I'd found a secret by using vitamin C serums but nothing prepared me for my experience with Vitabrid C!!  In the course of 2 short days, I saw a dramatic reduction in a hyper pigmentation spot that I have on my face.  A dramatic reduction!!  People, I mean the results were even huge in just two days and notably visible.  Continued use made my skin look brighter and less lined.  This product is truly outstanding.  It's definitely worth testing it out to see for yourself.

You can purchase this award winning skin changing product as well as the rest of the Vitabrid line at Barney's.   Do you use vitamin C topicals in your skincare?  What kind of results have you had?

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