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Friday, August 31, 2018

Why Cosmetics Need To Be Gluten Free: My Struggle With Dermatitis Herpetiformis & Celiac Disease

You guys, making this video about what happens to me when I get ANY kind of contamination from gluten was one thing. Posting it and thinking about how serious it is for me and others like me was another. It has weighed on me for almost six years. In one respect, a burden was lifted in sharing it and not trying to hide anymore and in another, it's such a hard struggle on the daily that I got a little depressed after I posted.

I have celiac disease and a rare skin complication from it called Dermatitis Herpetiformis. It's not herpes as the name implies; it's literally a blistering dermatitis. I have to take a very risky medicine that has a potentially deadly side effect and it's very scary. If it goes bad, it's fatal. There's no recovery so they don't like to use it. However, the pain and itching of the condition becomes intolerable.

I recently had a gluten contamination from a cosmetic product. My outbreaks last at least 10 months of constant itching and sores. After that time, it takes a few more months to heal. It takes great restraint not to scratch the heck out of my face. I wake up at night with my fingers dug into my skin and blood on them. I've tried to wear gloves at night but apparently I take them off so I can scratch. It's ruthless. It's torture. So I take the medicine for a month at a time and have my blood tested every two weeks and I'm scared to death thruout the duration.

For someone like me, gluten in any cosmetic product can cause an outbreak of DH, which means I'll need the medicine and I could die. And that's not even me trying to be dramatic, it's the truth. It's frightening. It is my hope that one day, no one will ever use gluten in a shampoo, a skincare product or makeup again.

Thank you for watching.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Algenist Tinted Moisturizer Won My Homerun Derby

Let's be REALLY honest right from the first pitch; all beautyfiles are continually searching for the perfect foundation type of product to use to prime their facial canvas. I've felt fortunate over the years  to have found a few different products that I've liked, experiencing  tinted moisturizers as well as cream, liquid and powder foundations of every type and in every price range. I'm telling you right off the bat that Algenist Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer, ($42), is, hands down, my all time favorite and blows all others out of the water!!!!  It's so much more incredible than any other I've tried and yes, it is HOLY GRAIL status.

SPF30, tinted moisturizer, skincare, foundation, microalgea oil

You might want to know why I make such a bold claim?  Well, let me tell you my experience, (and why I've already re-ordered backups).

If you've been with me awhile, you'll know Algenist is one of my favorite brands ever.  You can read more about the company and their products here.  I have a few more products to talk about in upcoming posts but if you check my reviews, you'll see each says some variation of  "get this product!"  The Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer is no exception.  YOU WANT THIS ONE!!!

There are three components of the tinted moisturizer that are important to note.  The first is that this has an SPF30.  This is a broad spectrum sunscreen, and here it is in the midst of summer in the desert southwest and my skin is fully protected!!  I haven't burned, haven't had a dark spot...none of that stuff that happens with a lower protection or, (yikes!), no protection at all.  Please wear sunscreen!!  You're saving your skin as well as your life and the signs of age will show much more slowly.  If you can't remember to apply it alone as you go about your day, make sure it's in your foundation, such as with this product.

The second aspect to the Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer is the skincare it contains.  Virtually all tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams make skincare claims.  Algenist's are as such:

(From their website):
  • Instantly blurs skin imperfections
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and sallow tones
  • Improves and refines skin texture
  • Provides broad spectrum sun protection
Never before have I found any type of foundation or tinted moisturizer that actually helped my skin itself, no matter what the claims were.  The Algenist has ABSOLUTELY made my skin look better with every application.  I can make the bold statement and be 100% accurate and truthful in saying that my skintone is more even, the redness is gone, an age spot I had is disappearing, and the texture of my skin is definitely improved.

I had developed some bumpyness from a hideous scaring event that lasted two years.  That has been smothed with the use of the Algenist and the color has evened out.  The people who see me in my offscreen life know just how awful this was.   Dare I include a picture?  I hadn't intended to do this but I need to show you just how amazing Algenist is!

I suffered for two years from a complication of celiac disease.  At the time, we didn't know what it was.  I went to about six dermatologists in varying states and nobody had a clue.  The condition hit my face after my second neck surgery.  I had blisters and open sores.  It was ugly, hideous, deforming, itchy and painful.  After surgery, I looked like this:

I had been blessed with decent skin for most of my life.  I was thankful for that but I wondered if this new experience would be the death of my beauty blogging career.  It got far worse before I got better.  I could no longer try to cover it with makeup, and only showed myself to my closest friends.  They were even horrified.  The next picture I call my Frankenstein Look.  It was so bad and the sores so deep that my two knee surgeries had to be done with a spinal block because they didn't want to put a mask on my face.  In other words, I had to be awake.

SOOOOoooooo not pretty!!!  Shortly after the picture in the hair salon, I was sent a bottle of the Algenist Advanced Anti Aging Repair Oil.  This product CHANGED MY LIFE!!  In six weeks, I saw a lot of healing.  I was even able to wear foundation, if I wanted.  Most of the deepest sores disappeared, although I still kept to glasses and a ball cap most of the time.

Honest to goodness, the repairing oil was a miracle.  Open sores for TWO YEARS.  There was no hope of healing despite many doctor's prescriptions until I was able to try the Repairing Oil, ($79/1oz, in the golden bottle).  I've repurchased twice and it's worth every penny.  (I am wearing minimal makeup in the above picture).

Early this year, I found out the facial disaster was from celiac disease.  I stopped eating gluten products and saw more healing but was left with scars and tons of discoloration.  I thought I might have to get some kind of expensive resurfacing treatment to continue as a beauty blogger.  And now is where the fun begins!!!

I was sent some of the Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer to test.  It comes in four colors, as seen below.  I haven't blended them for you because I wanted you to see the differences.  Also, I don't have all four colors, so I ran down to Ulta to swatch them for you.   From left to right:  Light, Medium Light, Medium, Dark.  I have both Light and Medium.  I was the absolute palest I've ever been over the winter and Light was a perfect match.  Being a tinted moisturizer, you do have some play in the shades in application, meaning you can mix it with moisturizer and make it lighter or you can layer to make it darker.  I am probably a Light Medium now, but I use the Light and then contour with the Medium and that works for me.

tinted moisturizer, spf, skincare, foundation

When I started using the Repairing Tint and Radiance Mositurizer, I immediately saw an improvement to my skin both in how it looked and in how much more of an even tone and texture that I was having.  I now have no plans to get any kind of facial treatement.  The Algenist is doing it all for me.

I'm more comfortable with how I look now.  I'm not even embarassed by the small amount of remaining healing to go.  I can do anything!!!  I can return to mugging for the camera in my jammies while goofing with eyebrows.

skincare, spf, healing, celiac, foundation

I can go to Ulta, or anywhere else, for a quick swatchfest without makeup and not have to hide or be embarassed.

I can take random lip swatches in my car.   In the picture below, I'm wearing the Algenist tinted moisturizer.

You can see there's a tiny bit of the Duhring's Disease from Celiac left, but boy, oh boy, do I not even care about that because Algenist has improved my skin so much.  I'm fully confident that my skin will look better and better with continued use.

I mentioned three things that this tinted moisturizer sun protection, provides amazing skin treatment qualities and the third is how it looks on the skin.

Dahling, it look marvelous!!  It really does.  It goes on smoothly and evenly.  It has light to medium coverage without being too light, feeling heavy or masky, and is buildable to cover whatever you want to.  The wear of this is incredible.  It looks great and doesn't melt off in even 115 degrees F.  SERIOUSLY.

Do you know that I've walked through Nordstrom, more than once, and have been stopped by an makeup artist and asked what I was wearing?  Not my clothing mind you, but they asked about what foundation I had on because my skin just glowed.  They've asked about my "perfect" skin and how I use foundation without it being obvious.  They really have, and it does make me laugh because I remember how awful Mrs. Frankenstein was.

I love the way this looks and how it wears.  I love that it's buildable without looking cakey.  I love that it's not runny and weird like so many I've used.  I love that it looks natural.  I love that it protects my skin while using it's ingredients to make it healthier.  I love the radiance it imparts to my naturally dull skin.  There's not one thing I don't love about it.

Algenist skincare is sold at Sephora, UltaNordstrom, and Algenist's own website.  I have loved everything I've used.  The Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer is in my top three.  I can't decide if it's number 1 or 2, so maybe you might want to test drive it and number it for your own skin, too.  Algenist loaded the bases with the Repairing Oil and just knocked it out of the part with the tinted moisturizer!!  Home Run!!!

Have you been fortunate enough to discover Algenist yet?  Do you know anyone with Celiac Disease who has suffered from this skin ailment?


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