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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Luv Out Loud With NYX Professional Cosmetics Matte Lipstick! Ulta Exclusive

Cruelty-free brand NYX Professional Makeup, (known as NYX Cosmetics until now), has released six creamy matte liquid lipsticks in the Luv Out Loud collection,  The names are inspiring, motivating and capture a feel that NYX embodies.  Each liquid lipstick is just $6.99 and available exclusively at Ulta Beauty.  I filmed a video with swatches, describing the colors and wear and it is linked below.  It's about 3 minutes, so it's a quickie, and I've snagged swatch pictures off of it to share with you here.

The wear of the collection is really nice and long lasting.  I would guess the reason they call them creamy matte is because they have the comfort of a cream with the wear of a matte.  You can wear them through eating and drinking with minimal damage unless you eat something oily, as with any longwear.  I don't experience the flaking or pilling while they wear that I do with some brands.  There is no transfer with the Luv Out Loud liquid lipsticks and they do dry completely down.  The applicator is just perfect because you can do your lips, including touching up the edges and fussing over it all, with just one dip into the tube.  There's just no need to double dip.  My only question is that if NYX can do such a terrific formula and retail for only $6.99, why aren't other brands?

If it looks like I was talking in the swatches, umm, yeah, video so yeah I was.  :)

NYX sent the products free of charge for me to enjoy as well as the tshirt I was wearing.  You can probably tell I was feeling all kinds of somethin' somethin' wearing them and the shirt.  My tshirt says Confident, which is the first color of the set and it is a peachy nude matte.  I normally would wear a light color like this with a liner but for the purposes of showing the actual color, I wore all the shades without.  I wear colors like Confident practically on the daily.

Confident, matte

Going from lighter to darker, the second color would be Brilliant.  This is the kind of color that I wear often, a nice mauvey rose.  I think the whole collection is perfect to roll into fall and through the winter.  My eyes look a little crazy in the pictures, but again, I was talking to the camera and I am very facially expressive.

matte, Brilliant

Extraordinary is a violet toned fuchsia.  It is my perfect fuchsia color and one of my favorite lip colors to wear after nude tones like Confident and Brilliant.  It goes so well with the Lorac Unzipped Desert Sunset palette that I was wearing on the eyes and with my hair.  Win, win!

matte, Extraordinary

The fourth shade is called Fearless and I think you must be when wearing this color.  It is a dusty lavender.  I was smiling because I couldn't believe that these apply so perfectly and on camera even!!

matte, Fearless

Passionate had me feeling it!!  The tube looked a bit different than the color did when I applied it so it was like my eyes were going to bug out because I love it so much.  It is a gorgeous deep purpley wine.

matte, Passionate

Getting ramped up with attitude!

matte, Passionate

And totally feeling this color, which I misjudged by the tube.

matte, Passionate

And the sixth color is Brave, a bold deep purple.

matte, Brave

Yassss, girl!  I love it!

matte, Brave


This is a fun very wearable collection of matte liquid lipsticks.  I'm enjoying them and I even surprised myself with how much I love the deep colors.  They're like the perfect tones for me.  You can follow NYX Professional Cosmetics on youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

If you'd like to hear just a few more thoughts and see the products in action, please check out my video, and I'd love if you subscribed and/or thumbs up.

Do you see anything you think you might like?  Are you ready to jump into fall and fall colors?  Did you know NYX recently updated the brand name?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New! Wet N Wild Beauty Midnight Mermaid Collection

Dude!!  Walking through Walgreens, not really minding my own business, taking a quick route through the makeup aisle to the refrigerators on the other side of the store, I spied the new Wet N Wild Collection.  I was like whoa, and dude, and whoa!  I hadn't seen any reviews yet, so how could I decide which to get?  The result of anguishing over my decision is that I have swatches and a mini-review for you here today to assist you in your shopping choices.  I just bought it today so I've only had a chance to wear the highlighter and hope to have a full review in the future.

The collection contains: 
3 metallic liquid eye liners, $3.99 ea
4 Catsuit metalllic liquid lipsticks, $4.99 ea
4 Color Icon metallic liquid eyeshadows, $4.99 ea 
1 spectacular mermaid tail imprinted Mermaid highlighting bar in Mermaid Moon, $6.99
The whole collection at Walgreens costs $56.88 before tax.  There is a bit of a savings if you buy the full box for $35.99 on Wet N Wild Beauty.  I chose to purchase it on site in Walgreens where I receive points that accrue to cash back and not have to pay shipping.  That being said, with the cash back that I made from my points, it was virtually the same as ordering the box online from Wnw dot com.

Onto the swatch show:

The liquid liners come in a Trident's Shimmer, steely metallic grey...Sea Dreams, metallic navy and Sea Symmetry, metallic royal green.

The metallic liquid eyeshadows are kind of fascinating.  Lara's Necklace is a metallic green  color with a black base.  Aquatic Prism is a shimmering blue with a black base.  These two have metallic micro-glitter particles.   Looking at the colors, I anticipate that they will need to be eased onto the eye over the top of a shadow just like the Stila glitters.

The third color looks nearly olive in the tube but it is a shimmering grey with silver micro glitters and a black base.  It's name is Mysterious Nights.  The fourth color is Moonlight Majesty, a shimmering plum with a black base.

I swatched them as such:  top to bottom, Mysterious Nights, Moonlight Majesty, Aquatic Prism and Lara's Necklace.  The shadows have a nice duochrome look to them with the metallic on top of the black base.   As the light changes with the curvature of the lid, it lends to a natural halo type of effect.  In other words, you probably won't have to add a darker shade at the outer V because the formulation of this product will do the work for you.

The four Catsuit metallic liquid lipsticks are:  Siren's Jewel, metallic royal green, Sea Seduction metallic navy.  Harbor A Crush is a metallic plum and Coral Crown is a metallic burnished bronze.

When I swatched these, the green and the blue applied with perfection.  In order to get the same vibrant color, I had to double swatch the plum and the bronze, but again, I haven't worn them yet and if I know Liquid Catsuits, it won't be any problem whatsoever.

Here are the corresponding colors in the tube, just for curiousity's sake.

The comparison of the blues is very interesting.  The navy lip makes the blue eye look green in the tube in a picture.  To the naked eye, the blue shadow looks more aqua with a purpley duochrome especially next to the navy lip.

Onto the star of the show, the  Midnight Moon Mermaid Highlighting Bar.  I do believe this could be the stunning finish to any mermaid out there!

This is a fascinating highlighter!!!  I wasn't sure what to think when I opened it and looked at it.  It has a beautifully sculpted mermaid fin, that I was sure of.  But the color was so different.  In swatching this, I found it is definitely different than anything else I own.  It is a gold color with a faint hint of green undertone and some imperceptable pink micro-sparkles.  It melds together to give a beautiful glow that just pops on the cheekbones.   This is really a spectacular multi-dimensional highlighter that has to be worn to be believed.  It is not the typical warm orangey or peachy gold that is so prevalent on the market right now.

Let me know whatever questions you might have and I'll answer them in the future as I wear the products to see how they wear.  I like color so I can envision wearing a lot of these....but not at the same time!!  You can purchase Wet N Wild Beauty in most drugstores and on their website.  Follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tarte Cosmetics Make Believe In Yourself Magic Wand Unicorn Makeup Brushes Plus Sephora Haul

Right???  RIGHT??!!??!  Unicorn brushes!!!  From Tarte!  I love Tarte's brushes on the daily anyway and being a total brush fiend, I needed to have the newly released unicorn handled colorful makeup brushes.  And just LOOK at that tissue they were wrapped with inside the box!?!?!  My hair is devastated because it's no longer the most unique little unicorn in my house!

So I made a video right away and included the other items that I purchased from Sephora.  There are a couple items I'm not sure about but neither the brush set or the lip paint will ever leave my stash.  Please like and comment on youtube, or on here, if you like.

What's the most unicorn-y item you own?  The most unicorn-y in your beauty stash?  I'd love to hear about it!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Swatches

The newest liquid lipstick to hit the market are the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream lipsticks, (.13 fl oz / $6.99).  They are in the familiar lipgloss type tube with a doe foot applicator.  I picked up a few at Ulta to check out and have those swatches for you today.

review, liquid lipstick

From left to right, I have:   Tea and Cookies, Sandstorm, Pink Lust, Soft-Spoken and Life's A Beach.  I've swatched them below in the same order.

review, Ulta, liquid lipstick

When I tried these on for lip swatches, at first I was surprised.  They remain tacky feeling on the lips for as long as five minutes.  Taking a sip of my water, I did have just the faintest hint of color transfer.  Once the colors set up, however, they will last well throughout the day.  They have a comfortable feel on the lips and even as I ate and drank, I didn't feel I needed to refresh afterwards.  The formula is definitely long wearing, even for a liquid lipstick.  The finish is matte in the colors I tried.

I've swatched them on the lips in the same order.  First is Tea & Cookies, a nice soft natural pink.

review, liquid lipstick

This pink is really easy to wear and one you'll feel comfortable mucking around in on any given day.

review, liquid lipstick

The next color is Sandstorm, a neutral toned nude of medium depth

liquid lipstick, review

In the middle of my first photo is Pink Lust, a vibrant hot pink.  It glows, it's so bright.


The darker nude is Soft-Spoken.  It is slightly darker and redder than Sandstorm, but not by a lot.  On my pale lips, the colors are really close.


The last color I have is the bright orange Life's A Beach.  This is a neon orange, about the color of a traffic cone on me.  It's so bright that my camera couldn't really handle the difference between it and my skintone.


For about the last year or so, for me personally,  I prefer a more natural type of coral like Anastasia Beverly Hills Sorbet liquid lipstick.

The NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede lipsticks can be found on the NYX Cosmetics website, as well as Ulta online and in stores.  The selection of colors is limited at this point, but they're new, so maybe more colors will come in the future.  These liquid lipsticks are easy to apply, cover without being splotchy and can be layered, if you wish.

Have you tried the Liquid Suedes yet?  What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?

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