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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kneipp Body Wash Trio - Scents That I'm Loving!!

Kneipp is a natural holistic brand that I'd heard of but hadn't actually experienced until now.  The products are all dermatologist tested, primarily vegan, not tested on animals and made of the finest natural blends.  Everything is free of preservatives, silicons, paraffins and mineral oil.  I'd actually wanted to try some of this brand for a long time so it was fun for me to receive the body wash trio of scents released for summer along with a hand cream.

The body washes, (6.76 fl oz/$14), are soap free, made with essential oils and are hydrating as they cleanse.  They are a treat for the senses!!  I really enjoy using the invigorating scents.  I assumed the Tropical Dream, a mouthwatering blend of mango and starfruit, would be my favorite.  I LOVE all things tropically scented.   And I do love this scent.  It is at the ready in my shower, where I dispense a small amount of the gel type cleanser and enjoy the scent.

As funny as life can be, my actual favorite is the Summer Mood, a juicy blend of watermelon and mint.  I, personally, don't like watermelon, watermelon flavor or watermelon scents.  But this blend is the fruitiest juiciest piece of summer goodness that you can imagine.  It has a predominant place at the bathtub and is going fast, being my son's favorite, too.

The third scent introduced this summer is called Endless Summer, an infusion of mint and lime.  Lime is one of my favorite scents.  I love citrus and tropical scents the most, in general.  This combination is a different kind of scent for me and is waiting it's turn to be used in one of the two places when the others are done.

I love how the body washes are cleansing and also hydrating.  They feel clean, fresh and are even viable for sensitive skin.  There is no soapy film of any kind left behind.  I'm really enjoying these.

The fourth product I received is Spring Awakening hand cream, (2.53 fl oz/$10).  This smells clean to me, somewhat remniscent of clean laundry with a touch of magnolia and citrus.  It also contains almond oil, something to note if you're allergic to nuts.  I enjoy it very much for it's light fragrance.  Sometimes hand creams can be so fragrant that my husband hates if I open them in the car.  Not so with this one...the scent is very light and fresh.

These new scents were put out for summer but can be enjoyed anytime of year.  I sure plan to.  You can purchase Kneipp products in their stores or on their website.   Peruse the webby and learn more about this wonderful brand.  Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You've seen what's in my shower...what scents are in yours?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nail Butter - The Cuticle and Hand Cream You Need To Know

Recently I was sent a sample of a product called Nail Butter, ($24), a cruelty-free, handmade in the USA, cuticle, nail and skin care cream.   I gave this product a full and thorough scientific investigation before I came to tell you what my opinion is.  I'll tell you straight out this will be in the running for my top cosmetic find of 2015, and probably my top nail product of the year.  I can't imagine finding anything better.

cuticle cream, hand, hands, nails, healing

Nail Butter arrives in a cute glass jar with a polka-dot lid.  It comes in two different scents, Gardenia and Lemongrass.  For review and testing, I chose the Lemongrass.  I'm so glad I did!!  I love anything citrus scented and the lemongrass practically smells like a pie.  I could just literally sniff the cream all day long.

It is a rich emollient consistancy so you only need a little to put on cuticles, hands, elbows or anywhere else that you might have dry skin.  A tiny bit is all that is needed as it goes a really long way awhile it melts and melds into the skin.

hand cream, cuticle, nails, fingernails, healing, skincare

It was during a heatwave of about 112 degrees that my tub arrived, so you can see just the tiniest bit of melt on the left side as it sat in my mailbox during the afternoon.  In no way has that affected the product efficacy.

I'm going to give you a quick run down of my analysis, with a little background.  I had been having trouble with my nails and cuticles for about six or seven months.  I'd literally tried everything I could find.  I was using a bunch of different kinds of lotion and cuticle removers.  My nails were breaking and shredding, which is pretty unusual for me.  I found out my thyroid was undermedicated, explaining a lot of the nail weakness.  However, once that was corrected, I was still having a horrible time with my nails.

We had moved during the winter and my skin just hates the water here.  A water softener made it worse so we ditched it.  Everytime I washed my hands, they got worse.  They looked like this just about a month ago:  (WARNING:  If you're used to pretty nail pictures, this could be horrifying).

It was pretty lousy for me.  I hadn't been able to paint my nails for four months.  The middle two kept breaking and no amount of maintenance could help my cuticles.  It was discouraging.  You can see on my middle finger where I had tried a nail color on my finger but the nails were in such sorry shape, that I just took it right off.

The first time I tried Nail Butter was overnight.  I could tell a difference when I woke up in the morning without all that crustiness.  (I'm sorry this is gross, but I just have to tell you how wonderful this product is.)   Five days later, my nails weren't chipping or peeling and I was able to actually do a manicure for the first time.  Totally thrilling for me!!

cuticle care, nails, fingernails, skincare. Zoya

My nails weren't perfect but they were a FAR CRY from where they'd been the previous six months.  My skin and hands suffered so much for so long!  Five days of Nail Butter made such a difference...I call that a miracle.

Ten days later, my two middle nails were GROWING...and healing and so was my skin.  I did another manicure.  Two in a row for the first time in at least six months!!!

cult nails, manicure, nailpolish, cuticle care, skincare

I was completely convinced that I need Nail Butter at all times by this point, but I really wanted to do a good investigation.  So I stopped.  And for a few days, I used my cuticle oils and hand creams again....and more often than I used the Nail Butter, (once a night).  I was quickly back to my sorry nail state.  I started up the Nail Butter again and healing began within 24 hours.   I know that Nail Butter is the only thing I've come across while living in this harsh water area that will soothe my nail beds.  It is a complete must have for me, any nail blogger and anyone with brittle nails or peeling skin.

Nail Butter contains all natural cruelty-free ingredients:  wool wax, (lanolin), beeswax, natural emulsifiers, (sodium borate, cetyl alcohol, oil of mustard, aloe vera extract, grape seed oil, and...something for the fragrance.  The jar says gardenia oil, but again, my scent is lemongrass, so something else is used.  What is does NOT contain are parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or frangrances.

You can purchase Nail Butter on their website for $24.  Be sure to sign up on the website and receive immediate discounts.  I've already purchased two backups to put in my fridge until I need them.  I just can't be without it.

You can also follow Nail Butter on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

So tell me, do you find it better with Butter?  I sure do!