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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Comparison of Chanel Lagons Quad and Chanel Blue Notes Quad

I took a quick hop to my Nordstrom two days ago to see if they'd gotten in the new Chanel yet. They were a bit behind due to inventory and for some reason, stock was being held back, so it seemed like it took some counters forever to put out the new stuff. Some still don't have it.

But, the new Chanel collection, Le Regard Sophistique, finally showed up. I had already purchased Fauve eyeshadow from but was anxious to see the other things in the collection to see if I would like them. I did. I know that doesn't surprise you. Lol.

I put a few things on pre-purchase for TRIPLE POINTS days, which start on September 14th, one of them being the Chanel Lagons quad. A long time ago, I purchased the Chanel Blue Notes quad. Seems like forever ago because I remember being afraid of blue shadow and not sure I could wear it. I knew if they had the Lagons quad, I'd swatch it and thought I would take my Blue Notes quad to swatch with it and see how they compared.    I'd already seen Amy's swatches on Cafe Makeup, so I was fairly certain I would like this quad, but was still interested in swatching it against my Blue Notes.

All I have is a cell phone picture right now, but it gives you an idea. I'll so this again when I have the new quad in hand but for now, Lagons is swatched on top and Blue Notes on the bottom.  Oh, see the little guy to the far left on top?  That's Chanel Taupe liner.  LOVE. 

The liner shade in Blue Notes is much blacker than either dark shade in Lagons. The pale blue shade looks to be less aqua toned in Blue Notes than it is in Lagons. And of course, the other shades are completely different as Blue Notes has a white and a pale pink.

Chanel Lagons quad is available at Nordstrom  and other spots that sell Chanel, such as Bloomies, Neimans and Chanel's own website and retails for $57 USD.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mac Fashionflower, Ever Hip, Growing Trend, Summer Shower Lipstick Swatches & Review

Mac released a new color collection called Fashionflower in the end of April 2011. Fashionflower is all one word, which seems unusual to me, but I don't make the rules. :) Today I have for you three of the lipsticks featured in this collection. They are, from left to right, Growing Trend, Ever Hip, and Summer Shower.

I swatched the three lipsticks in the same order in the following picture:

Growing Trend is a slightly cool toned nude in the Amplified Creme formula. I tried it with trepidation as I wasn't sure if it would be too light or too cool for me. Viva Gaga 2 was a bit dark to look like a natural nude on me, but there is mild success with Growing Trend.

I was curious how Growing Trend compared to my new favorite nude Revlon Fashion's Night Pout, and the not-too-wearable-for-me Viva Gaga 2. I swatched them with the Revlon at the left, Growing Trend in the middle and Gaga 2 on the right to give you an idea of the similarities and differences.

Here's a refresher on the Revlon that I posted a week or two ago:

I have reviewed Ever Hip in a post below as I had already purchased it from the Liberty of London collection. Here's a picture to refresh you, if you haven't seen it.

Summer Shower is a glaze formula with silver, blue and teal shimmers. Any lip product with blue or green shimmers is tops on my list. Those colors can plump up the look of a lip like nobody's business. I really love a light green over an orange lipstick. Blue shimmers give quite a glossy wet look.

If you're like me, you tend to get dressed and do your makeup without a care in the world until you look outside and see that the weather didn't cooperate with said outfit or makeup. If it's really windy outside, there's no way I'm wearing a gloss because I have long hair and it's just too messy and frustrating. I can beat the wind with a blue glaze lipstick! It will give a glossy wet look without the goo of being an actual gloss. C'mon, wind! I dare you!

Just for grins, I applied a waterproof lipliner, specifically Makeup Forever Aqua Lip number 10C, a plum color. I put Summer Shower over the top. Look how wet and glossy this looks with just lipstick!!

Summer Shower will save me from windy days. That and a hat or ponytail holder! I am curious to see this on more pigmented lips and see if it will tone the pinks and reds and give a natural glossy look. Don't be scared of light blue, it can really be your friend.

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