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Thursday, June 15, 2017

BioSilk's 1st Professional Hair Tools - My Review & Why You Need To See Them

Two hair tools I've been loving currently are from BioSilk.  They combine ceramic and titanium hair tool technologies to produce lightweight, efficient, frizz defeating salon quality tools.  I have the blow dryer, ($79),  and flat iron, ($79), and I really want to tell you about both because they are really awesome tools.  They are a bargain for the quality and efficiency of the tools.

The Titanium Professional Blow Dryer is a sexy chrome and silver and is lightweight to hold.  Titanium technology allows the dryer to dry hair quicker than average while it seals the cuticle shaft for smoother shinier hair.  It dries my hair much faster than any traditional shaped blow dryer.  I love to use this thing.  For me, one of the best things about it is the reduced noise level!!  It doesn't sound like a whirring jet engine, even on the high setting.  It makes it a relaxing dryer to use.

Some of the details include:
1875 watts of powerful airflow
Titanium Grill

2 speed settings
2 temperature settings
A cool shot button

Ion generator
2 year limited warranty
Includes Free 2 oz. Biosilk Hot Thermal Protectant Mist, directional airflow nozzle, and diffuser attachement

It's a sturdy yet lightweight machine that delivers powerful and comparatively quiet  drying while adding sleekness and shine to the hair.  I really enjoy using this dryer.

The Titanium 1" Flat Iron is also a really terrific tool.  It is sleek and looks a little bit space age with it's high quality titanium mirrored plates, the LED temperature guide and flashing blue lights when it's on.  The plates are curved at the side making it easy to curl hair without catching and pulling it.  The titanium technology seals the cuticle to keep humidity out while making for incredible shine.

Some points of interest about this flat iron:
1 Inch Titanium Plates
Max temperatures of up to 410ºF
LED Digital Temperature Display
1 hour auto shut-off
2 year limited warranty
Includes Free 2 oz. Biosilk Hot Thermal Protectant Mist

You turn on the iron and set the temperature with the three buttons that are on the side.  It's easy to punch it up higher or lower and the iron can heat to the full setting in under a minute.  That surprised me.  It makes styling even quicker.  The ease with which it straightens or curls without catching and pulling was something that I really appreciate.  It's fast and efficient and I love it so much that I put my GHD away.  I don't think you could possibly find a better flat iron at such a price.  I really think you need to consider these with your next hair tool purchase.

You can follow BioSilk on Instagram to learn more about the brand.

I am just loving these tools so much and I love the sleek fancy look of them.  Do you have a particular hair tool that delivers for you that you love?  Have you curled your hair with a flat iron?  I could never do it until I got this one!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment Hair Mask Review & Giveaway!

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Today I'm sharing my experience with the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment, (now available at Sephora - 6 oz / $32), with you.  And I have an extra for a giveaway!!

The Pre-Wash Protein Treatment is a hair mask that is used prior to shampooing.  Use a fair amount and distribute thoroughly throughout hair and on the scalp and then relax for 20 minutes.  This thick creamy mask has a pleasing relaxing scent.  It smells sort of like vanilla and lightly floral.   The formula is said to penetrate deeply to restore and rebuild dry, brittle strands which are damaged by chemicals, heat and the environment.   There are no parabens, sulfates or phthalates and it is is suitable for all hair types.

My experience with this hair mask has been nothing short of amazing!!  I have chemically colored and treated hair which can get dry in the heat and sunshine here in Phoenix.  The natural texture of my hair is coarse and curly.  Let me emphasize:  Coarse and curly.  I don't have typical movie hair that you would love to run your hands through.  There's a lot of texture.  When I use this mask, my hair is SO SOFT!  It's amazing!!!  I wish my website had feel-o-vision so that you could experience the difference when I pre-treat with this product before shampooing.

The other thing I love about this is that while it penetrates well, it doesn't lift the artificial color from my hair.  My pinks, purples and blues remain just as vibrant while becoming softer with use.  My colored coarse hair transforms into a mermaid's dream with the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment.  It really IS wonderful.  And it smells great.  Plus, who could complain about that 20 minutes to check your email and Instagram, fix dinner, or whatever it is that you like to do while your hair is treated.

So good news!!!  Not only is this hair mask nothing short of amazing, but I have one to giveaway to a lucky reader!!  I love this mask and I think you will too.  Please enter using the widget below.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Pre-Wash Protein Treatment Giveaway

Monday, June 6, 2016

How Bed Head By TIGI Turned Me Into A Beachy Waves Curly Haired Lover

Until about a month ago, if you'd seen me out and about town, I'd probably look like some kind of variation of the following.

It would be a natural assumption to think I had straight hair.  However, the truth is something vastly different.  In it's natural state, my hair looks something like this when wet:

And letting it air dry was always a nightmare and why I have straightened my hair for years.

It's got kinky spiral curls and some strands that are more wavey than curly.  It has been the source of endless frustration for me, trying to tame the beast.  I've said over and over that I'm having a bad hair life.  I couldn't work with the curliness or wear it natural until Bed Head by Tigi tools arrived at my door.  They have been hair-life changing for me.

ionic, ceramic tourmaline, Wave Artist, hair dryer, hair

On the top left is the purple Bed Head A Wave We Go Waver.  At the top right is the teal colored Bed Head Wave Artist tourmaline ceramic Deep Waver.   In the middle of the picture, you will find the Bed Head CurliPops Diffuser Dryer.

The little lime green iron on the bottom is the Bed Head by Tigi mini flat iron that can be used to touch up bangs, short hair, of little doo dads here and there.  It retails for $19.99 at Ulta.  Don't let that small 1/2" size fool you, this baby can take on the tasks of the biggies, working away at 400F.  I can use this on my bangs right now while they're not long enough yet for the wavers.

So onto my experiences!!

hair care, wavey hair, curly hair

The first time I used the Curlipops diffusing dryer, I totally couldn't believe it.  I've used diffusers before, even others made specifically for curly hair with no luck at all.  I could never get anything that looked decent, much less looked ok, or even good.

The diffusing dryer has tourmaline ionic technology for frizz free texture and shine.  You can dry and diffuse on low, high or cool and it also has a cold shot button to lock in those curls and that shine.  Mine came in a box, but I've seen the current packaging at Ulta, where it retails for $34.99, to be the plastic packaging that most items are in these days.  Can we just take a moment to realize that it matches my hair colors?  Nice.  Here's a look at the controls, including the cool shot button.

The box had suggested to dry your hair with it a bit and then diffuse the curls.

curly hair, waves, wavey, haircare

I keep the diffuser attached and lean over and dry it that way.  And what used to be my endless frustration, after I use the Curlipops diffusing dryer, is something I actually like!!!

My curls never made sense to me before!  They were all over the place.  Parts would be straight and flat and the ends were bouncy and frizzy.  I hated it and refused to wear my hair natural.  I can handle it now using the Curlipops.  It gives me great curl, some shine and volume.

Last week I dried with the Curlipop and the next day, used the purple A Wave We Go Waver.   It has tourmaline ceramic technology which helps hold a curl without the frizz and gives your hair shine.  It has an adjustable waver barrel so that you can decide if you want crimped loose or defined curls.  With multiple heat settings, you can bring it up to 400F, if you need to.  A Wave We Go retails for $39.99.

A Wave We Go, Wave Artist, hair, curly, wavey

I found the waver to be SO easy to work with.  I don't allot much time to do my hair in the morning, but I really didn't need much.  It was easy to just pop those waves in.  I adjusted it a few times all around my head to play with the different level of waves.

Looking back, I find it somewhat embarassing that my goofy faced pictures show my curls better than my human faced pics.  What can you do?  It's just me.  I make a lot of goofy faces while taking pictures.

One of my favorite ways to wear my curly hair, as I did that way, is with a hair band.  My bangs are currently shorter than what I like, and on this particular day, there were massive winds in Phoenix.  I wanted to keep some order to my hair so I threw on a one of my favorite hair bands.  It tames my bangs and allows the curls to have their freedom!!!

About a month ago, I felt inspired by Cochella to create a free spirited look.  I used the teal Bed Head by Tigi Wave Artist after drying with Curlipops.  This creates distinctive sculpted waves and also has the tourmaline technology to produce softer, shinier waves without frizz.  The Wave Artist has an adjustable heat setting as well as a locking switch, which I found super handy as it's heating up in the whole 30 seconds that it takes.  It retails for $29.99.

During the whole process, I put a lot of pictures on Snapchat, and this post already has too many pictures of me, but I'll share a few to show you the look I achieved using the stationary Wave Artist Deep Waver.  I lost most of my pictures when my phone died but was able to snag some with the hubsters phone off social media.

The Wave Artist Deep Waver does an excellent job of putting those beachy vibe waves in the hair.  They held until I decided to wash my hair on the fifth day.  I've never had decent curls hold so long before.

And I had a lot of fun with this.  Something that I never experienced while working with my curls.  I used to always work against them before using these Bed Head by Tigi products.

You need a waver.

Everyone needs a waver.

I had this whole Cochella festival type of look in mind when I started, but even without the daisy headband, I love how my hair looks using these tools.

I've never had more fun with my hair in my life.  I love the look of messy curls and love the lighter waves.  I'm over the moon with how the Curlipops dries my hair.  I certainly haven't mastered the wavers yet....there are so many options with the A Wave We Go that I'll need many more trials before I decide my favorite depth...if I decide on a favorite...they're all good depending on what look you're going for.  And the Wave Artist is beautiful with it's own personality.

You can learn more about the tools and decide on your perfect wavey or beachy look by following Bed Head by Tigi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Follow them on their website for more videos, how to's and information.

As my bottom line, I highly recommend all three of these items.  The technology is impressive and the performance is outstanding.  They have taken me from hair hater to hair curious to hair affair.

Thank you for hanging in for this long post.  Have you had a hair challenge that you couldn't conquer?  How did you gain victory over the beast?  Or do you have a current hair challenge that you'd like to share?