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Thursday, June 15, 2017

BioSilk's 1st Professional Hair Tools - My Review & Why You Need To See Them

Two hair tools I've been loving currently are from BioSilk.  They combine ceramic and titanium hair tool technologies to produce lightweight, efficient, frizz defeating salon quality tools.  I have the blow dryer, ($79),  and flat iron, ($79), and I really want to tell you about both because they are really awesome tools.  They are a bargain for the quality and efficiency of the tools.

The Titanium Professional Blow Dryer is a sexy chrome and silver and is lightweight to hold.  Titanium technology allows the dryer to dry hair quicker than average while it seals the cuticle shaft for smoother shinier hair.  It dries my hair much faster than any traditional shaped blow dryer.  I love to use this thing.  For me, one of the best things about it is the reduced noise level!!  It doesn't sound like a whirring jet engine, even on the high setting.  It makes it a relaxing dryer to use.

Some of the details include:
1875 watts of powerful airflow
Titanium Grill

2 speed settings
2 temperature settings
A cool shot button

Ion generator
2 year limited warranty
Includes Free 2 oz. Biosilk Hot Thermal Protectant Mist, directional airflow nozzle, and diffuser attachement

It's a sturdy yet lightweight machine that delivers powerful and comparatively quiet  drying while adding sleekness and shine to the hair.  I really enjoy using this dryer.

The Titanium 1" Flat Iron is also a really terrific tool.  It is sleek and looks a little bit space age with it's high quality titanium mirrored plates, the LED temperature guide and flashing blue lights when it's on.  The plates are curved at the side making it easy to curl hair without catching and pulling it.  The titanium technology seals the cuticle to keep humidity out while making for incredible shine.

Some points of interest about this flat iron:
1 Inch Titanium Plates
Max temperatures of up to 410ºF
LED Digital Temperature Display
1 hour auto shut-off
2 year limited warranty
Includes Free 2 oz. Biosilk Hot Thermal Protectant Mist

You turn on the iron and set the temperature with the three buttons that are on the side.  It's easy to punch it up higher or lower and the iron can heat to the full setting in under a minute.  That surprised me.  It makes styling even quicker.  The ease with which it straightens or curls without catching and pulling was something that I really appreciate.  It's fast and efficient and I love it so much that I put my GHD away.  I don't think you could possibly find a better flat iron at such a price.  I really think you need to consider these with your next hair tool purchase.

You can follow BioSilk on Instagram to learn more about the brand.

I am just loving these tools so much and I love the sleek fancy look of them.  Do you have a particular hair tool that delivers for you that you love?  Have you curled your hair with a flat iron?  I could never do it until I got this one!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beachy Waves With The Beachwaver + Becca Cosmetics X Chrissy Teigen Palette Giveaway

Sarah Protempo created The Beachwaver iron to use backstage on the Victoria's Secret Angels.  You know those pretty airy beachy waves they wear?  Yes, thank Sarah's team and The Beachwaver.  I am demonstrating the 1" and .75" irons in use in my video.  In conjunction with the video is a giveaway for the Becca Cosmetics X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette.  Everyone is welcome to enter.

Follow The Beachwaver on Instagram to see more.  These irons retail for $129 and can be found at Ulta and Kohls.  They are really terrific items.  I hope you'll watch to see how to use them as well as what all the buttons are for.

My giveaway is open until 11:59pm on May 25th, 2017.

Becca Cosmetics X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette Giveaway

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

POPSUGAR Must Have Box For September 2016 Unboxing

The September PopSugar Must Have Box was provided free of charge to me in exchange for my honest opinion.  #Press Sample

Hi welcome back!!   And welcome back to me!  If you've seen my other social media in the past six weeks, you might remember I had a knee replacement surgery.  It was brutal for the first 5.5 weeks but I finally can move around enough and sit long enough to get some work done!!!   My inaugural post surgery welcome back post is a video on YouTube showing the Must Have Box for September.   Check it out!   It's one heck of a value!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

How Bed Head By TIGI Turned Me Into A Beachy Waves Curly Haired Lover

Until about a month ago, if you'd seen me out and about town, I'd probably look like some kind of variation of the following.

It would be a natural assumption to think I had straight hair.  However, the truth is something vastly different.  In it's natural state, my hair looks something like this when wet:

And letting it air dry was always a nightmare and why I have straightened my hair for years.

It's got kinky spiral curls and some strands that are more wavey than curly.  It has been the source of endless frustration for me, trying to tame the beast.  I've said over and over that I'm having a bad hair life.  I couldn't work with the curliness or wear it natural until Bed Head by Tigi tools arrived at my door.  They have been hair-life changing for me.

ionic, ceramic tourmaline, Wave Artist, hair dryer, hair

On the top left is the purple Bed Head A Wave We Go Waver.  At the top right is the teal colored Bed Head Wave Artist tourmaline ceramic Deep Waver.   In the middle of the picture, you will find the Bed Head CurliPops Diffuser Dryer.

The little lime green iron on the bottom is the Bed Head by Tigi mini flat iron that can be used to touch up bangs, short hair, of little doo dads here and there.  It retails for $19.99 at Ulta.  Don't let that small 1/2" size fool you, this baby can take on the tasks of the biggies, working away at 400F.  I can use this on my bangs right now while they're not long enough yet for the wavers.

So onto my experiences!!

hair care, wavey hair, curly hair

The first time I used the Curlipops diffusing dryer, I totally couldn't believe it.  I've used diffusers before, even others made specifically for curly hair with no luck at all.  I could never get anything that looked decent, much less looked ok, or even good.

The diffusing dryer has tourmaline ionic technology for frizz free texture and shine.  You can dry and diffuse on low, high or cool and it also has a cold shot button to lock in those curls and that shine.  Mine came in a box, but I've seen the current packaging at Ulta, where it retails for $34.99, to be the plastic packaging that most items are in these days.  Can we just take a moment to realize that it matches my hair colors?  Nice.  Here's a look at the controls, including the cool shot button.

The box had suggested to dry your hair with it a bit and then diffuse the curls.

curly hair, waves, wavey, haircare

I keep the diffuser attached and lean over and dry it that way.  And what used to be my endless frustration, after I use the Curlipops diffusing dryer, is something I actually like!!!

My curls never made sense to me before!  They were all over the place.  Parts would be straight and flat and the ends were bouncy and frizzy.  I hated it and refused to wear my hair natural.  I can handle it now using the Curlipops.  It gives me great curl, some shine and volume.

Last week I dried with the Curlipop and the next day, used the purple A Wave We Go Waver.   It has tourmaline ceramic technology which helps hold a curl without the frizz and gives your hair shine.  It has an adjustable waver barrel so that you can decide if you want crimped loose or defined curls.  With multiple heat settings, you can bring it up to 400F, if you need to.  A Wave We Go retails for $39.99.

A Wave We Go, Wave Artist, hair, curly, wavey

I found the waver to be SO easy to work with.  I don't allot much time to do my hair in the morning, but I really didn't need much.  It was easy to just pop those waves in.  I adjusted it a few times all around my head to play with the different level of waves.

Looking back, I find it somewhat embarassing that my goofy faced pictures show my curls better than my human faced pics.  What can you do?  It's just me.  I make a lot of goofy faces while taking pictures.

One of my favorite ways to wear my curly hair, as I did that way, is with a hair band.  My bangs are currently shorter than what I like, and on this particular day, there were massive winds in Phoenix.  I wanted to keep some order to my hair so I threw on a one of my favorite hair bands.  It tames my bangs and allows the curls to have their freedom!!!

About a month ago, I felt inspired by Cochella to create a free spirited look.  I used the teal Bed Head by Tigi Wave Artist after drying with Curlipops.  This creates distinctive sculpted waves and also has the tourmaline technology to produce softer, shinier waves without frizz.  The Wave Artist has an adjustable heat setting as well as a locking switch, which I found super handy as it's heating up in the whole 30 seconds that it takes.  It retails for $29.99.

During the whole process, I put a lot of pictures on Snapchat, and this post already has too many pictures of me, but I'll share a few to show you the look I achieved using the stationary Wave Artist Deep Waver.  I lost most of my pictures when my phone died but was able to snag some with the hubsters phone off social media.

The Wave Artist Deep Waver does an excellent job of putting those beachy vibe waves in the hair.  They held until I decided to wash my hair on the fifth day.  I've never had decent curls hold so long before.

And I had a lot of fun with this.  Something that I never experienced while working with my curls.  I used to always work against them before using these Bed Head by Tigi products.

You need a waver.

Everyone needs a waver.

I had this whole Cochella festival type of look in mind when I started, but even without the daisy headband, I love how my hair looks using these tools.

I've never had more fun with my hair in my life.  I love the look of messy curls and love the lighter waves.  I'm over the moon with how the Curlipops dries my hair.  I certainly haven't mastered the wavers yet....there are so many options with the A Wave We Go that I'll need many more trials before I decide my favorite depth...if I decide on a favorite...they're all good depending on what look you're going for.  And the Wave Artist is beautiful with it's own personality.

You can learn more about the tools and decide on your perfect wavey or beachy look by following Bed Head by Tigi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Follow them on their website for more videos, how to's and information.

As my bottom line, I highly recommend all three of these items.  The technology is impressive and the performance is outstanding.  They have taken me from hair hater to hair curious to hair affair.

Thank you for hanging in for this long post.  Have you had a hair challenge that you couldn't conquer?  How did you gain victory over the beast?  Or do you have a current hair challenge that you'd like to share?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Matrix Total Results Hair Products Will Have You Saying So Long Damage and Hello Heathly Hair!

When the Matrix Total Results So Long Damage products arrived at my house, I really didn't expect much. I thought I'd try them for review but never in my wildest dreams did I think they would become my holy grail hair care products. You see, I was aware of the Matrix name for most of my life, but I'd never tried any. There must be over 100 different hair care choices at any store or salon at which I've shopped, so naturally I haven't tried them all. With the first use of the Matrix products, I was sure my holy grail hair system had landed in my home.  A bold claim, right?  Let's take a look.

leave in, shampoo, conditioner, haircare, hair, salon
There are a few more products in the So Long Damage line, but these are the three I was drawn to at first as they were similar products to what I've used from every brand; shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in product.  I found that my hair didn't seem to need anything else when I used these three products!  Not a gel or any other kind of goo like I usually use.  That surprised me.  Later I read that Matrix says that the use of the So Long Damage shampoo and conditioner along with the Total Results Miracle Creator leave-in spray will give stronger hair with less breakage and increased shine.  That is exactly what I've experienced!  My  hair has never felt stronger or experienced less damage.

And my hair is SO SOFT!  I have naturally curly coarse hair and I've always hated the texture.  It's not, by nature, the soft Rapunzel hair that you would want to run your hand through.  With my first usage, I was so impressed with the soft texture of my hair that I ran to my husband and yelled  "feel my hair!!"  He did and he said "wow, that's so soft".  Yeah, baby!!  This is exactly the experience I've always longed for from hair products.

The shampoo has a delightful fruity scent and lathers up well.  I feel clean after using it.  The conditioner smells like conditioner mixed with the shampoo's fruity scent.  You will recognize the fruity scent but also the typical smell of conditioner...does that make sense?  It is pleasant and when you use the 20 function leave-in Miracle Creator, you'll smell the wonderful scent of cookies.  Kind of like a snickerdoodle.  I love it SO much that I can't stop smelling my hair.  When my head heats up, it activates that cookie smell and I tell you what, that can definitely be comforting and reassuring to the soul as well as the hair.  I just love it!

The reduction in breakage has to do with the ceramides in the formula.  I know you've heard the word but let me tell you what it means as I understand it.  Ceramides are lipids, which are a fatty acid that is essential to the longevity of the cuticle of the hair.  They bind to the cuticle, help retain moisture and make it stronger which also works to protect against environmental damage...including the sun, pollution and even the products we use to style our hair.  And it works!

(While I have you here, I'd like to share a couple other Matrix products that I had been testing and fell in love with.  I'm just going to tell you briefly that they performed very well and I've been really impressed with how well they work.  You should check them out too.  They are the Matrix Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream and the Gloss Booster.  I haven't used them for the past couple of weeks just because I was testing the Total Results line by itself.  These both absolutely work and are now holy grail products as well.)

salon, haircare, hair,

Matrix Total Results products can be found wherever Matrix is sold, including Ulta for your purchasing pleasure.  The Matrix website also has a salon locater in the upper left hand corner.  You can learn more about this and other Matrix lines by visiting their website and following them on Facebook, Instagram. Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Have you experienced Matrix hair products?  What steps do you use in your hair regimen?

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Revlon Pro Collection One Step Hair Dryer And Styler Is A Time And Style Game Changer For Hair

hair, Pro Collection, review

Let me introduce you to the Revlon Pro Collection One Step Hair Dryer and Styler, ($49.99).  This is the blow dryer that dreams are made of.  I'm so excited about this new way to dry my hair that I can hardly sit still long enough to write the review.  I want you to get this and to get one for everyone on your holiday list who has hair, doesn't air dry and doesn't use a diffuser.  It's CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

The Revlon One Step is a blow dryer with a brush on the end, all in one unit.

blow dryer, ionic, hair,, frizz

I received an email that told me about it and I thought it might be a good dryer for me.  I've had trouble drying my hair for five years since I had a neck surgery, followed by a shoulder surgery and another neck surgery.  The use of my left arm to hold a dryer or a brush for long periods of time just wasn't available to me.  I went to my stylist for her to dry and straighten my hair for four years.  And this past year, my husband has done it for me.

Let me tell you about my hair....the short story is that it's thick, curly, unruly and gets frizzy with much blow drying.  If you have curly hair, you know what I'm talking about.  Before my accident, it would take me four hours to wash, dry and straighten my hair.  Due to the frizz of the curl, I'd have to dry for 15-20 minutes, wait about that long, and repeat until dry.  Then follow with the flat iron.  It was a long process and not one I particularly enjoyed.  This past year, it has taken my husband between 45 minutes to an hour to blow it out and then I flat iron it and spray the heck out of it and pray I don't wake up the next day curly.  It takes a lot of time and finesse so I only do it at night.  And now I have this new cut that is a little strange, and I've just wanted to pull all my hair out, rather than try to make sense of it.

So last night, my husband said "are you ready for me to dry your hair", (it's very sweet).  And I told him that I bought something new at Ulta and I thought I might start the process myself.  I figured I would dry for maybe two minutes to tame my bangs and then head to the livingroom where he'd finish, just like always.

*pause while we cue the singing angels*

I couldn't believe it.  I dried my hair all by myself.  I did it in around FIVE minutes.  And it was straight.  Ok, not four hours, mind you, about five minutes!!!  And it was pretty easy!!

And it was straight.

And there wasn't any frizz.  NO FRIZZ.  I had gotten frustrated with the amount of frizz in trying to dry this new 'do.  No frizz.  And I did it by myself!!!

I'm sorry this is so long, but this is a freaking miracle for me!!

I was worried that maybe if I used the brush under the hair to pull it to curl under, that it might cause the hair shaft to expand and frizz, but I did some of that, and it didn't frizz.  I used the dryer as if I was brushing my hair slowly and there was no frizz.  And it straightened so easily and I didn't even use 5 kinds of goo, like usual.

And it had shine!!  Totally unexpected.

I was so excited that I went to my personal Facebook and got in long discussions about why my friends need to buy this dryer.  So excited that I forgot to flat iron after it was dry.  But I got up this morning, and my hair was still straight!!!!!!!!!  It usually has part of it kind of curly and part of it sticking out, but I ran to show the hubby and he was impressed too.  All just with the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Styler and no flat iron.  Seriously amazing.

So about the dryer itself, it has cool pink racing stripes that just happen to match my hair.  From tip to tail, the whole brush measures almost 12.5" long.

blow dryer, ionic, hair

The brush paddle itself is really nice.  It measures 4.75" long and 3.25" wide.  The bristles are nice and flexible so that they don't knot up your hair.  The massaging tips are gentle to the scalp.

blow dryer, ionic, hair

At the end of the wand is the control switch.  Revlon suggests low for fine or thin hair and high for thick hair.  I used low even though my hair is thick and it worked very nicely.  There is a cool shock setting to "set the style in place".  I didn't use that function.  I never do...maybe I should?

blow dryer, ionic, hair

The electrical plug in has both test and reset buttons.

blow dryer, ionic, hair

A few more details about the dryer:  The two in one design was created to cut drying and styling time, and my experience is that it REALLY does!!!  It uses 1000W of power and has ionic conditioning to reduce frizz and boost shine.  Yeah, that's working too.  I'm really impressed.

Even the tangle-free cord doesn't tangle.  It swivles in the end of the arm.  You know how so many "tangle free cords" just end up really squirrly anyway?  This one doesn't.  I had no ackward encounters with the cord.  The One Step meets all of Revlon's advertised claims.  It is lightweight enough that I can use one arm, if I want.

It seriously just couldn't have been easier.

I'm really over the moon about this dryer.  Keep in mind, I've only used it once, but the ease of use and the results were so astonishing that I feel safe in saying it's going to change my life and the amount of time and hassle I've used with my hair.  If you buy this for pre-teen children, be sure to tell them that the paddle can get very hot so try to keep the hands from touching it.

You can find the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Styler at any merchant that sells Revlon hair items.  On my street, in less than 15 minutes, I can purchase this at  Target,  and Ulta where they both have it in stock.  I purchased mine online during an Ulta sale.

You've heard my hair story, now I'd like to hear yours.  What is your greatest challenge with your hair?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Phuse Beauty Hydration Head Case Shampoo And Repairman Conditioner Review For Healthy Shiny Hair!!

Phuse Beauty, "where science meets beauty", is a relatively new company in the land of loveliness.  There is over 30 years of professional beauty industry experience behind the brand.  Their mission is to bring professional products to the home.  I believe the products I have for you today, (as well as a couple other I've tried), do exactly that.

Today we'll be looking at their Hydration Head Case Shampoo, Repairman Conditioner and So Smooth Ta Da! Comb, but first I have to tell you that their Trim It cuticle nippers are THE BEST I've used!!  We're talking 'throw all your others away' kind of best.  Review to come!

Ta Da! Hydration Head Case, Repairman, review

The Hydration Head Case Shampoo, ($18 / 10 oz),  is for all hair types.  There is no animal testing in Phuse Beauty products and they are gluten free, something I'm particularly thankful for.  The shampoo is touted as controlling frizz, safe and gentle for colored hair, and are paraben and petrochemical free.  The shampoo is sodium and sulfate free, (yay!), and is infused with argan oil, (another yay!).  It is safe enough for daily use.  And it smells really good; a light clean scent.

Here are the ingredients:

Ta Da! Hydration Head Case, Repairman, review

I use the shampoo and follow up with the Repairman Conditioner, ($19 / 10 oz), which also smells good with a light clean scent.  It is formulated without formaldehyde and petrochemicals.  It is sodium and sulfate free to be safe for even colored hair.  Keratin is an important ingredient in the conditioner to mend damaged hair and promote shine.  It is safe for every day use.

Ta Da! Hydration Head Case, Repairman, review

Thirdly today is the So Smooth Ta Da! comb, ($7), easily the best comb I've used in the shower to draw the conditioner through the hair evenly and after the shower before styling my hair or even for next-day hair.  I have thick curly hair so the wide teeth are a blessing to my locks, sifting through them without pulling them out.  This is HUGE to me.  Huge.  The comb has a wider tooth space on one end to easily part your hair.

Ta Da! Hydration Head Case, Repairman, review

I've only used wide toothed picks before I received this comb and even they pulled my hair out in knots when I'd comb it.  Every time.  It's like a secret hair curse.  Part of the reason this comb works so well is that it has an infusion of argan oil, olive oil and keratin protein, all wonderful ingredients to promote hair health and shine.

My hair is naturally curly and coarse as the hair shaft is always bent.  The cuticle just doesn't lay flat by itself to promote shine.  And then when I straighten it and add more heat, it tends to get dry.  I can honestly tell you that I have seen a natural type of shine in using these products for the past month.  It's not a heavy or greasy looking faked shine.  I can't really believe it.  I usually use a gob of oil and even then, feel like it looks dry in places.  I'm pretty impressed with these products!!

After washing my hair earlier this week, my friend Kelly curled it.  I have rarely tamed my curls with a curling iron as I've felt that the heat would dry my hair even more.  But with the Phuse Beauty combination, I have a shine that I've never known before!!  I blow dried it.  Kelly curled it.  And look at the SHINE!!!

Kelly is really good with hair.  She should be a stylist!!

Phuse Beauty, in addition to web sales, has a home beauty hosting program.  Check out the link in this paragraph and you can get started earning free beauty products which, in my experience, are top quality.  No joke.  You've got to try the products!!!

You can also follow Phuse on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  These are products worth checking out.  I'm glad I did.

So tell me....what is your greatest personal hair challenge?

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Marc Anthony Hair Care Products That Take My Hair From Super FreakTo Super Fleek

Most of my life has been spent with bad hair.  It was the bane of my existance.  Many frustrating hours were lost as I tried to make my curls into a pattern that made sense and didn't end in a ball of frizz.  I wore a lot of baseball hats, layered cuts and ponytails thru my 20s.

My 30's were spent with very short hair, layered cuts, and a do' that was a result of half blowing out, giving up and curls on the rest.  It was a really frustrating time in my life, trying to tame the beast.

Fast forward to now:  In it's natural state, my unfortunate hair looks like this:

It's crazy and will scare small children.  However, I now have some secret weapons to go from the above to the sleekness I prefer.

What are these mystery products?!?!!  First I have to tell you that until I used them, I couldn't straighten my hair myself.  I've only been wearing it this way about five years and in that time, I've had two neck surgeries and a shoulder with four screws holding things together.  It's made for limited movement with my arm above my head.  The ONLY way I can straighten my hair is with great products.

A couple of months ago, Marc Anthony hair care sent me their argan oil, Oil Of Morocco and their Coconut Oil to try.  What a world of difference!!!!  I've abondon all the hair implements that you see here.  Ponys no more!!

hair, curly, straight, argan oil, shea butter, smooth

Let's look at the argan oil, Oil of Morocco Smoothing Cream, (6.72 fl oz/$8.99), first.  You can see on the front it claims to be a 3 day smoothing perfect blow dry cream and is infused with keratin.  I can easily double their three day claim.

After washing and conditioning, I apply a dollup the size of a 50 cent piece and work it all through my hair.  I have really thick hair so I probably use more than most people.  Then, and only then, am I able to blow dry my hair almost straight with just the smoothing Oil of Morocco Argan Oil itself!!  I've never ever ever ever been able to before.  Like ever.  Never ever.

Here is my hair after blow drying only:  (Ok, remember what it looks like curly, right?):

Just with the smoothing cream, my hair is almost straight.  If you have curly hair, you know how hard it is to blow dry it.  Generally it's ten minutes of blow-dry, 1/2 hour of sitting around, another 5-10 minutes, 1/2 hour of sitting around and repeat until you give up.  Generally to blow dry curly hair makes it larger and frizzier.  You can see in the above picture that I don't have big fat curly hair after blowing it dry, and it's almost entirely straight!!

Run a flat iron through a couple of spots and it looks like this:

hair, curly, straight, smooth

I then finish by taking about two drops of the lightweight Coconut Oil with shea butter, (1.69 fl oz/$7.99), and run it through the hair, trying to concentrate on the ends.  It's not heavy like a lot of oils on the market and does the perfect job of hydrating my dry hair while promoting shine.  The Coconut Oil is infused with biotin, which is the best hair product I've ever found.  It's nourishing and promotes growth.

When argan oil first became a thing, I tried a couple.  I didn't like them very much because they didn't do anything for my rat's nest.  This argan oil cream, however, is the bomb!  It's my jam!  It's everything!!!!  Ask my real life friends and they'll tell you I didn't straighten my hair for a couple years and had to have it done.  No joke.

And now with these products from Marc Anthony True Professional, I can do my hair myself.  Woo hoo!!  Even with a screwed together shoulder on my dominant arm.

The ingredients of the Oil of Morocco are:

hair, smoothing, cream, treatment, straight, curly

It's probably worth noting as well that my hair has never been healthier either!!!

The Coconut Oil ingredients:

smoothing, treatment, hair, curly, straight, shea butter

The proof of the quality of the products is in the photos.  They show my hair evolution and I just couldn't be happier.  These are the best quality hair products I've used at any price range.

hair, smoothing, smooth, straight, curly
You can read more about Marc Anthony products for curly and for straight hair here.  And you can purchase the brand at Walgreens,, and just about every other drugstore in Canada and the US.  Check their website for where to purchase online and internationally.

Do you have a favorite smoothing product that you use?  Seriously, I can't believe how easy this makes my unruly hair!!!

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