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Monday, March 4, 2013

Exciting New Nail Art Comes To Claire's!!

If you want to be at the most up and coming place for nail art, head straight to Claire's! Best known for selling all kinds of accessories at affordable prices, Claire's has now entered the nail industry with every trend you can imagine. I received a press release at the end of New York Fashion Week that suggested how to duplicate some runway nail trends with items from Claire's. This peaked my interest, so I had to go to the store to investigate, like any good beauty blogger would. First I want to show you what I received in my email and then we'll talk about what I saw in person.

"Here are some easy and affordable tips to re-create this season’s hottest nail trends with the latest products from Claire’s! From the fun, yet classic black and white polka dot nails as seen at Kate Spade to Rachel Antonoff’s funky script nails, Claire’s offers simple one-step solutions to get both looks for under $10. For the DIY lovers, achieve the nails seen on Behnaz Sarafpour’s and 3.1 Philip Lim’s runways with a variety of nail polishes and nail art pens from Claire’s."

Kate Spade:

Rachel Antonoff

I found a bazillion new and interesting nail items at Claire's. With a husband waiting in the wings, I decided to keep my purchases to just two items, but it was very hard! Here's some of the things that I saw while I was there.

Awesome pieces for nail art.

Claires, nail art, studs, beads

Claire's Nail Art photo 120.jpg

Claire's has complete sets to make caviar nail manicures, called nail pearls, for about $12.00.  TThe individual bottles of the pearls only retail for $8.50.

Claire's Caviar Bead Nail Art, nail beads

Claire's Nail Pearls, nail art, nail polish

There are all different kinds of airbrush painted press on nails.

Claire's Press On Nails photo 124.jpg

Lots of nail stickers. I have the following similar stickers from Kiss Nails. Claire's are slightly cheaper.

Claire's Nail Stickers photo 125.jpg

In addition to nail polishes and nail art pens, Claire's has gel-like nail polishes. I'm starting to see these similar type of polishes from department store and drugstore companies. They're becoming all the rage.

Claire's Gel Polish photo 126.jpg

There were so many more items, but I just couldn't take pictures of them all on a super packed Saturday afternoon. Here are the two items I brought home with me. For $10.00, I purchased a stamping kit. I think it's time I learned because I love looking at stamped patterns online but haven't tried it yet. So now I have to tools!!

Claire's Nail Art Kit, nail stamping art kit, nail polish

And I just couldn't resist these little mustache nail stickers, for just $3.50.

Claire's Nail Art Stickers photo 015.jpg

The nail art and polish items I saw at Claire's are completely on trend and every popular style of nails that you can imagine are currently respresented.  You can view the full nail line on the Claire's website. 
Have you checked out Claire's for nail items lately? What did you think?

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