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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Found At Cosmoprof North America - Quick Temporary Hair Color Change With COLORSMASH

Guys!!!  I just returned home from Cosmoprof North America 2017, the 15th annual show, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.  This year was bigger and better than ever.   Attendees and exhibitors were both up by 9%; 36,787 and 1278 respectively.  I thought 2016 was huge but 2017 covered 4% more area!  There is no way to make it around the whole show and chat with everyone, and while we try to choose wisely, we always end up missing some of our favorites when we run out of time.  Our plan is generally to be sure to cover the specialty sections such as Discover Beauty, Discover Green, Tones Of Beauty and then to try and hit the larger areas as time permits.

One of the booths we were fortunate to visit in 2016 was ColorSmash, a new innovative colored hair spray.  I made this video awhile ago but felt it appropriate to share now with Cosmoprof NA having just wrapped up.  You'll see how to use it in the video.  It is intense color pigment infused into hair spray which allows you to use temporary color in a safe way.  It washes completely out from my hair in the first washing.  It's an excellent way to have fun at parties and events while still maintaining your school or job's hair requirements.  Have a look.

Last week while at Cosmoprof, I didn't see ColorSmash on the exhibitor list and found out, once I got home, that they had indeed attended.  I was happy to find out they were there but sad we'd missed them.  We had a great visit last year.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, I DID see Elvis!!!!  He wasn't in the house, but he was waiting under the Vegas sign on the strip with Viva Las Vegas blaring from his suit.  He asked me if I wanted a picture but I giggled so hard, I couldn't even reply and ran like a dope to the car.  I drew a blue line under him in the following picture so you could see.

I have a lot of coverage coming from this year on all my social media as well as youtube, so just keep tuning in and see what fun things we discovered while at Cosmoprof North America.  Follow ColorSmash on youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is there anything you're look to hear about most from Cosmoprof North America?  What are you hoping to see?