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Monday, July 14, 2014

My Makeup Train Case From The Salon Outlet Pictures and Review

You have to see my new train case from The Salon Outlet!!  I'm so impressed....I mean I can't believe this is only $49.99!!!  I've bought virtually the same case from a well known makeup line that cost $250 over 15 years ago.  Wow!!  I didn't know there were affodable salon products out in the cybersphere with quality manufactoring.

salon supplies, train case, makeup case, Mac train case

I chose the train case  in black to evaluate the quality of the products sold at The Salon Outlet dot com.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  This is a top of the line train case with a drawer beneath.  I think it's important to understand that this is the standard size train case, being 14 1/2 inches in length by 7 1/4 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches in height.

The case comes with keys to the locks on the top as well as the lock on the bottom drawer.

train case, salon equipment

The lighting on half my pictures was kind of funky....I color corrected as well as I could, but if you go to the webpage for the train case, it shows the deep rich black like you see in some of my pictures.  I adore the richness of the black.  Ok, let's look at the back's very sleek

salon equipment, mac case,

With the top of the case opened, I found that there were four drawers, two on each side, which folded on top of each other when closed with a larger compartment underneath.  Open the case fully and it doesn't fit within my photography tent.

salon equipment

folding train case, salon equipment,

There are SO MANY products that can be held inside!!!  The bottom drawer is 2 inches high and will hold even a large handcream, which I've shown below so that you can get an idea of how really deep this drawer is.  The depth of the drawer doesn't take away from the space inside, either, which is a great feature.

makeup cases,salon equipment, drawers

 I thought, for my every day life, this would be a nice place for brushes.  I have most of my every day brushes in here.  We've been busy trying to get our home ready for sale, so I haven't been able to completely fill the train case the way I have imagined it.  Every time I go to organize and play with it, my husband has another chore.  No lie.  No wonder they say moving is one of the most stressful things ever...grrrr....anyway, I'm pretty happy with my set-up.  My easy everyday stuff is quickly accessible on my dresser this way.

salon equipment, makeup artist case

I'll show you what I've accomplished so far.  I have my basic essentials in the top drawers.  If I'm going bare bones as simple as possible to the store or the doctor or whatever, all I have to do is flip open the top and get my basics.  I LOVE THIS!!!!!  All my facial basics and must-have brushes easily within reach.

Nars, Too Faced, brows, LA Girl Cosmetics, concealer, foundation, lipgloss, bronzer, blush

How simple is that?  LOVE IT!  Flip the top, open the bottom drawer and I can paint and draw the basics really quickly.  As a beauty blogger and makeup addict, I have so many products that at this point, I kept having to rearrange my basics and dig around for them.  This is so much simpler.

Before you go:   I opened the package for this box and rubbed it like Aladdin's lamp, imagining all the wonderful things I'd do with it, my makeup and skin care.  I never even got far enough to "think outside of the box".  (Punny, huh?)

My 19 year old son came into my room and saw my new train case proudly displayed as I was starting to fill the bottom center with lip products and he said "Mom!!!  Can I get one of these?  This would be GREAT for my guitar stuff and taking back and forth to practice, rehearsals and performances."  GOSH!!!  I never thought of that!!!!  Can you imagine???

What a wonderful jewelry case this would be and you could lock it so the kids and handymen couldn't get into it.  It would also hold video games, again with the locking capability.  As I begin to think about moving and showing our home, I am realizing how handy this case will come in as I can lock my jewelry and other valuables in it while strangers are looking through our home.

I am really impressed with this box.  There are so many more things I'd like from The Salon Outlet, and I know there's some you'd like as well!

Do me a favor and visit the site and tell me which is the item you'd most like to see.

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