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Friday, March 7, 2014

Opi Muppets Most Wanted Let's Do Anything We Want Glitter Nail Polish Swatches and Review

A beauty blogger doesn't always get to wear one particular nail polish as long as one would like.  I could wear OPI I Want Applause nail polish forever, I think.  However, I need to try more of the new items I've purchased and swatch them for you.  Fortunately, my next manicure to show you is a Muppets Most Wanted glitter nail polish top coat which is just pure perfection applied over my previous mani.

Let's take a look at Let's Do Anything We Want.  I'm horrified to think I almost passed this up!  Near nail fail!!!  Thankfully, curiosity won out over attempted frugality and I decided to pick this one up.  I would marry this polish and/or this combination because I love them so much!

OPI Muppets Most Wanted, glitter top coat, square glitter nail polish, I Want Applause

Let's Do Anything We Want has a clear base with small round white and round  pink glitters and white square glitters in a clear suspension base.  I thought I wouldn't like square glitters particles but I was wrong.  So very wrong!!!!  I love this!!!

The polish applies like a dream!!  I put it on fairly thick with no problem at all.  I found that I could push the squares around to a pattern pleasing to my eye with ease using the bottle brush.  If I had wanted a specific pattern, I could use a dotter tool to push the squares into the desired locations.  Even though I applied with a heavy hand, this nail polish dried quickly!!!  Like Speedy Gonzales fast!!

OPI Muppets Most Wanted, glitter top coat, square glitter nail polish

The polish dries down matte with gorgeous sparkle.  Gaw-Jus!!!!  I'm SO glad I didn't not buy it, lol.   It has very minimal bumpiness without top coat, barely worth mentioning but I do want to tell you everything I can about it.  It's not even as bumpy as a texture polish and it doesn't catch anything, so really just not worth even mentioning.

You know that Sally Beauty Supply carries OPI now, right?  That's where I purchased mine.  It was around $9.50.  You also can find OPI at salons, Penneys, Ulta, HEB, Fred Meyer and many, many more locations. 

Have you found the Muppets Most Wanted Collection yet?  What did you think??  Any keepers for you?

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Wet N Wild Display For Spring 2014

I was surprised today while in Walgreens to see this new display for Wet N Wild.

Wet N Wild, Spring 2014, eyeshadow palettes, lip stain, nail polish, mega rocks, mega slicks, Poster Child,  glitter
via Instagram 

I have pictures of the very top row of eyeshadows in the left side of the picture.  It really surprised me that the display held singles of their Color Icon creamy glitter eyeshadows that matched the regular Color Icon singles.  I suppose I should have gotten one to try because they are so inexpensive, but I didn't.

The next row contains the Mega Rocks glitter nail polishes.  I have purchased five to this point but haven't swatched them for you yet.  You can see some of those in this Instagram picture as well as this photo of the first two that I had purchased.

In the middle, you'll see the Mega Slicks lip stains.  Sorry for the fuzzy phone pictures.  I hope they're nice, moisturizing and last a long time because I bought all but the light beige.

Wet N Wild, Mega Slicks, megaslicks, Love stain, lips

Next to that, you'll find this glorious 8 pan eyeshadow palette.  Don't you just LOVE these palettes?????

Wet N Wild, Poster Child eyeshadow, palette, 8pan

Oh I love that palette!!!  It's like a whole brand new box of crayons to play with!!!  I originally posted the picture here on Instagram.   Blogger fail - I didn't look at the two polishes next to the palette because I fell so in love so fast.  But I'll take care of that error tomorrow.

And the last row contains the Powder Play 5 pan eyeshadow palettes that came out in December.

Wet N Wild, eyeshadow, 5pan, ColorIcon, palette

There's a lot to choose from.  Don't you just love Wet N Wild?  I love the neutrals as much as the brights.  And now that I've shown you the initial details, I guess it's time to swatch, right??

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This Is The Essence Metal Glam Collection - First Look

Oooooh, last minute Christmas shopping really pays off!!! I went to Fred Meyer and found the new Essence Metal Glam Collection. It was all so beautiful. There are three nail colors and a glitter. They looked awesome on the display so I bought two and the glitter. The nail polish that I left at the store was a chrome lavendar. There is a highlighting shimmer, three gorgeous eye shadows, a lip gloss and nail stickers that I need to play with.

Essence cosmetics, highlighter, nail polish, holographic, eyeshadow, Metal Glam, lipgloss, nail stickers

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Have you seen this collection yet?  Essence is carried at Fred Meyer in the Pacific Northwest and Ulta in the PNW and everywhere else.

Friday, October 18, 2013

For Claudia Of Chromatic Misadventures, A Peek At Revlon Elusive Nail Polish

You are looking at Revlon nail polish in the color called Elusive. It was very elusive for me to find. It dries matte with it's blackened green polish effectively hiding most of the green and blue glitters mixed within. It made me a little sad. Generally with a nail polish that dries matte and contains glitter, (think Zoya textures), you can still see the glitter peeking out here and there. And with the addition of a top coat, the glitter particles will sparkle. Unfortunately, it wasn't that way with this nail polish. I was sorely disappointed, but excited that I must go do more polish hunting and investigating!!!

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