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Monday, December 4, 2017

Live Your Unicorn Style With Lime Crime Unicorns Hi-Lite Highlighter and Diamond Crushers

The unicorn life isn't for everyone.  Sparking tones and wild colors do have their place, tho, with the bold and the beautiful.  I particularly love going a little extra with my makeup during the holiday season and I will easily vary from the norm.  I love the experimenting that makeup provides and these Lime Crime products fit that artistic desire.   (Briefly, I am aware there was drama with this brand, although I never paid attention to the particulars since I didn't own any of the brand.  I know that they have worked hard to change and have been drama free for years.  I do think people deserve second chances to prove growing maturity and  the wisdom to change, so I agreed to try their products.  Some other brands would do well to follow this example.)  Lime Crime is a certified vegan and cruelty free brand.

The Diamond Crushers, ($18), are a unique type of  product that can be used anywhere - lips, cheeks, eyes, and body.  They are packaged with a clear wanded tube like a lipgloss that has a pretty textured metallic light pink cap.  They are formulated with a base color and light glitters, however, they are very smooth, rather than a chunky or gritty type of feel.  You can easily wear these on the lips over a favorite lipstick and not have to worry about eating grit or glitter all day.  The product dries down almost immediately and you just see a light layer of glitter.  The swatches I have for you make the colors look bold but honestly, when I swipe them on my lips, I don't see as much of a lip topper color as I do the glitter.  I'd love to see these glitters in a little heavier base or I would love for them to make metallic glosses like this in these colors, including the glitter.  Yeah, cuz I'm a sparkly little unicorn that loves to play.

I received four colors to try; Black Unicorn, which I wore over a black lipstick on Halloween in my Polarbelle look, (see it here),, and a bundled set of three called Unicorn Queen, ($40), containing Unicorn Queen, Meadow and Over The Rainbow.


From the top, Over the Rainbow is a sparkling nude in the tube and contains a rainbow glitter.  I'd LOVE to have this color as a metallic lip.

Meadow is green on green.  I like to wear sheer greens over a coral base on the lips, which makes the coral look especially juicy.  And honestly, on my eyes and lips, the Diamond Crushers go on so sheer that you just don't see the color as in the tube.  You'd have to pile it on in layers to get that type of coverage.  I went heavy on the hand swatch which hardly shows the glitter at all, because they're so smooth.  I layered the coverage of the swatches.


Unicorn Queen has a pink toned violet base with iridescent violet glitters.  I'd love to see these glitters in a pink toned violet lip gloss.

Black Unicorn has violet and tiny black glitters and gives the fullest coverage, however it is still what I'd call sheer, showing mainly the glitter.

Overall, I think the Diamond Crushers are really pretty and sheer enough for most people. They are best worn over other colors as a base on the lips and eyes.  I'd love to see a little more boost to the coverage and color for myself.

The other product I received is the Unicorns Hi-Lite Highlighting Trio palette, (21 g / $38).  The three powder highlights are in a cool pink and purple iridescent palette.


The first color is Electric Pink,  a rosy shade with tone-on-tone micro-shimmer.  The middle shade is called Green, and iridescent light green with micro-sparkle and the third shade is Mauve-Gold shift, a light lilac with golden micro-shimmer.


I like and wear all three colors.  They will glow when the light hits the high points of your cheek.  The colors are different than what we usually see and the micro-sparkle might be a bit much for some, especially in a typical office type setting.


The powders apply smoothly and I don't find any shimmer fallout.  The highlights last until I take them off so I'm a big fan.  While I realize sparkle and shine aren't for everyone, I'm really enjoying wearing this as I go about my business and especially to holiday events.

You can find Lime Crime on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Tumblr and Pinterest.  There is a long list on the Lime Crime website for additional places to purchase the brand, including Ulta.

How about you?  Do you have a time of year when you like to play a little more and vary from your traditional type of look?